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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 44 Recap

Knowing that Zhang’s mother was out, Meixiang deliberately led the second master over, and Zhang’s mother was found by the second master while she was burying the decoction for avoiding the child in the back mountain. After the doctor looked at the dregs of medicine and found that it was an anti-seed medicine, Mei Xiang asked Mama Zhang to tell the truth, Mama Zhang had to tell her that her infertility was fake. When Caiwei was sorting out the ledger, the second master came home angrily and threw the medicine slag in front of Caiwei.

He angrily asked Caiwei why she had been taking refuge pills? Since she came out of restraining her feet, she has never used her sincerity again, and she has to use means and lies to cover everything. Caiwei said where was he when she needed him most? My child is gone, my father is dead, and Guiqin is also dead. When he was the most painful and sad, he didn’t trust himself, and pushed himself hard, knowing how he came over during that time… If he didn’t After all your efforts, you won’t be released… Gan Sheng guessed that Bihua and Qiulin’s foot-holding, about the haunting, was all she planned? Caiwei admitted that Gan Sheng accused her of not only deceiving herself, but also using herself.

Gan Sheng said that everything was her fault, and only asked her to tell herself that she didn’t deceive herself all… Caiwei said that these things they said now have no meaning, and the Bai family is full of intrigues and deceives, so she will get herself out of life alone. To be exhausted, so she is leaving here. Gan Sheng asked her to leave here?

Caiwei said that only by leaving the Bai family can she get happiness, liberation, and peace. Gan Sheng said that she would not let her go, and that her life would be meaningful if she stayed by her side, so let her die, and she would never want to leave here in this life. Gan Sheng ordered that from today the people in the Qiangwei Courtyard should not leave the Bai family for one step. If they defy, they will be beaten to death. Cuiping knelt down and begged Erye not to do this to Aunt Wu. Gan Sheng told Caiwei that even if she hated herself for a lifetime, she would never leave him.

Cui’s mother reported to the old lady that the second master had taken the right to be in charge of Plucking Wei, and the old lady said it was getting more and more interesting. Bihe told the old lady that Caiwei was the most insidious one. She had arranged many things before. The old lady deliberately asked Bihe if she heard that she and Degui are hometowns? Bihe told Lichun that the old lady looked at her with gloomy eyes, as if she was about to see through herself.

Lichun said that the old lady helped her every time, and Bihe proudly said that Caiwei was finally out of favor. Caiwei asked Mei Xiang, did she treat herself this way because she saved Fu Fang last time? Mei Xiang told her that as long as she stayed here honestly, she would still be her good sister. Caiwei said that once she killed Ma Fufang’s child, she would definitely feel guilty because she loved children. Mei Xiang said that she would use facts to prove what she said was wrong.

Qian Feng Mingzhu stared at the second master, and immediately reported anything. Gan Sheng hurried back to give Caiwei a bracelet and bought her many pastries. Caiwei said that they can’t assume that nothing has happened. Gan Sheng said that as long as she didn’t leave, she would promise her everything. Caiwei said that even if he locked himself up, it would be useless. Gan Sheng told her his heart Deep suffering. Ma Guoan reminded the old lady that before Qian Feng took the position as the head of the house, she must get the prescription for the new wound medicine.

Qian Sheng went out with Degui, Zhu Zi and Qian Feng had been following behind him, but were discovered by Qian Sheng. The old lady asked Qian Sheng to hand over the prescription for the new wound medicine to her for safekeeping. Qian Sheng tactfully refused, Qian Feng asked for it, and Qian Sheng also refused. The old lady accused him of losing sight of himself and said that Qian Feng was talented. He is the head of the house. Gan Sheng said that the pharmaceutical factory will always have a copy of his eldest brother, but he can only be the master.

Cui’s mother told the old lady that the prescription for the new wound medicine was developed by the fifth wife. The two women were discussing there, Fei Yuan was haunted again, and the female ghost was a big belly. Mei Xiang heard this, she guessed that the woman was Ma Fufang, so she ordered Chunxiao to keep an eye on Feiyuan. Mother Cui questioned the two old women, did the second aunt hear it? Knowing that the old lady had gone to the Rose House in a hurry, Mei Xiang ordered her to inform the second master that when Mei Xiang was about to go out, Cui’s mother stepped forward to stop her and asked her to stay in the house for two hours.

The old lady was forced to enter the Rose House and asked Cai Wei to hand over the prescription for the wound medicine. Cai Wei deliberately pretended not to understand, and the servant pushed her down on the table. At this time, Mother Zhang and Cuiping were slapped again. Knowing that Plucking had suffered, Xiufang ordered Liu Er to go to the second master, if the second master was not there, she would do well. Seeing that Zhang’s mother and daughter had been beaten, Caiwei agreed to hand over the prescription, and deliberately delayed the time. The old lady gave her ten times to count.

If it was too late, she would chop off the fingers of Zhang’s mother and daughter, reluctantly Wei had to write down, the old lady ordered someone to take a prescription, and she would try it out for herself. Knowing that Caiwei had cheated herself with the fake medicine, the old lady ordered the fingers of both mother Zhang to be chopped off. Caiwei took the knife and threatened the old lady. As long as she died, she would never get the prescription. When Caiwei was about to stab the knife into her stomach, Qian Feng rushed back to stop her and threatened her mother. If she dared to hurt Caiwei, she would immediately leave Bai’s house.

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