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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 47 Recap

Gan Feng asked Degui, what did he and Gan Sheng hide from himself? Degui said that he didn’t admit anything. Qian Feng ordered someone to bring Bi He. The old lady accused Bi He of courage, and even cheated on others, and used other people’s evil seeds as the blood of the Bai family. What is Bihe accusing Degui of talking nonsense? Degui asked the old lady not to talk nonsense. The pillar pressed Bihe’s head into the water according to the old lady’s will.

Degui still did not admit that Bihe couldn’t stand the treatment and recruited the child in his stomach. Gui, then she asked Degui to speak quickly and save herself, Degui yelled to stop. They resigned from Guan Shi, and Gan Sheng didn’t understand that he had always treated them as uncles, and why did they treat themselves like this? The stewards felt ashamed to go on. When they were about to leave, Qian Sheng stopped them and begged them to stay.

The old lady gave Degui one last chance, otherwise he would kill Bihe. Degui cried and told Gan Sheng secretly selling Panax notoginseng to the bandits. Xiufang was sick and bedridden. She said that she was going to be dying. She was waiting for him every day, but all those who waited were disappointed. Caiwei cried when she heard the sadness. Xiufang talked about the first time she saw Qianfeng, and said that she loved him so much and just wanted to see him again before she died. Cai Wei told Xiufang to wait and find Qian Feng by herself. Ning Hai reported to Ma Guoan that Qian Sheng provided Sanqi to Xi Lao Qi. Ma Guoan said that he had caught this handle and the pharmaceutical factory must be in his hands.

The old lady complained that Gan Sheng dared to follow Lao Qi. Gan Feng said that the money that Gan Sheng made from doing business with Lao Qi must be put into her pocket. The old woman suggested that Qian Sheng should be reported to the police station. Let the government know that this matter will affect the whole family, so this matter must be cautious. When the post came to report, Gan Feng hurried to the pharmaceutical factory. Cai Wei took Qian Feng to Xiufang’s place, and Xiufang had stopped breathing at this time, Cai Wei cried to wake her up quickly, but there was no response at all. Gan Feng was stunned, he asked how could it be like this? Caiwei cried and accused Qian Feng, what was his heart made of, how could he be so hard-hearted? Gan Feng said that he married her to save Caiwei…

When did Caiwei accuse Qian Feng of becoming like this? Gan Feng said that he also wanted to be magnanimous, but lost her, lost the pharmaceutical factory, lost the master… Caiwei accused him of being too paranoid in his heart, and nothing was entirely his. Gan Feng said that only when he has mastered power can he be qualified to own her. He can marry her and give her the most beautiful life. Caiwei slapped him angrily, accusing him of how could he say these heartbreaking words in front of Xiufang? She just died.

The police went to the pharmaceutical factory. Gan Sheng didn’t understand what was going on. The police said that Bai’s family was a gangster, so they had to seal up the pharmaceutical factory. After speaking, they took Qian Sheng away. Ma Guoan came over and told him that he was still close to fighting himself. The police went to Bai’s house and arrested everyone.

Because Liuer prevented the police from moving his wife, the police shot her to death. The old lady was taken away while she was chanting, and the prayer beads were scattered all over the floor. Bihe told Lichun that the most vicious person was the old lady. There would be no one here who would treat him nicely for no reason. The police rushed in and took Bihe away forcibly.

The police dragged the old lady and them off the car. The old lady asked him if he knew who he was. Governors and mayors are all friends of their own. Director Wang came over and let the old lady leave. The old lady said excitedly that she would save Gan Feng and the others. Director Wang took out the gun, and Gan Sheng told his mother not to go forward. At this time, Director Wang shot and killed the old lady. Mother Cui rushed out and was shot and killed by the police. At this time, Ma Guoan was hiding in the room and saw the scene clearly.

The two brothers Qian Feng were hung there and beaten there, Degui was brought in, Ma Guoan talked about Degui having an affair with Bihe and having children. Gan Sheng didn’t believe it, Degui knelt down to admit his mistake to Erye, and Gan Sheng knocked her to the ground. Ma Guoan told Qian Sheng to blame his good brother on this matter, and then he persuaded Qian Sheng to recruit, telling the whereabouts of the old Qi, and handing over the secret recipe for the wounding medicine, and he would ask Director Wang to take them. All the people in the Bai family were released, and Gan Sheng said that he really didn’t know.

Bihe’s stomach hurts, she begged Caiwei to save them and don’t die, because she finally became the sixth concubine, Ma Fufang told her that even the old lady was beaten to death by them, and she really thought she was the title of Mrs. Bai’s. What’s the use here? They have only one dead end. Caiwei said that the old lady is dead, and if they don’t unite, more innocents will be drawn in. Ma Fufang and Caiwei quarreled. At this time, the two policemen came and stripped off Ma Fufang’s clothes. Caiwei rushed forward to stop them and said that they had the ability to come at her.

The police stepped forward and took off Caiwei’s clothes. At this moment, Bi He yelled that he was about to give birth. Ma Fufang asked the police to save Bi He. Degui rushed over just after hearing this and dragged the police outside the prison door. Then he hugged the prison door tightly and let him go. How the police beat him.

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