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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Jue took General Husse’s letter to catch up with the prison car that escorted Li Ma. Li Ma was successfully rescued, but his death penalty was exonerated but his life crimes were inevitable. To save his life, Li Ma would have nothing else to ask for. Li Ma wanted to rescue the little monkey friend, but because Lin Jue did not have a warrant to rescue the little monkey, he could only take Li Ma away. Li Ma and the little monkey looked at each other, and the little monkey understood what he meant. Before Li Ma and Lin Jue had gone far, the little monkey rode up to catch up.

Lin Jue was very dissatisfied with the behavior of the little monkey stole the official horse and fled, and planned to send him back. After trying his best to persuade Lin Jue to gradually change his mind, the little monkey was very clever and immediately went to have a good word with Lin Jue, and finally stayed by his side. Lin Jue agreed that the little monkey went to the barracks with him. Li Ma missed Yudie and his mother, and wanted to go back to Hangzhou to say goodbye to them, but Lin Jue had the order, and now Li Ma is a sinner, so he does not agree with Li Ma returning to Hangzhou.

Concubine Lu was kind to Zhao Yuanqing in every way, but Zhao Yuanqing was always very cold towards her, Concubine Lu was somewhat helpless. Concubine Lu found a portrait of a woman and a butterfly in Zhao Yuanqing’s study, which made her suspicious. Recalling that Zhao Yuanqing mentioned the name of Yudie some time ago, Concubine Lu felt that Zhao Yuanqing was so indifferent to herself Related to this woman. Concubine Lu wanted to serve Zhao Yuanqing personally but was refused. Then she called Gong Quanfu to ask about Zhao Yuanqing’s experience in Hangzhou. Concubine Lu did not expect that a little cook would make a prince so nostalgic. Concubine Lu personally cooked dishes for Zhao Yuanqing, but Zhao Yuanqing didn’t see her.

This made Concubine Lu very angry. When she returned to the room, she began to lose her temper. Suddenly her stomach hurts sharply, and the maids invited the imperial doctor in time. It turned out that Concubine Lu had been pregnant for two months, but she didn’t know that this time she had a fetal gas due to her anger and caused a miscarriage. The imperial physician can only prescribe some prescriptions for conditioning her body, and Fei Lu’s body needs some time to recover. The emperor summoned his son Zhao Yuanqing, and he hoped that Zhao Yuanqing would be more concerned about national affairs, after all, he would pass on the throne to him in the future.

Now the battle ahead is tense. Fortunately, Concubine Lu’s brother Lu Erbao led the army to kill the enemy and made great contributions to the court. Therefore, in order to calm the army, the emperor asked Zhao Yuanqing to make Concubine Lu as the queen, which made Zhao Yuanqing very unhappy. Song Yudie and Guier met a kind-hearted uncle on the way, who was willing to let them take their carriage to the capital. Yudie and the others thought they met a good person and got in the car, but they did not expect to encounter a masked robbery halfway through. bandit.

The robbers took Yudie and others to the cottage, and the coachman with Yudie Joined forces with the robbers to act in a play, and finally let Yudie agree to cook for them. In fact, these robbers belonged to the treasurer Sun, and the coachman was also invited by him with money, in order to obtain the secret recipe of Tianxianglou cooking. When these bandits were trying to eat food, Yudie and Guier accidentally discovered that they were the treasurer of Sun.

Li Ma took advantage of Lin Jue’s time to go out to do errands, and distracted the little monkey, took the opportunity to slip away and drove back to Hangzhou to see Yudie and her mother. Unfortunately, Lin Jue found out that Lin Jue didn’t go far, and Lin Jue stopped him. Lin Jue was furious at the fact that Li Ma escaped privately. In his eyes, Li Ma was no different from a deserter. But Li Ma had decided to leave, Lin Jue no longer embarrassed him when he saw this, and decided to let him return to Hangzhou to bid farewell to his mother. All the consequences were borne by him, and Li Ma was very moved.

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