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Shuttle Love Millennium (2016) 相爱穿梭千年2 Episode 28 End Recap

Lin Lin returned to the Wang’s house, thinking in a trance that Grandpa and Zhi Gang were drinking and chatting together, but now both of them are gone. Lin Lin shed tears in her heart, she missed Zhi Gang and Grandpa very much, and the depression of living alone could hardly bear her. At first, Zhi collapsed to the ground, and Lin Lin had to give him a drink of marriage. Although Lin Lin was reluctant to leave, Lin Lin had to send him back for Qilong and him.

In 1936, Zhigang returned to Qingyue alone, and now Qingyue is the only one. He took a photo with Lin Lin, he missed Lin Lin very much. Zhigang wrote about Lin Lin’s thoughts of missing Lin Recipes. Without Lin Lin beside him, Zhigang only felt that life was meaningless. But for Lin Lin to let go of the past, Zhi Gang burned the cookbook, he did not want Lin Lin to be immersed in the grief of losing himself.

In 2016, Lin Lin panicked at the recipe that was suddenly burned, but she suddenly realized that this was what Zhigang did. Lin Lin shed tears in grief. She didn’t understand why Zhi Gang had to burn down the recipe and shorten the contact between the two.

In 1936, Zhi Gang sent Fei Fei to Fei Fei. Fei Fei looked at this jade pee and shed tears. At this time, Grandma Zhou had renamed Feifei Zhou Lijun and took her away from Shanghai.

In 2016, Qilong and her family were very sad when Grandma died of illness, and Qilong also inherited Grandma’s property. After finishing the matter, Qilong came to the Wang family to find Lin Lin. Lin Lin also planned to leave, but when she was packing up at home, she suddenly found the photos left by Wang Boliang, which seemed to be related to Yu Pei. Lin Lin gave the jade bracelet to Qilong, which was found in Grandpa’s things, and this was what Qilong gave to Ziyi at the time. Qilong plans to leave Shanghai. He wants to do something for Lin Lin before leaving, and Lin Lin only wants the jade on his neck. That Yu Pei was originally brought by Grandma from Zhigang, so he gave Yu Pei to Lin Lin and persuaded Lin Lin to let go.

Lin Lin left alone. Helen and Ting Ting rushed to the Wang family after receiving Lin Lin’s WeChat, but Lin Lin had already left, and gave her things to the two. Lin Lin came to Ningxiang Waterfall according to the information shown in the photo. She took out the three jade pieces, one was Qilong, the other was grandpa, and the other was secretly hidden by her father. The information collected by Grandpa shows that as long as she has three pieces of jade, she can go where she wants, whether or not she has an exchanger.

In 1936, Zhigang closed Qingyue, and he planned to leave. But at this moment, Lin Lin found it. Zhigang excitedly embraced her in her arms. It turned out that Lin Lin had succeeded. She successfully used Yu Pei’s power to send herself back.

In 2017, Qilong returned to Shanghai, but saw photos of Chen Xun and Ziyi on the posters in the theater. It turns out that today is the 80th anniversary of Chen Xun’s death, and his movie work has been preserved, so Ziyi has become a movie star. Qilong approached the theater and looked at the film that Ziyi had taken. He couldn’t bear to miss it and cried out. Then Qilong came to the commercial street and found that the street was exactly the same as it was in 1936, and there was even Qingyue restaurant. Qilong came to Qingyue and saw Lin Lin and Zhigang together on Qingyue’s wall.

At this time someone came to find Qilong, she actually looked exactly like Lin Lin, and she was the granddaughter of Lin Lin and Zhi Gang. She handed a letter to Qilong, claiming that Lin Lin had left it to him. Lin Zhonglin in the letter stated that she found Zhigang, and she also gave Qilong a complete piece of jade, which was the combination of three pieces of incomplete jade.

In 1936, Chen Xun and Zi Yi first met on the train. Chen Xun was attracted by Zi Yi’s beauty and believed that Zi Yi was his muse. At this time, Qilong appeared, and Ziyi thought he was Zhigang and became enthusiastic about him. Qilong asked her to call herself Dragon Brother, and took the jade bracelet to her hand, and from now on, they will be together forever.

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