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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 14 Recap

Yudie and others came to Piaoxianglou for dinner and saw a little boy kicking Cuju Jin Gong. They were deceived by Sister Feng, the owner of Piaoxianglou. Sister Feng not only allowed them to eat raw food, but also asked them to pay 50 pennies. Guier felt that she was unreasonable and wanted to leave quickly. She also fought with Sister Feng. Yudie did not want to continue to struggle. Yinliang left with Guier. Jin Luo is Feng’s nephew. He rushed over when he heard the sound.

Feng asked her to find her brother Yang Long. Yang Long led people to catch up with Yudie and Mrs. Luo and his wife. Yang Long was a master here and colluded with the local government. , So do no evil. Yang Long insisted on forcing Yudie to marry him and arrested them back. Jin Luo didn’t want his father to marry his second mother, and was very dissatisfied with his father in his heart. Yudie was forcibly locked up by Sister Feng, while Guier tried to find an escape exit.

After Guier found the exit, she tried a way to stun Sister Feng, and took Yudie and Mrs. Luo and his wife to escape. Yang Long discovered that they had escaped and chased them all the way, catching up with Yudie and the others, at this moment Lin Jier appeared in time to rescue Yudie and Lord Luo. In fact, Lin Jier was following Yudie along the way, hoping to protect her from entering Beijing, and now with Lin Jier’s protection, Yudie can enter Beijing as soon as possible.

Lin Jue caught the wind and cold, coupled with the fatigue of the boats and cars, so he could only rest in the inn. Lin Jue didn’t want to delay the time to go to the barracks, so he wanted to drag his sick body on the way but was rejected by Li Ma. The next day, Li Ma learned about the burning of Tianxiang Tower from the people passing by, and the whereabouts of Song Wusao and Yudie were unknown. Li Ma was very worried about his mother and Yudie, so Lin Jue asked him to go back to Hangzhou to inquire about the situation.

Zhou Xiang investigated what happened there after they left Hangzhou and told the prince truthfully. Zhao Yuanqing learned the news that Yudie had come to Bianliang, so he asked Zhou Xiang to look around. In order to make Concubine Lu and Yuanqing Zhao reconciled, Lu Erbao took the initiative to bring his sister to eat with him. Lu Erbao used his military exploits to “threat” Zhao Yuanqing. Zhao Yuanqing understood what Lu Erbao meant, and they even told her mother about it.

Zhao Yuanqing was not able to provoke Lu Erbao for the time being to let her mother concubine pressure herself, so she decided to withdraw the remarks that Concubine Lu did not meet with him within three months. Zhao Yuanqing forgave Concubine Lu for the sake of Lu Erbao’s face, but his mind didn’t seem to be here, he looked absent-minded. In fact, he was waiting for the news that Zhou Xiang was looking for Yudie. Gong Quanfu deliberately informed Concubine Lu about the incident while Zhao Yuanqing and the others were out looking for Yudie.

He gave Concubine Lu an idea to get rid of Yudie before Zhao Yuanqing. Concubine Lu hesitated a bit, but finally tried to keep Zhao Yuanqing in check. His heart still decided to do what Gong Quanfu meant. Gong Quanfu and the people in Wanyan Department got the poisonous snake.

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