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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 48 End Recap

Bihe gave birth to a child, Caiwei tore her clothes and wrapped it up for the child. At this time Degui finally couldn’t hold back and fell down. Bihe crawled towards Degui, and Degui said that he could no longer protect her. After stopping breathing, Bi He was heartbroken at this time. Caiwei held her daughter to show Bi He. Bi He said that being a woman was really hard, and hoped that her daughter’s life would be better than her own. After that, Bi He also fell.

Although Qian Sheng was constantly beaten, he insisted on not telling the whereabouts of Lao Qi, because even if he said it out, they would kill the Bai family one by one, and at the same time scolding Director Wang as a murderer demon. Director Wang angrily kicked Gan Sheng, and ordered someone to take Mrs. Bai’s family. Ma Guoan interceded with Director Wang, but Director Wang accused him of not speaking.

Ma Fufang confessed to Caiwei that Mei Xiang’s children, Qiulin’s children, including her children were killed by herself, and she deserved to die. Caiwei accused her of not killing so many innocent people, but she is Gan Sheng’s wife. She has the right to demand her husband’s love. She should be jealous. She is not wrong. Ma Fufang didn’t expect that Caiwei would say such a thing.

When Caiwei said that to blame, he would blame the world, why women have to be at the mercy of others, while men can have three wives and four concubines. Cai Wei said that although she was a wife in charge, she had lost much more than others. Ma Fufang understands this, no wonder everyone likes plucking flowers, but Ma Fufang is indeed inferior to Huang Caiwei. At this time, the police came over and took Ma Fufang away.

Qian Sheng asked Director Wang to release Fu Fang, and he was willing to hand over the property and secret recipe of the Bai family. Director Wang knocked Fu Fang to the ground. Ma Guoan pleaded, saying that Gan Sheng didn’t like his daughter at all. The person he really liked was Huang Caiwei, and she would definitely be recruited if she was caught. Director Wang took the knife and plunged it into Fu Fang’s lap. Ma Guoan begged Director Wang to let go of his daughter, and said that he didn’t want any money from the Bai family. Director Wang pointed his gun at Ma Guoan and demanded that he immediately disappear in front of him.

Before leaving, Ma Guoan told her daughter to wait here obediently. I believe Director Wang will let her go and wait for her to go home. Ma Fufang and Qian Feng were beaten continuously. Director Wang accused Qian Sheng of the murderer because his eldest brother and wife would die for him. Qian Sheng asked them to kill himself, and Chief Wang pointed his gun at Qian Sheng. Ma Fufang said that he would tell them the answer they wanted.

Ma Fufang told the two brothers Qianfeng the truth one by one, and then she stepped forward to tell the whereabouts of Lao Qi in the attack, and bit Director Wang’s ears, and the police shot her to death. Feng rushed forward frantically and was shot to death by the police. At this time, Gan Sheng couldn’t help but yell when he saw this scene. Before he died, Qian Feng told Ma Fufang that if there was another life, she would be the one he hoped to see first. Madam Ma stabbed Ma Guoan to death with a knife, and then hanged herself because he killed her only daughter.

Gan Sheng was taken to the prison, Cai Wei stepped up to check nervously, and Director Wang explained that he would deal with them before dawn. Gan Sheng said that it would be nice if Cai Wei had left at that time, Cai Wei said that she would not leave him alone. Gan Sheng asked Caiwei to agree to herself: If there is a chance to go out, she must live well.

Caiwei cried and said, no matter where he goes, she must be with him. Gan Sheng and Cai Wei sang a childhood ballad. The next day Caiwei woke up and found that the child and Gan Sheng were gone. The police came to tell Cai Wei that Gan Sheng had already confessed, and Director Wang had let him go back, so Cai Wei could also leave.

Caiwei walked timidly on the road, and Gan Sheng was tied there. He asked Director Wang why he was arresting himself here? Director Wang said that as long as Caiwei walks out of this cell, he will take them to Xi Lao Qi, because they have already released the news that all the Bai family members are dead, and there is only one widow left, so only she and Those who attacked Old Qi took the head, and they all had to die. Caiwei sat down on the chair and refused to leave because she didn’t believe what the police said, because Gan Sheng would never leave alone. He would definitely not leave himself alone, even when they didn’t believe the other party.

Their hearts were thinking about each other too…Qian Sheng cried when she heard Caiwei’s words. Caiwei felt that Qian Sheng was next to her. She yelled that she would never leave, even if she died. They will die together. Director Wang fired, and Gan Sheng blocked Caiwei in front of her. When Director Wang fired again, Raid Qi led people in. Director Wang held a gun at Qian Sheng, attacked Lao Qi and shot him to death behind him.

Gan Sheng was trapped in the sea of ​​fire, Caiwei wanted to rush to rescue him, and attack Lao Qi to stop him. Gan Sheng was hit by the falling pillar, Cai Wei said nothing, and Xi Lao Qi carried her out. There was an explosion in the cell, and Cai Wei yelled Gan Sheng’s name in heartbreak.

A few years later, Caiwei became a field nurse. Everyday life is to treat the wounded. The wound medicine they developed has treated many people. After Mei Xiang recovered from illness, she became a famous field nurse. She felt that this was the only way she could. Can alleviate her sins. Cuiping and Dashan had two children after they got married. Now she also came to the army to help. She became Dashan and took the child at home. Nianhe has always been called Caiwei mother. Whenever she sees Nianhe, she will Will think of Qian Sheng and say that I miss him so much.

When Caiwei helped the leader treat the wound, he was surprised to find that he turned out to be Gan Sheng. Gan Sheng smiled at Caiwei and said that she would die if she didn’t save herself. Caiwei cried and asked if he died ten years ago? Gan Sheng held her hand, and Caiwei said that as long as he grabbed him, he wouldn’t want to leave.


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