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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 45 Recap

The old lady wanted to chop off both mother Zhang’s fingers. Huang Caiwei forced her to die. The old lady offered to either put the knife down or insert the knife into Mother Zhang’s heart. Caiwei took the knife and prepared to commit suicide. Step forward to stop. Mother Zhang asked the second master to let her go, because she was unwilling to live this kind of life. Gan Sheng said that she would protect her and let her live the simplest life. Mother Zhang said that if it weren’t for the uncle to rush in time today At that time, I am afraid that the second master will never see the young lady again. If he really likes the young lady, he should really consider her, so please don’t do things that will let you hate her for life.

Gan Shengzhang beat the old lady’s Diao Nu, and the old lady ran to ask if Gan Sheng put herself in his eyes? Gan Sheng said that these Diao slaves were too prosperous, and then ordered to fight again. At the same time, he warned everyone that if he dared to provoke the anger of the old lady next time, it might be more than twenty boards. Gan Sheng thanked his eldest brother for saving Plucking Wei. Gan Feng said that he did not save Plucking for him.

At the same time, he said that Gan Sheng’s banning Cai Wei was just as despicable. Ma Fufang and Qian Feng secretly met in Feiyuan, and Qian Feng gave Ma Fufang the silver bracelet he wore when he was a child. After that, the two hugged each other, while the maid was hiding in the dark. The maid reported to Mei Xiang that his wife was pregnant with the uncle’s child. Mei Xiang couldn’t help laughing at this, and said that Ma Fufang was seeking his own death this time.

Mother Cui and the old lady calculated there: Gan Feng would definitely give the bracelet to Ma Fufang, Mei Xiang knew about it, the second master would know, so he would definitely get rid of the child, and the uncle would definitely unite Ma Guoan. Take back everything from him. Mother Cui sighed, it was a pity that the child was born, and the old lady said that she was stupid when she was born. Chunxiao deliberately ran to tell the uncle that his wife had fallen in the garden just now and the child might not be able to keep it. Gan Feng hurried to question Ma Fufang, how is their child?

Ma Fufang expected that Meixiang knew about them, so she wanted to escape in a hurry. At this time, Gan Sheng and Mei Xiang hid there and listened. Qian Sheng rushed forward and knocked Qian Feng to the ground, and then knocked the bitch Ma Fufang to the ground. Gan Feng said that he just wanted her to taste what it was like back then, and Gan Sheng scolded Gan Feng as a beast, and then knocked him to the ground.

Ma Fufang admitted to Qian Sheng that the person he liked was Qian Feng and the person he wanted to marry was also him. Then he told Qian Feng that he was only with him because he wanted a child. Now he has done what he wants. No matter what you do to yourself. Xiufang came over and asked how they could treat themselves like this? Gan Sheng said that she would send someone to give her a letter of resignation later, and she could leave now, or she could leave after giving birth.

Caiwei asked Mei Xiang to spare the child in Ma Fufang’s stomach for the bright moon, but Mei Xiang said that Ma Fufang had an affair. Even if she passed her through, the Buddha would not blame herself. Xiufang asked why Qian Feng would treat herself like this, instead of getting together with her sister? Gan Feng said that he had never liked him before. If she is acquainted, she will continue to sit in that position. If she is not acquainted, he may not be afraid of them.

Because she couldn’t get into the Peony Garden, Mei Xiang lost her temper. She asked Chunxiao to find a way to get rid of the child in Ma Fufang’s belly. The old lady called Mei Xiang over and deliberately let her servants act for her. Chunxiao secretly exchanged the food Xiaohong sent to Peony Garden. After the people passed out, Meixiang rushed to Peony Garden with her. The people held down Ma Fufang. Meixiang said that she finally avenged her son. After that, she poured the bowl of soup into Ma Fufang and drank it. After a while, Ma Fufang had abdominal pain and bleeding. When Meixiang saw this, she was very excited, and then she was scared. Yelled.

Caiwei heard the screams of his wife, and hurried out the door to Peony Garden. Mei Xiang said that the child in Ma Fufang’s stomach was dead, Caiwei accused Mei Xiang, but Mei Xiang yelled that Ma Fufang had done so many bad things. It was God who wanted to accept her. Mei Xiang looked flustered, she said where is her Donger? where is it? Looking at the painful Ma Fufang, Cai Wei couldn’t help but shed tears. The midwife took the dead boy down, and Ma Fufang wanted to see the child sadly, but Cai Wei ordered the child to be taken away quickly.

Caiwei stepped forward to persuade his wife not to be too sad, but Ma Fufang said that she was here to cry cats and mice and fake mercy. Cuiping asked Aunt Wu to see her second wife, she looked very strange. Mei Xiang hugged the pillow and said it was Dong’er, Cai Wei went to persuade her, Mei Xiang ran away madly. Gan Feng rushed to learn the news of the child’s premature birth. The old lady accused Gan Sheng of being so cruel that he actually killed his child. Gan Sheng said that he didn’t know what happened? The old lady said that if Mei Xiang hadn’t had his instructions, how could she be so bold.

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