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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 10 Recap

Concubine Lu and the prince were married for three years and finally got pregnant with a child. Unexpectedly, she had a miscarriage like this. Concubine Lu was very sad. Fortunately, her maid Qiuyue had been by her side to comfort her, which made Concubine Lu’s mood gradually eased. Concubine Lu’s good sister, Man He, came to the palace to find her. Before that, he went to the prince.

At this time, the prince missed Yudie and had no mind to meet her, so Man He had to go to Concubine Lu. Man He has always liked the prince Zhao Yuanqing, she is very envious of Concubine Lu being able to marry such a man. When Concubine Lu saw Man He, she told her her inner difficulties. She knew Man He’s feelings for Zhao Yuanqing, so she wanted her to divert Zhao Yuanqing’s attention. After all, Concubine Lu could control Man He. Man He was very angry when she learned that Zhao Yuanqing had someone else in her heart, and Concubine Lu couldn’t walk into Zhao Yuanqing’s heart because she couldn’t live up to it, so she decided to go out on her own. Zhao Yuanqing was depressed in the room.

At this time, Gong Quanfu went to the brothel on the excuse that he took him out to have fun. Gong Quanfu was ordered by Concubine Lu, because Concubine Lu would rather Zhao Yuanqing miss the brothel and the women would not let him miss Yudie. . It’s a pity that Concubine Lu’s calculation was wrong. Zhao Yuanqing was thinking about Yudie all the time, and even looking for a prostitute to chat with Xiaocao from Hangzhou, but he did not have any relationship with him, just let her kick with him. Cuju.

Yudie bought out shopkeeper Sun’s godson and allowed him to fight with shopkeeper Sun, because they knew that shopkeeper Sun’s godson had coveted the Sun’s restaurant for a long time, so as long as he gained the benefits and became the treasurer of Sun’s family, he would naturally be able to get away. Sure enough, shopkeeper Sun’s godson got the benefit and threatened shopkeeper Sun to give the restaurant to himself, and then he gave Yudie and Guier some entanglements and let them go. After Yudie and Guier got away, they came to Shouzhou City. They used the fish thrown away by a small restaurant owner to make smoked fish. The fragrance diffused and attracted many people.

The young owner took a fancy to Yudie’s cooking skills, everyone After negotiation, Yudie was here to help the kitchen for three days. As long as the boss helped him find a boat to the capital, the two sides reached an agreement. Li Ma saw the wounded soldiers on the way back to Hangzhou. Now the battle between Da Song and Wanyan is tense, but he leaves everyone to take care of Xiaojia. Li Ma recalled that the dialogue with Lin Jue instantly changed his mind. He decided to immediately Go to the barracks with Lin Jue, but when he returned to the inn, Lin Jue and the little monkey had already left.

Li Ma pursued it all the way, but fell into a trap set by Wanyanbing. Li Ma was taken to the barracks and found Lin Jue’s horse. He guessed that he was also in an ambush by Wanyan soldiers. So he lied that Lin Jue’s horse was infected with the plague and that Lin Jue was also infected. Taking it away and burying it, Wan Yanbing was very scared, so he had to do as Li Ma said. Later, Lin Jue was rescued by the little monkey and sent to the temple, so Li Ma got away

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