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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 43 Recap

Gan Feng asked Ma Fufang, was the child she was carrying her own? Ma Fufang said that the child belonged to the second master, and Qian Feng asked her to swear. Ma Fufang was speechless, and Qian Feng couldn’t help laughing smugly, but Ma Fufang let him forget about it and asked him not to look for himself anymore. Xiufang went to congratulate Caiwei, because the second master gave her all the housekeeping rights. Xiufang apologized to Caiwei for the past. At the same time, she asked Caiwei. She knew she was harming her and helped herself? Caiwei said it’s not good for them to drink tea like they do now? Xiufang talked about the uncle now often going home for dinner, and occasionally eating with herself, Caiwei said that she believes in Jincheng where Jinshi is open.

Caiwei gave Dr. Ma a pack of silver to thank her. Dr. Ma said that she was sorry for her when she was instigated by his wife instructed by ghosts. Caiwei warned him and Dr. Ma thanked her for leaving, but Did not take away the package of silver. Gan Sheng questioned Degui, what benefits did Ma Fufang give him to make him betray him? Degui vowed that he would never be bought by his wife, and last time it was really his unintentional mistake. In order to prove his innocence, Degui stabbed him with a knife.

Gan Sheng told Caiwei that she would never forgive Fu Fang for her fault, but she is pregnant now, no matter how many things she did wrong, the child in her belly is innocent, so before she gave birth to a child Will not deal with her. Mei Xiang said to herself, God doesn’t have eyes, why do people like Ma Fufang still get pregnant? After that, she cut the cloth with scissors and accused Ma Fufang of killing her child. Why would she have a child of her own? No, no…

Qian Sheng told Caiwei that she would give up after Fufang gave birth. Caiwei knew that he would not send Fufang to the government, and she told Qian Sheng that she would support him no matter what decision he made. Gan Sheng wondered, he never wanted to hurt anyone, but why did things become like this? Caiwei suggested to Qian Sheng that Qiulin should be sent out to recuperate. Qian Sheng asked her to make arrangements for herself, and at the same time asked Qiulin to prepare more food and clothing. Caiwei prepares money, food and carriage for Qiulin and Chang Sheng, so that they can start a new life. Qiulin was still worried about her mother, Caiwei said that she had arranged her mother’s Taoist temple outside the city, and she could pick her up at any time. Qiulin hugged Plucking and thanked her, and said she was convinced that she had lost.

The thought of leaving Qiansheng made Caiwei very heartbroken. She asked the Buddha, what should she do? The old lady asked Fu Fang, did she like to eat recently? Ma Fufang said that she likes to eat fish recently. The old lady deliberately said that the second master also likes to eat fish. It is true that father and son have a heart. Cui’s mother reminded the old lady that the uncle likes to eat fish. Gan Feng stopped Ma Fufang and said that the child was obviously his own, but Gan Sheng could get close to the child, but his biological father could not. Knowing that Fufang really likes to eat fish, Gan Feng said it was great. Just then, Gan Sheng came over and sent Ma Fufang back.

Bi He asked Degui to take away his wife’s child, Degui told her to stop dreaming, because he was already very sorry for the second master, and at the same time he persuaded Bihe to stop. Bi He asked if he didn’t care if their children inherited everything from the Bai family? Degui said he didn’t care about these at all. Ginkgo heard this secretly, so he hurriedly reported the matter to the old lady. The old lady sighed that both his wives and concubines were pregnant, but none of the children belonged to him. I really didn’t know what Gan Sheng did in his previous life? Cui’s mother said that it was Gan Sheng who took up the position of the uncle and did not return it. The old lady calculated that Degui was the person next to the second master, so it depends on how to use it well.

Gan Sheng told Gan Feng that Ma Guoan had bought two of his land, and at the same time asked him why he didn’t discuss the sale of the land with him. Can Qian Feng accuse him of being the master of the house and riding on his head? Gan Sheng said that there was no signature of the head of the family on the contract, so he didn’t have to acknowledge the contract. Bihe tripped his wife with an foot, and his wife almost fell. Mei Xiang pushed Cai Wei to the ground from behind, causing Cai Wei’s hand to scratch. His wife told Qian Sheng how hard Bi He was. Qian Sheng ordered Bi He to be restrained. The old lady came over and asked to take Bi He to Jing’an Garden. Qian Sheng warned Bi He that if he dared to be restless, he would blame himself. polite.

Mei Xiang said that as long as there was plucking, she said that she had no chance to attack the child in Ma Fufang’s belly. Chun Xiao asked her what to do? Mei Xiang said that as long as the second master didn’t trust her, it was enough. Liu Er reported to his wife Ma Xiufang that the uncle had recently liked children’s stuff, indicating that his wife had an opportunity. Ma Xiufang wanted to get close to Qian Feng, but Qian Feng pushed her away. Xiufang complained about dry maple in front of Caiwei, Caiwei asked her to follow her heart, and don’t care about giving and rewarding. Xiufang said that she really envied Plucking, and now she is deeply ingrained in the Bai family, but Cai Wei said that she would not want to know what she has experienced until today, right?

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