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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 2 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan asked Qin Wuyan to cast a spell to attract the blood dragonfly. They followed the blood dragonfly to find a place full of aura and found the stargazing cliff. Zhang Xiaofan knelt down and asked the cliff owner to save Baguio’s life. Master Ya was in a dilemma and took Zhang Xiaofan to see Lingshi. Zhang Xiaofan discovered that the spiritual stone had already dispersed its spiritual energy, and it was only the size of a palm at this time.

If the spiritual stone was taken away, it would be impossible to maintain the stargazing cliff and would fall into the empty mulberry mountain. Zhang Xiaofan told Lord Cliff that Baguio had only survived for seven days, and once again begged Lord Cliff to save others.

When the cliff master was embarrassed, Qin Wuyan couldn’t stop Lin Jingyu and Zeng Shushu’s attack, entered the stargazing cliff, swung a sword and hit the spirit stone at Zhang Xiaofan, but was snatched away by Cang Song who had been secretly following him.

Zhang Xiaofan chased, but was blocked by Meng Ji. Without the spirit stone, the cliff of stargazing was about to fall. Zhang Xiaofan, Zeng Shushu, and Lin Jingyu did their best to stop the cliff from falling. Sadly, Zhang Xiaofan asked who had told Cang Song about the situation here, and Lin Jingyu admitted frankly that Zhang Xiaofan was furious and kicked Lin Jingyu to the ground.

Mr. Ghost heard that Xiao Yicai was temporarily in charge of Tianfeng affairs and acting as the head of Qingyun, and took out the antidote to suppress the blood of the beast god, warning him not to interfere in Zhang Xiaofan’s resurrection of Baguio, and let him return to Qingyun. Xiao Yicai deliberately accused Zhang Xiaofan of disregarding fellowship in order to save Baguio’s life.

Lin Jingyu and others argued that Baguio had rescued Zhang Xiaofan, and Zhang Xiaofan had always treated him with love and righteousness. Xiao Yi had to return to Qingyun to report the situation here, and let Master Tian Buyi go down the mountain to punish Zhang Xiaofan. Lin Jingyu asked Xiao Yicai for such a pressing goal, and he promised to bring Zhang Xiaofan back to Qingyun.

Zeng Shushu saw that Zhang Xiaofan had become a gang with Qin Wuyan and prevented him from taking revenge. He thought that Zhang Xiaofan had only Baguio in his heart, and no brothers, and he was very sad. At this time, Lu Xueqi saw Zhang Xiaofan and thought of Master’s request to kill Zhang Xiaofan. She was also very entangled in her heart. She persuaded Zhang Xiaofan not to return to Qingyun no matter what the result of resurrecting Baguio. It is not easy for Lu Xueqi to return to Qingyun to hold the field, and buy Zhang Xiaofan a few more days.

This is what Lu Xueqi can do for Zhang Xiaofan. The next time he meets, he will be an enemy or not a friend. Fenxiang Valley Li Xun asked Zhang Xiaofan for the Xuanhuo Mirror. Zhang Xiaofan didn’t know that he had the Xuanhuo Jian. Li Xun used his mana. The jade pendant worn on Zhang Xiaofan’s body immediately felt sensitive. It turned out that the jade pendant that Baguio gave to Zhang Xiaofan that day was the Xuanhuo Jian. change.

Yuyangzi got the spiritual power of Lingshi, and his injury gradually eased. He was worried that Yizhuang was too close to Yudu, and he was afraid that branches would grow out of the knot. Cang Song had already planned and made him feel relieved. In return, Yuyangzi promised to help him regain the blood refining hall as long as the injury healed.

The time to resurrect Baguio is getting less and less. Zhang Xiaofan doesn’t know how he can find Cangsong, regain the spirit stone, and save Baguio. He can only use wine to sorrow. Ah Xiang hurriedly came to comfort him. People live in the world and their fate is to heaven. Death is just a matter of day after day. Zhang Xiaofan told Ah Xiang that he was a mortal, but only wanted the girl he liked to survive. Zhang Xiaofan hoped that the world would be able to eliminate the hatred.

Zhang Xiaofan was nowhere to be seen. Lin Jingyu and Zeng Shushu were very worried and wanted to hurry up to find Zhang Xiaofan. Early the next morning, Lin Jingyu saw Lord Dog and forced him to ask the ghost king why Zhang Xiaofan came here. Gouye told him that he just wanted to resurrect Baguio. Master Gou begged Lin Jingyu to take him to find Zhang Xiaofan.

Lin Jingyu refused on the grounds that Zheng Mo was different. Master Gou told Lin Jingyu that Cangsong and Yuyangzi were together, and he almost caught Meng in the last time he went to Yizhuang Ji’s ambush.

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