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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 3 Recap

Lin Jingyu guessed from the words of Gouye that Cang Song might be hiding in Yizhuang. He rushed to Yizhuang and saw Cangsong. The former master and disciple were at odds and a duel began. Cangsong knocked Lin Jingyu to the ground and arrested him. Outside Yizhuang, the waiting dog saw Zhang Xiaofan and hurriedly told him that Lin Jingyu had come here early in the morning.

Zhang Xiaofan speculated that Lin Jingyu should have been in Cangsong’s ambush, and asked the dog to notify Zeng Shushu to help. While Zhang Xiaofan was waiting for Zeng Shushu, Qin Wuyan came over to give him an idea, let him play a bitter trick, take the opportunity to get close to Cangsong and regain the spirit stone.

Cang Song persuaded Lin Jingyu to submit to him, so that he would bring the spirit stone to Zhang Xiaofan. Naturally, Lin Jingyu did not believe in Cang Song who had betrayed the teacher. Cang Song transferred all the responsibility to Pu Zhi and Dao Xuan. Lin Jingyu knew that all this stemmed from Cang Song’s greed. Cang Song retired and asked for the next best thing, and asked Lin Jingyu to teach himself the formula taught by Wan Jianyi.

Lin Jingyu resolutely refused. Cang Song was ready to let Yuyangzi absorb Lin Jingyu’s internal strength. At this time, Qin Wuyan brought Zhang Xiaofan over to surrender. Cang Song saw Zhang Xiaofan who was tied up, worried that Qin Wuyan would surrender and let the seven-tailed centipede bit Zhang Xiaofan.

In order to dispel Cangsong’s doubts, Qin Wuyan put forward a series of conditions. He lied that he could bring the spirit stone to the ghost king’s sect. He made some tricks on the spirit stone and launched a sudden attack while the ghost king was resurrecting Baguio. He would surely take the ghost king. Life, let Cang Song fulfill all his conditions today, Cang Song agreed.

Lin Jingyu was worried about Zhang Xiaofan’s life. Zhang Xiaofan told him that Qin Wuyan had prepared ahead of time and asked himself to take a highly poison called Nine-turned Snake Venom in advance, specifically to counteract the poison of the seven-tailed centipede. In this way, he would use the poison to fight the poison and keep himself safe. . Lin Jingyu complained that Lin Jingyu had too much faith in Qin Wuyan, and accused him of disregarding the upbringing grace of his master. Zhang Xiaofan told Lin Jingyu that he had no hatred for Qingyun, and only shock and anger at what the so-called right way did.

Gouye sneaked into the city lord’s mansion and told Xiaohuan that Lin Jingyu might have been arrested, and Zhang Xiaofan asked himself to find someone to help. Zeng Shushu was nowhere to be seen. Xiaohuan hurriedly rushed to Yizhuang with Master Gou, but he did not see Zhang Xiaofan. Master Gou worried that Zhang Xiaofan had already entered. At this time, Cang Song was about to push Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan into the blood formation. Qin Wuyan took advantage of Cang Song’s carelessness to launch a sudden attack.

Zhang Xiaofan wanted to snatch the spirit stone, but Cang Song took the lead. The two sides fought fiercely. Cang Song grabbed Xiaohuan as a hostage while escaping, and forced Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan into force. Cang Song asked Zhang Xiaofan to surrender the Soul Devouring and break the meridians. When Zhang Xiaofan sacrificed his soul, he would cut off his meridians, and Lin Jingyu could not stop him.

At this time, Zeng Shushu rushed to rescue Xiaohuan, and several people joined forces to kill Xiang Cangsong. Cangsong swallowed a seven-tailed centipede and a spirit stone, and turned into a huge centipede that entangled Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan found that Cangsong was chasing him. , Just when Zhang Xiaofan was extremely critical, Cang Song fell to the ground in a desperate manner. Before he died, Cang Song Yungong ground the spirit stone into powder. Hope was completely shattered, Zhang Xiaofan froze in place.

The ghost kingzong, the last day of Baguio’s life, Zhang Xiaofan finally rushed back. He opened his hand, only the fragments of the spirit stone, and the ghost king left sadly. Zhang Xiaofan repeatedly apologized to Baguio, but he failed to bring the spirit stone that resurrected Baguio to the Ghost King Sect. Zhang Xiaofan stayed by Baguio’s side all night.

Qinglong asked Qin Wuyan about the process of searching for the spirit stone. Qin Wuyan was also very sad. He willingly helped Zhang Xiaofan, who he most disliked, but Baguio’s life could not be saved. Qinglong told Qin Wuyan that when the heavenly book resurrected the beast god, it could summon a lot of spiritual energy, and maybe it could resurrect Baguio.

When Lu Xueqi returned to Qingyun, Shuiyue knew based on Lu Xueqi’s begging to Zhang Xiaofan in the Yuqing Palace that she must not be able to deal with Zhang Xiaofan. Because the Shuiyue meridians had been severed after the Battle of Qingyun, she handed the affairs of Xiaozhufeng to Lu Xueqi.

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