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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Yicai and Lin Jingyu didn’t bring Zhang Xiaofan back. Tian Buyi knew that Xiaofan could not come back, and told Xiao Yicai to see Xiaofan in the future and didn’t need to keep his hands. Tian Ling’er was very sad. She felt unbelievable. The Qing Clan’s nurturing grace, the master and his mother, and the many senior brothers, were not as good as a demon in Xiao Fan’s heart. Su Ru scolded Tian Ling’er and asked her not to talk nonsense, but Su Ru urged all the apprentices that perhaps Zhang Xiaofan’s fate with them is exhausted, and from now on, don’t mention Zhang Xiaofan’s name in the door.

Lin Jingyu came to the ancestral hall and returned to Wan Jian. Wan Jian asked about the whereabouts of Cang Song. Lin Jingyu answered truthfully, saying that Cang Song was killed by himself and Xiao Fan. Wan Jianyi said that everything in the world has The cause must have an effect. Lin Jingyu sighed with emotion that the battle between Zheng and evil had caused too many tragedies, and many people were forced to be involved in this tragedy, but Wan Jianyi replied that this would come sooner or later.

At this time, Zhang Xiaofan is walking everywhere in the world, struggling to find a way to resurrect Baguio. He has a ten-year agreement with the ghost king. If he can’t find a way to resurrect Baguio within ten years, then he will convert to the ghost king’s sect. , Serve the ghost king.

In the past ten years, when spring and autumn come, Zhang Xiaofan has traveled everywhere, in the mountains, on the road full of maple leaves, in the desert, by the full moon well, Zhang Xiaofan feels that Baguio is by his side and treats him as usual laugh. Zhang Xiaofan believes that the world is not benevolent and regards everything as a dog, so he is going against the sky and wants to resurrect Baguio. He promises her last wish and takes her away.

At the end of the ten-year period, Qinglong took Zhang Xiaofan back to the Ghost King Sect. Zhang Xiaofan put on the clothes that the Ghost King prepared for him, and went to see the Ghost King. The ghost king said that since Zhang Xiaofan has not found a way to resurrect Baguio, he must act according to his own plan and resurrect the heavenly book. In this way, when the heavenly book is resurrected, the spirit of heaven and earth will be gathered, and Baguio may be resurrected.

The King of Ghosts asked Zhang Xiaofan to be the Deputy Sect Master of the King of Ghosts, aliased as “Gui Li”, and asked him to find the four books of heaven, and he would give him the general outline of the books. Zhang Xiaofan asked the ghost king why he had to give the general outline of the heavenly book to himself. The ghost king said that Zhang Xiaofan was proficient in the three schools of exercises and had excellent skills. He was the best candidate for the practice of the heavenly book. People must not be soft-hearted, but Zhang Xiaofan looked disdainful and said that he had to go back to Qingyun.

In front of outsiders, Zhang Xiaofan came to Baguio’s side and talked about his changes and the thoughts of Baguio. At this time, Mr. Gui and the King of Ghosts are still planning together. Mr. Gui said that he does not know how much the chances of resurrecting Baguio with the help of the heavenly book are. He wants the King of Ghosts to make more plans as soon as possible, otherwise Zhang Xiaofan will find that the King of Ghosts wants to use him. The resurrection of the beast god, it is not true that you will become angry when you want to resurrect Baguio.

Most of the heads of the Seven Veins were closed, and the affairs of the Qingyunmen were handed over to Xueqi and Jingyu. Xueqi held a meeting. It turned out that there were a lot of rumors in the world, and the Western Great Swamp suddenly swelled for several days , There will be a strange treasure born. All parties of the demon sect are marching westward, intending to get involved, Lin Jingyu worried that the demon sect still wants to resurrect the beast god.

Lu Xueqi said that now the heavy responsibility of protecting Qingyun and the people of the world falls on them. Jingyu will go down the mountain with Lu Xueqi and rush to the death swamp. Xiao Yi deliberately asked Lu Xueqi what she and Lin Jingyu would do if she and Lin Jingyu met Zhang Xiaofan, Xueqi said I will not tolerate this traitor.

Tian Linger, who was married to Qi Hao, returned to Dazhufeng to visit his parents. Tian Buyi asked what Tian Linger had said in the meeting, complaining that Daren was honest and did not do things well. Tian Ling’er knew that his father wanted Xiao Fan, and Ling’er, who had always been speechless, said what he was thinking in his heart. Tian Buyi’s expression changed when he heard the words, and he got up and left.

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