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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 8 Recap

Song Wusao accidentally sprained her foot while escaping with Jindou, and then fainted in front of the Tianxianglou. They were rescued by the treasurer Sun and his wife. In fact, the Sun family had a purpose. They wanted to get the Tianxianglou to cook. The secret recipe, so I saved Song Wusao. After Song Wusao regained consciousness, they asked Yudie and Li Ma about the whereabouts of Yudie and Li Ma, but they lied that the two were killed in the fire, and Wusao fainted after being hit.

Song Wusao knew well about the purpose of shopkeeper Sun to rescue her. Because she was injured now, she could only pretend to cooperate with him for the time being. No matter what shopkeeper Sun said, she pretended to agree first. Soon, the true face of the wife and wife of shopkeeper Sun was exposed. They began to take the opportunity to inquire about the secret recipe of cooking from Song Wusao’s mouth. Wusao falsely agreed to go to the Sun’s restaurant to be a cook, so that shopkeeper Sun promised to take him back to Hangzhou as soon as possible.

In the end, Wusao used the method of mutual restraint between food to stun the guardian of her family, and managed to escape the sight of shopkeeper Sun. Li Ma was about to be dragged to Bianjing for execution. Yudie saw Li Ma in the prison car on the street. She was very distressed when she saw Li Ma’s bruised appearance. The road to the capital is far away, so the prisoner car stopped to rest on the way. The little monkey, who is also a prisoner, has learned bone shrinking skills from an early age and can easily get in and out of the prisoner car. He stole the chicken that the officials were about to roast and shared with Li Ma. The relationship is getting better and better.

Wan Diaotou sent Lin Ji’er’s letter to General Lin Jue day and night. Lin Jue read the letter and learned that Li Ma was imprisoned for injuring the transportation officer. He was shocked that he did not expect Li Ma to be so impulsive. In order to rescue Li Ma, Lin Jue had to write to General Huqi to explain the situation to him, hoping that he could help him. Yudie and Guier plan to go to the capital to find Zhao Yuanqing, hoping that he can help rescue Li Ma, but unfortunately the journey is far away, and it is not easy for the two weak women to go to the capital without any money.

On the way, Yudie was seen by Wanyan Zeli’s group. They couldn’t help but feel emotional when they saw the desolate Yudie. This shouldn’t be the life she should have. It’s a pity that she was born in this turbulent age. Zhao Yuanqing’s wife, Concubine Lu, was very excited when she learned that he had returned to Beijing. She immediately began to dress up and greet the prince. It’s a pity that Zhao Yuanqing has no intention of meeting Concubine Lu because she missed Yudie. Gong Quanfu conveyed the prince’s message to Concubine Lu. This means that Concubine Lu has not seen the prince for a month, and now she has no chance to be alone with him for half an hour. Concubine Lu is very angry and returns in disappointment.

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