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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 46 Recap

Gan Feng cried bitterly, he asked Cai Wei, what was he in his mind? After that, he accused Qian Sheng of ruining everything he had. Why should he treat himself like this? They are a family. Ma Fufang was lying on the bed. She thought to herself, can’t Gan Feng come to see herself? Gan Sheng asked Caiwei, did she kill Fu Fang’s child? Caiwei didn’t expect that he would ask herself like this? Gan Sheng lost his temper and pushed the things on the table to the ground. Caiwei said that she didn’t do it by herself. Gan Sheng asked why she appeared in Peony Garden in her dream? Cuiping defended Wu Yitai, Caiwei stopped Cuiping, and Qian Sheng asked her to leave tomorrow, and never wanted to see her again.

The old lady fanned the flames in front of Qian Feng. Qian Feng said that if he had a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye earlier, things would not have changed to this point. The old lady persuaded him to make a move now, and said that he and Ma Guoan were ready. Everything, just wait for him to take action, as long as he takes back the position of the house and the medicine factory, he can have everything at that time, whether it is Fufang or Plucking Wei.

Gan Feng said that he would make Gan Sheng pay for everything he did. Xiufang was ill in bed, and Cai Wei went to visit her and said goodbye to her. Xiufang said that she could finally leave as she wished, but she was missing a person who could talk, and she was disgusted by her husband. What could she expect? . Caiwei hugged her and advised her not to make herself like this, but to live for herself.

Dashan picked up Caiwei and they left, Caiwei was a little reluctant, but she still left. Degui asked the second master, he was really willing to leave the fifth wife, and would rather be misunderstood by her. Gan Sheng said that she hoped she would forget about herself and the pain of the Bai family, because if she really likes someone, she can think of everything for her.

Gan Sheng blamed herself, thinking that she could give her the life she wanted, now it seemed that she was just deceiving herself. The dude’s report was not good. Qian Sheng went to see that his eldest brother had summoned his uncle Zong family. Qian Feng asked Qian Sheng to formally cede the position of the house to himself. Uncle Zong also agreed that Qian Sheng would return the position of the house to Qian Feng. , Qianfeng makes Qiansheng the best thing to learn about.

Caiwei and others were walking on the road, when someone was hiding there in the forest. Gan Sheng said that in the past five years, he had done his duty to the pharmaceutical factory and asked himself a clear conscience, so even if the eldest brother came back, he would not give him the position of being in charge. The bandit chased Plucking’s carriage with a knife. Gan Feng said that Gan Sheng was just a substitute, and now that he came back, shouldn’t he return the position of home to himself? Uncle Zongjia asked Gan Sheng to surrender his position. Gan Sheng accused them of not having the right to interfere with his position. At this time, Ma Guoan came over.

When the carriage was running, it hit a stone, and suddenly the carriage overturned, and the bandits used a knife to intimidate Plucking. At this time, Zhao Ming appeared and killed the bandits. It turned out that Qian Sheng told Zhao Ming to protect them secretly. Caiwei learned the truth of the matter. He guessed that Gan Sheng had to distract herself because of him, so she decided to go back and have a look. As a shareholder, Ma Guoan recommended Qianfeng to be the head of the pharmaceutical factory. Degui talked about the uncle selling counterfeit medicines.

Qian Sheng ordered him to be dragged out. Ma Guoan accused him of selling counterfeit medicines as Gan Sheng, and asked him to do so. Three stewards were given to testify. The steward pointed out that the person who sold the fake medicine was the second master and blamed the uncle. Gan Sheng questioned Manager Lin. If he could say this, Ma Guoan must have given him a lot of benefits, right? Degui got up to hold the injustice for the second master, Qian Feng asked to drag Degui down, Qian Sheng stopped him, and said that he was in charge.

The old lady took out the master’s tablet and asked Gan Sheng to hand over the key to the house, otherwise it would be the unfilial son of the Bai family. Caiwei hid outside the door and watched secretly, when suddenly she thought of a way. Gan Sheng declared in front of everyone that he would never give up his position as the head of the house. The old lady ordered Bai Gansheng to be expelled from the Bai family, and Cai Wei rushed to stop him.

The old lady accused Caiwei of not being qualified to intervene in the affairs of the Bai family. Boss Jiang asked the old lady whether the future head of the Bai family had a prescription for new medicines. If the Bai family did not have a prescription for new medicines, he would not cooperate with them. Caiwei told the old lady that if she drove the second master out, she believed that with one-third of the shares, plus the prescription for the new medicine, she believed that she would make a comeback soon… the old lady was angry Wei slapped Wei, and Gan Sheng asked her mother to stop hurting Cai Wei.

The old lady left, and the guys clapped and cheered. Gan Sheng held Caiwei, thanked her for staying, and thanked her for everything she had done for herself. Caiwei told Gan Sheng all her love and hatred for him, and said that it was all because of loving him. The two of Qian Sheng kissed, and Cai Wei asked to stay and accompany him to face all this. The old lady complained that the most hateful thing was that Huang Caiwei, if it weren’t for her, she could successfully drive Gan Sheng out. Gan Feng told his mother that Cai Wei should not be hurt by any means. At the same time, he said that Gan Sheng had no secret, maybe that incident was his fatal injury.

Ma Guoan asked Qian Feng, what plans do he have in the future? Gan Feng said that he had no plans yet, and Ma Guoan said that he would do his best when he needed himself. After Gan Feng left, Ma Guoan ordered Ning Hai to follow. Mei Xiang lay in the cradle and played with wave drums. Chunxiao cried and said that the second wife had been stimulated since her wife was born prematurely. She had been like this all the time, and even no one could recognize her. Cai Wei hugged her and started crying. Caiwei proposed to send Meixiang to the hospital for treatment, and Gan Sheng agreed.

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