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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 42 Recap

Ma Fufang hurriedly went to Qiu Lin’s place, and learned that Qiu Lin had tuberculosis, she couldn’t help but became suspicious, and asked Doctor Liu if she was sure she had tuberculosis? Then he ordered Doctor Ma to give another diagnosis. However, Qiulin was so scared that she hid in the bed, Caiwei deliberately persuaded Qiulin, what if Dr. Liu read it wrong? Doctor Ma had diagnosed and treated the second master and told the second master that the third aunt was indeed suffering from tuberculosis.

Seeing that Qiulin had something to say to the second master, Ma Fufang suggested that the second master quickly send her to the nursing home, and then she hurriedly took the second master away. Qiulin caught up with the second master and knelt down, mentioning that the last time she had accused her of plucking in Feiyuan was arranged by her wife, and who was accused by Ma Fufang of buying her? Qiulin told the story of the matter, Ma Fufang slapped her angrily, Cai Wei stepped forward to stop Ma Fufang, and told Gan Sheng how she was wronged.

The uncle went to Qiulanyuan, and Ma Fufang said that the uncle had confessed to the matter personally. If he has an accomplice, is he also an accomplice? Gan Feng asked her what is going on? Ma Fufang deliberately motioned to him to “tell his innocence.” Caiwei cried and said to him, is it true that he still refuses to repay his innocence? Gan Feng said that she and Caiwei have always been innocent. At that time, he would make mistakes. The purpose was to make Caiwei return to her side. It was because of her own thoughts that she was so wronged, even though she did it wrong. But I do not regret it.

Why does Gan Sheng accuse Ma Fufang of being so vicious? Caiwei said that his wife did more than that, and Guiqin’s death was also related to her. Ma Fufang told her not to spit people, Cai Wei asked Erye to see someone, and then ordered Mama Zhang to bring the person up. Hong Xiu walked over, everyone was surprised to see this. Bihe stood outside the door and eavesdropped. Hongxiu alleged that it was his wife who killed the fourth concubine.

Ma Fufang accused them of ganging up to frame herself. Hongxiu told the whole story. Ma Fufang accused her of being bought by someone, and then came to frame her. Don’t be fooled by her. Hong Xiu said that he had been avoiding his wife’s chasing and killing, and it took a long time to get in touch with Mrs. Wu. Ma Fufang emotionally accused Red Sleeve and asked her to tell her what she was holding in the hand of her concubine. Because Red Sleeve couldn’t tell, Caiwei told Erye that there was someone who knew the inside story-Bihe.

Qiulin testified that his wife asked Bihe to stun Caiwei before dragging it into the waste garden. Qian Sheng ordered Bi He to be called. Bi He came over to Cai Wei and knelt down. He said that his wife forced herself to do that, and that his wife forced Gui Qin to send toxic agricultural tonics to Cai Wei in the name of Second Master. Caiwei only lost the child in her belly. Guiqin wanted to tell the truth, so his wife killed her. At this time Caiwei took out her pocket watch, and she understood that her wife must threaten Guiqin with Guiqin’s younger brother.

Ma Fufang scolded Caiwei as a lowly concubine, and Caiwei slapped her angrily. Qiulin and Mei Xiang both stepped forward to testify against Ma Fufang, and Gan Sheng decided to divorce the poisonous woman and send it to the government to pay for her life. Ma Fufang asked Gan Sheng, the child in his stomach, should his own flesh and blood have to pay for his life? Mei Xiang rushed forward excitedly to deal with Ma Fufang, Cai Wei pulled her back, the old lady ordered her to be sent to Peony Garden, Ma Fufang told Cai Wei and them that they would never be able to beat herself. Before leaving, Ma Fufang told Erye that Bihe was by no means innocent, and she had come up with many ideas that harmed Caiwei.

Bihe knelt on the ground and asked Cai Wei for forgiveness, and the second master ordered her to be taken away. Mei Xiang asked Caiwei, what would she do next? Caiwei said everything waited until she gave birth to a child. Meixiang said what should she do if she gave birth to a son? Besides, she killed their children… Caiwei told Cuiping that she had misunderstood Gan Sheng… Gan Sheng ran to question Ma Fufang, why did she do this? Sure enough, Ma Guoan’s daughter did exactly the same. Ma Fufang accused him of taking in concubine after concubine, and only came to his room for four nights every night.

When did he consider himself a wife, be absent-minded when facing himself, and be so gentle and considerate to Caiwei? And when they only gave themselves one year, they sentenced themselves to death for one year because they were not pregnant… Gan Sheng accused her of being able to treat those innocent children. Ma Fufang said that she could do anything. I can only do that for my rights.

Gan Feng learned from his mother that the medicine was stopped by Ma Fufang at the beginning of last month, and Gan Feng was surprised when he heard it. The old lady told Cui’s mother that this child was not from Sheng, but from Qian Feng, and that this child was born stupid, and he came at the right time. Gan Sheng hugged Caiwei and apologized.

Caiwei said that sometimes they were blinded by illusions, just like when he was deceived and misunderstood by his wife. Gan Sheng said that it is really hard for him to imagine what happened in this home. Does it look like a home now? If she doesn’t forgive herself, what should she do? Caiwei said that they didn’t trust each other, even if it was even, let it pass the past. Gan Sheng hugged her and thanked her. At this time, Cai Wei was thinking that she was really tired…

The wife ran to tell Ma Guoan that Fu Fang was pregnant. Did he support Qian Sheng as planned? Ma Guoan said that the two brothers were better at dealing with Qian Feng. With a little trick, Qian Feng would follow his own words.

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