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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 13 Recap

Wang Jixian was hiring a chef, but he was not satisfied after eating the dishes made by many people. There was also a masked chef who claimed to be Song Wusao to show her cooking skills. Wang Jixian mistakenly thought it was Song Wusao from Hangzhou, but she did not expect her to cook extremely difficult meals. To eat, he knew that this person was Song Wu’s wife and not Song Wu’s wife without taking off the veil, and he looked very ugly. Song Wusao and Jin Dou came to Bianliang City to look for Yudie. They guessed that Yudie would go to restaurants if they came here, so they decided to find them first. After searching for a day, Song Wusao didn’t find Yudie.

The night was getting late, so they planned to find a place to stay temporarily and continue searching tomorrow. They didn’t have much money when they went out. They had no money to live when they found the inn, so they could only sleep in the wood shed. In the evening, Xiao Er deliberately framed Song Wusao and Jin Dou with others. They threw a money bag into the chaifang, and then appeared on the scene in time, slandering Wusao and Jin Dou as thief, so they sent them to the Yamen. Song Wusao told the truth in the court. The official Miao Miao judged that Song Wusao was not the thief based on the evidence provided and the owner’s testimony.

He handled the case impartially and found out the truth and gave Song Wusao an innocence. Master Miao learned that Song Wusao had traveled all the way to the capital to find his son and daughter. He suddenly felt compassionate. After thinking about it, Master Miao decided to keep Wusao. Song Wusao knew the truth about meritless merit, but missed this time. Opportunity still doesn’t know what kind of difficulties will be encountered in the future, so Wusao decided to be a cook to repay the adult’s grace.

The grain transport officer Wang Lu happened to live in the same post with Li Ma and others. He originally thought that Li Ma had escaped from prison. When he saw the letter written by General Hussein, he no longer embarrassed Li Ma. In the evening he hosted a banquet and also invited Li Ma and his party. Li Ma knew that this was a Hongmen banquet, so he did not want to go. Lin Jue felt that this was a good opportunity to reconcile with Wang Lu, so he went to the banquet with the little monkey. Little did he know that Wang Lu took the opportunity to design Li Ma.

He knew that Li Ma would not come, so he ordered someone to stun him while Li Ma was asleep, then put on the black clothes of Nightcrawler and his official seal. Put the cash and cash in Li Ma’s room, and then staged a scene of catching the thief. Li Ma couldn’t argue with each other, and Lin Jue had no evidence to prove his innocence, so he could only wrong Li Ma first, and Li Ma was imprisoned by Wang Lu. In the middle of the night, Wanyan soldiers came to steal food and grass. Wang Lu and the others did not guard against losing some of the food and grass.

Fortunately, Li Ma found out in time. At the same time, Li Ma was also discovered by Wanyan people. Wanyan people wanted to kill him. The little monkey was attracted, and with the help of the little monkey, the Wanyan man was subdued. Upon seeing this, Lin Jue knew that the matter was not good, and Wang Lu must have fallen into the hands of the Wanyan people, so he hurried to take someone to chase him. Lord Wang deliberately cut the sack of grain, leaving a signal to Lin Jue and others. Li Ma and the little monkey found the resting place of Lord Wang and Wanyanbing according to the signs, so the two of them cooperated to rescue Lord Wang and bring back the grain and grass.

Lord Wang didn’t expect that Li Ma could save himself despite the premonitions under such circumstances. Lord Wang was very moved. Li Ma asked the little monkey to take Master Wang to join Lin Jue. The grain and grass could not be retrieved, so Li Ma decided to burn the grain and grass. He successfully burned the grain and grass and retired all over. After this incident, Li Ma and Lord Wang have also reconciled, and the previous incidents are no longer mentioned.

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