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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 15 Recap

When Zhao Yuanqing went back to her room to rest at night, she suddenly saw a dark shadow flashing by, but no abnormality was found after careful inspection. When she returned to the bedroom, she found Concubine Lu was bathing in the bath, and at this time Gong Quanfu’s poisonous snake was hovering at Zhao Yuanqing’s feet. side. Fortunately, the guard Zhou Xiang stabbed the poisonous snake to death in time.

Afterwards, Zhao Yuanqing asked Concubine Lu and Gong Quanfu, but the two deliberately concealed the truth. The prince told everyone that in the future, no one could enter the palace without his permission. The next day was the birthday of Zhao Yuanqing’s mother concubine Qin Guifei. In order to regain the favor of Zhao Yuanqing, Concubine Lu decided to cook by herself. However, she couldn’t cook a good dish. After Wang Jixian’s advice, she finally made it.

I am satisfied with the dishes. Concubine Qin also decided to invite them to the palace in the future because of curiosity about the advantages of Wu Niang and Yudie mother and son. At the beginning of the family banquet, Zhao Yuanqing had tasted the fish made by Concubine Lu herself, and poured cold water on Concubine Lu. Li Ma finally returned to Hangzhou that day. He saw the Tianxiang Tower that had been burnt down, and was very sad.

He wanted to know where Song Wusao and Yudie went and who burned the Tianxiang Tower. So he found Gongzi Liu, who was mistaken by Gongzi Liu for a ghost. After explaining clearly, Gongzi Liu told him that everyone said that the fire was released by Wanyan, the fifth sister-in-law was dead, Yudie escaped, and Yudie thought Li The horse is going to be beheaded and will take Guier to the capital. Li Ma immediately decided to find his elder brother Lin Jue.

Lu Yu had a good relationship with his master and had a relationship with him. Senior Wu Chang took him to his residence and taught him not to be impetuous. . Senior Wu Chang asked Li Ma to shoot arrows with a bow tire made of thousands of years of cold iron, and he was limited to hit the rotating bullseye within ten hours, otherwise he would not let him go.

Li Ma gave up a lot of energy, and finally stabilized his mind and shot the bullseye. Yudie finally found the Prince’s Mansion, and the guard at the gate entered the mansion to report, but was stopped by Gong Quanfu and told the guard not to let them in, nor to report to the prince without permission. Yudie didn’t get discouraged after hitting the wall, she made up her mind to get justice for the dead soul. So the next day she went to the palace again, but was tricked away by Gong Quanfu again.

Gong Quanfu told Concubine Lu about Yudie’s arrival and suggested that Concubine Lu get rid of Yudie. Concubine Lu did not agree to kill Yudie, and when she learned that Yudie lived, she wanted to see Yudie who had turned the prince’s fanatical fascination. Wu Niang was also looking

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