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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 7 Recap

Li Ma was imprisoned. He originally thought he was justified, so he was not afraid. Unexpectedly, Wang Lu’s official position was higher than Feng Zhizhou. It could be said that the official rank crushed people to death. Therefore, Feng Zhizhou did not dare to do anything to Wang Lu. The meaning of doing things. Li Ma was tortured in prison, and the justice he believed in did not exist.

Feng Zhizhou wanted to save Li Ma. As long as Li Maken admitted that he was wrong, he would definitely find a way to rescue him. However, he did not expect that Li Ma was very stubborn and would not admit his mistake when he died, so Feng Zhizhou could do nothing. Yudie took Guier to the Yamen, hoping to meet Li Ma, but the government officials refused to let him in. Yudie had to stuff money for the Yamen, and the Yamen did not dare to let them in after they received the money. They were able to go in and inquire about the situation by themselves.

Later they told Yudie that Li Ma had betrayed the death by betraying the imperial order officer and asked them to go back to prepare for the funeral. Yudie almost fainted when he heard the news. Prior to this, Yudie went to the military camp to find Lin Jier, but she was not there. Yudie had to ask the soldiers to send a message to Lin Jier, and Lin Jier hurried to the Yamen after learning the situation. They entered the Yamen and made a fuss, which alarmed Feng Zhizhou.

They approached Feng Zhizhou for the theory. Feng Zhizhou explained the situation to them and said that he could not do anything. Yudie asked Lin Jier to leave first, and found a way to rescue Li Ma. Then he and Guier interceded with Feng Zhizhou in the Yamen, hoping that he could be online. Let yourself meet Li Ma. Zhao Yuanqing repeatedly confessed that the jade butterfly was unsuccessful and was very sad, so she bought drunk in Tianxianglou. This provided an excellent opportunity for Wanyan Zeli and others. They sneaked into the Tianxiang Tower and prepared to assassinate Zhao Yuanqing.

Fortunately, Zhou Xiang had been by Zhao Yuanqing’s side. He found the assassin, so he hurriedly carried the prince on his back and woke the three of Wang Jixian to jump out of the window. And escape. At this time, Wusao and Jindou returned to the Tianxiang Building, found something abnormal, and went to the private room where Zhao Yuanqing was located. They saw the darts on the door frame and realized something was wrong. They entered the room without any precautions, and were beaten by Wan Yan Zeli’s men. faint.

Wan Yan Zeli’s assassination plan failed again, and Tianxiang Tower was set on fire in a rage. After Wusao woke up, she found that she was already in the flames, so she hurriedly took Jindou to escape. Yudie and Guier came back from the Yamen and saw the Tianxiang Tower in the raging fire, and they collapsed instantly. They were heartbroken and shouted to Song Wusao, but they did not see it. Finally, Tianxiang Tower became ashes in the fire. . In order to solve the case as soon as possible, the government decided that the fire in Tianxiang Tower was an accidental fire, and randomly found a corpse identified as Song Wusao, and closed the case hastily.

Guier found Zhao Yuanqing’s jade pendant at the scene and concluded that he was the person who set fire, but Yudie thought that Zhao Yuanqing was not such a villain, so she planned to find clues. Li Ma was forced to draw in prison, his capital crime Certainly, Li Ma is desperate at this time. Yudie and Guier went to find Zhao Yuanqing.

Unexpectedly, their group had left Hangzhou a long time ago. Yudie had to go to the Yamen to report the case. They pointed their suspects towards Zhao Yuanqing, but Feng Zhizhou told him that Zhao Yuanqing was the real identity of the prince. Die and Guier were kicked out of the yamen again. At this time, Yudie was helpless, Li Mameng went to jail unjustly, his mother’s whereabouts were unknown, and Zhao Yuanqing also lost track. Yudie and Guier could only guard the Tianxiang Tower. This ruin, I don’t know where to go.

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