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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 12 Recap

When Wang Jixian packed up the package and waited for Zhao Yuanqing, she was seen by Concubine Lu and Qiuyue. Concubine Lu felt a little strange seeing Wang Jixian carrying the baggage, so she stepped forward to inquire about the situation. Wang Jixian knew that he could not tell where Zhao Yuanqing was going, so she could only lie to Concubine Lu. Unexpectedly, Qiuyue immediately dismantled it, but fortunately, Zhao Yuanqing appeared in time to dismiss Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu guessed that Zhao Yuanqing’s trip was likely to go to Hangzhou to find Yudie.

In order to prevent Concubine Lu from secretly reporting to the emperor, the emperor did not expect that Zhao Yuanqing would only care about the wind, the flowers, the snow and the moon, and only think of women. He was a little angry and killed him. Stopping Zhao Yuanqing halfway and summoning him into the palace, the emperor severely reprimanded Zhao Yuanqing. Zhao Yuanqing expected it was Concubine Lu’s secret. After he returned to the palace, he went to see Concubine Lu and asked her about being stopped by the emperor. Concubine Lu could only lie that he wanted to make the emperor more in order to cover up. Send some masters to protect him.

Zhao Yuanqing was very angry and did not believe what she said, and ordered Concubine Lu not to see herself within three months as punishment. Concubine Lu was very wronged, but she had to admit her fate. Song Yudie and others came to Zhang Biao’s teahouse. They were unprepared and drank the tea containing Mongolian sweat medicine. Only Yudie was not prescribed. Fortunately, Zhang Biao just threatened Yudie and did nothing else. Lord Luo and his wife and Gui Er woke up and saw that they had been surrounded. They were very scared. Mrs. Luo was timid, and she quickly revealed her identity, but unexpectedly caused disaster. Zhang Biao and others once traded in human meat buns, and now they have “golden hands to wash their hands”.

They opened a teahouse here to rob the rich and help the poor. The identity of Lord Luo’s assistant minister surprised them and felt that they should be able to get some. money. It’s a pity that they don’t have much money, so Zhang Biao threatened them to make them into human flesh buns. Madam Luo was terribly scared and wanted to betray the jade butterfly to protect herself. In order to save Lord Luo and his wife, Yudie decided to agree to Zhang Biao’s request to stay. As long as Lord Luo can leave safely, he will be able to find the prince to save himself.

Zhang Biao admired Yudie’s courage. He decided to save the Luo couple for their lives, but the water they boiled had already boiled. When the water was boiled, they had to put the meat, so he planned to cut off a piece of meat from the Luo family. For them, Butterfly decided to change Zhang Biao’s rules. She made a pot of fish soup by herself, and Zhang Biao and others marveled at Yudie’s cooking skills. Zhang Biao learned through the dialogue between Yudie and Lord Luo that she was going to Bianjing to find her mother and brother. He felt that this woman was not easy, so he finally let go of Yudie and her group and became friends with Yudie.

Wanyan Zeli was injured by Lu Erbao’s arrow on the battlefield. Wunaxi felt very distressed when she learned that she fell down the mountain in order to collect Wanyan Zeli ginseng. Wan Yan Zeli got it from the doctor After learning the news, she went to visit Wunaxi to express her gratitude. Unexpectedly, Wunaxi didn’t want Wanyan Zeli to see her ugly appearance because of her face injury. She rejected Wanyan Zeli, and Wanyan Zeli went from the gap.

I saw Wona Creek, and I was relieved to see that she was fine, so I left. Lu Erbao made great contributions to the Song Dynasty, and the emperor asked Zhao Yuanqing to personally welcome him into the palace to show the court’s respect for him. After receiving the reward, Lu Erbao went to the palace to visit her sister Lu Fei. Lu Fei cried out her grievances to her brother. Lu Erbao was very angry. He did not expect to kill the enemy for the country.

Zhao Yuanqing turned down his sister because of a folk cook. He decided Here we wait for Zhao Yuanqing to ask him for justice for her sister. Lu Erbao relied on the emperor’s respect for him, and he did not look like a courtier in front of Zhao Yuanqing, and Zhao Yuanqing respected him very much, so he became even more vigorous. As a heavy court official, Lu Erbao was brave enough to kill the enemy on the front line and made great achievements, so Zhao Yuanqing did not dare to “offend” him, so he could only tolerate him and promised to treat Concubine Lu well.

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