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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 11 Recap

The little monkey and Li Ma came to the temple where Lin Jue was located. Fortunately, his physical condition has improved. Li Ma was very guilty when he saw Lin Jue and told him that he would not go home anymore and would go to the military camp with him. The little monkey suggested that the three be worshipped as brothers under the witness of the Bodhisattva. Li Ma and Lin Jue agreed, so the three became brothers in front of the Bodhisattva. When Wang Jixian came to deliver cakes to Concubine Lu, he accidentally mentioned Yudie. Concubine Lu was unhappy but could not help asking her about the Tianxianglou. Wang Jixian mentioned Yudie’s sweetheart Li Ma.

This news made Concubine Lu very unhappy. Happy, she didn’t want to continue to inquire, so Qiuyue arranged a shadow play for herself. The imperial physician hurriedly came to see Concubine Lu, and after passing the pulse, it was determined that Concubine Lu had no fertility due to a miscarriage. This was undoubtedly a thunderbolt for Concubine Lu. She has always been precious to her son. Now she has lost her right to be a mother. How to keep Zhao Yuanqing’s heart. Concubine Lu was very sad. Qiuyue originally wanted to comfort her, but she angered Concubine Lu.

Concubine Lu used the question to punish Qiu Yue and let her kneel in the yard for a long time. Qiuyue hated Concubine Lu for a long time, so she secretly swore that he would do it. revenge. Song Yudie, who asked the owner of a small restaurant to smoke fish for three days, has made a fortune these days. Seeing the money is open, he wants to keep Yudie, so he deliberately pretended to be stupid and refused to admit that he had promised Yudie. butterfly. Yudie was very angry when she saw that the boss refused to admit it, so she took Guier away, and they decided to find another way.

Yudie and Mrs. Luo had a relationship before, because Madam Luo refused to let Yudie ride in the carriage with her, so they separated. This time I met them again. Seeing that Yudie’s cooking skills are so good, Madam Luo decided to bring them by her side so that she would no longer worry about eating. In order to please Zhao Yuanqing, Concubine Lu adopted Qiuyue’s suggestion. She cooked a table of dishes and waited for Zhao Yuanqing to come. Unexpectedly, she learned that he had gone to the brothel, so she learned from Gong Quanfu the brothel that Zhao Yuanqing had gone to.

Take Qiuyue to find out. Concubine Lu saw the scene when Zhao Yuanqing said goodbye to Xiaocao in the brothel, and looked at Zhao Yuanqing’s smile. Concubine Lu was particularly angry. Afterwards, she called Xiaocao and asked her about the situation. Xiaocao confessed truthfully. In fact, every time Zhao Yuanqing asked her to play Cuju together, there was nothing else. Concubine Lu believed her for the time being, but let her leave the capital from now on.

Don’t let herself see her again, Xiao Cao was very frightened, so Concubine Lu agreed and left quickly. Zhao Yuanqing was obsessed with Yudie, and finally he couldn’t bear it anymore, and decided to order Wusao and Yudie to be summoned into the capital. Zhou Xiang was ordered to do this, but he got the fact that Tianxiang Tower had been turned into ashes. Zhou Xiang reported the fire in Tianxianglou and the disappearance of Yudie’s family

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