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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 1 Recap

The world is righteous, boundless, and the hearts of the people are endless. For thousands of years, the two battles between the right and the devil have been endless. Qingyunmen defeated the demon sect with the ancient sword of the ancient gods. After a hundred years of vicissitudes, the right and the demons have risen in disputes. Among the villagers, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu were the only ones who joined Qingyunmen. In order to repay the kindness of his teacher, Zhang Xiaofan studied hard and grew up.

By coincidence, he gained the power of the two evil treasures, the blood eater and the soul eater, and took advantage of the opportunity of the seven veins to conquer the same family and became famous. Zhang Xiaofan, who has the Qingyun and Tianyin schools behind him, obtained the magic book from the Wanbat Cave. As fellow practitioners of the three schools of exercises, Zhang Xiaofan’s skill has greatly increased, and at the same time it has also planted the roots…

The undercurrent of Heyang, the treacherous changes in the empty mulberry, the seizure of pearls in the sea, the love of the full moon, the struggle for the waves… Zhang Xiaofan and Lu Xueqi, Lin Jingyu and other Qingyun disciples who went down the mountain to experience and wield swordsman experienced all kinds of hardships and grew rapidly. However, in the struggle with the Demon Cult, Zhang Xiaofan fell in love with Baguio, the daughter of the ghost king, and had a long history of life and death. She fell in love with each other. However, this relationship was not tolerated in the world.

God is not benevolent, and everything is a dog. The battle between the right and the devil was reopened. The two sides suffered heavy casualties. Daoxuan sacrificed a sword to kill Zhang Xiaofan and swept across the four directions. He wanted to kill Zhang Xiaofan under the sword. To save Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio blocked the sword with his body. The battle of Qingyun ended with a pair of lovers, heaven and man forever, Zhang Xiaofan went to Kongsang Mountain to find the heaven and earth Mingshi that had brought him back to life, hoping to rescue Baguio.

Zhang Xiaofan and Gouye went straight to Kongsang Mountain. On the way, Zhang Xiaofan asked whether Baguio had mentioned himself when he followed Baguio. Gouye told Xiaofan that Baguio mentioned his name almost every day. At this time, the people from Changshengtang appeared in front of him, and Zhang Xiaofan was unwilling to cause more trouble, so he pulled the dog and left.

Inside the house, there is Yuyangzi who was seriously injured by the ghost king. He ordered his men to follow Zhang Xiaofan, hoping to find the star-gazing cliff spirit stone to heal his injuries. Cang Song, who was with Yuyangzi, had secretly dispatched Meng Ji to guard Kongsang Mountain, waiting for the opportunity to grab the spirit stone.

Huqi Mountain was looking out from a distance, and Lin Jingyu, who came to look for Zhang Xiaofan, reminded Xiao Yi to be more careful. Jin Ping’er suddenly appeared. Lin Jingyu asked Jin Ping’er for Zhang Xiaofan, and Jin Ping’er told them that Zhang Xiaofan and Qingyun had nothing to do with him, and asked them to leave Huqi Mountain. Lin Jingyu guessed that Zhang Xiaofan had left Huqi Mountain, went to Yudu to find a way to resurrect Baguio, and left. When Xiao Yi stayed in place, Fenxianggu Li Xun also came to look for Zhang Xiaofan, and Xiao Yi only told him Zhang Xiaofan’s whereabouts.

After the Battle of Qingyun, Zeng Shushu returned to Yudu and became the lord of the city. He was busy with official duties all day, and he was busy constantly complaining to Xiaohuan. At this time, Zhang Xiaofan, Gouye and Lin Jingyu had all arrived at Yudu. When the old man met, Lin Jingyu persuaded Zhang Xiaofan to put down everything and return to Qingyun. Zhang Xiaofan, who was extremely disappointed with Qingyun, did not want to return to Qingyun.

He wanted to rescue Baguio and take her away, never to belong to any school. Lin Jingyu told Zhang Xiaofan not to forget his vows. Zhang Xiaofan, who was abandoned by Qingyun, no longer believed in the so-called righteous demon. Lin Jingyu worried that Zhang Xiaofan would fall into the Demon Sect, and drew his swords to each other. Zeng Shushu, who hurriedly arrived, hurriedly discouraged the two.

Zeng Shushu chased into the house and saw Zhang Xiaofan holding Baguio’s relic, his face pale, and worried that he would fall into a demon. Zhang Xiaofan regretted his past and dedication, because he had harmed Baguio. Zhang Xiaofan heard that Lu Xueqi and others were coming, and left with the dog master in order to avoid proliferation. Zhang Xiaofan and Gouye rushed to Wandumen’s den in Kongsang Mountain. Zhang Xiaofan recalled what happened with Baguio here and couldn’t help but arouse his thoughts of Baguio. At this time, Meng Ji led people to Yudu City.

In order to cover Zhang Xiaofan, Lord Gou was caught in Yudu City by Li Xun and Xiao Yi who arrived later. In order to find Zhang Xiaofan, the various forces gathered again in Yudu. Zeng Shushu lied that he had never seen Zhang Xiaofan. Li Xun forced him to question Lord Dog, and everyone accused him. Lin Jingyu told Li Xun that the top priority was to find Zhang Xiaofan, and everyone was ready to go to Kongsang Mountain. Xiaohuan took the opportunity to let go.

When Zhang Xiaofan arrived at Kongsang Mountain, his dreams were always with Baguio. Zhang Xiaofan suddenly discovered that Qin Wuyan was standing next to him. It turned out that the ghost king was afraid that Zhang Xiaofan was weak and could not resist the crowds of Qingyunmen. He sent Qin Wuyan secretly to help, because it only had seven days to resurrect Baguio. Zhang Xiaofan thought of the blood dragonfly in his dream, and asked Qin Wuyan what the blood dragonfly did. According to Qin Wuyan’s answer, Zhang Xiaofan thought of finding a way to watch the star cliff.

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