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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 41 Recap

Xiufang personally cooks for the uncle, because before Caiwei told her uncle’s life preferences. Xiufang said to herself that as long as she treats the uncle sincerely, she will surely take the place of Caiwei in his mind. Mingyue suddenly developed a high fever, Ma Fufang ordered people to find Doctor Ma as soon as possible, and requested that the matter not be allowed to spread. At this time Meixiang and Erye came, Meixiang explained that Yue must have been burning for a few days, and at the same time she accused his wife of dragging her? Ma Fufang argued that Mingyue had just burned.

Doctor Ma said that the young lady had a high fever, and she had been ill for some days. What can Gan Sheng have to say when accusing Ma Fufang? Had she not concealed her condition, Mingyue would not have become like this. Mei Xiang asked Erye to take care of Mingyue to herself, and Ma Fufang promised that there would never be another time, so he asked Erye to keep Mingyue. Caiwei stood up and suggested that Mingyue should be taken care of by Meixiang when she was still young. Erye felt that she was right, so he ordered Mingyue to be taken care of by Meixiang.

Mei Xiang thanked Caiwei and explained that Yue was fine now. Ma Fufang asked Mei Xiang, what method did she use to make Mingyue have a high fever? Meixiang said that she did not understand what she was talking about, but let her understand that no mother would put her child in her hands. Gan Sheng came over with Cai Wei, Ma Fufang sighed, Mei Xiang and Bi He both have children of their own, and Cai Wei has a second master who will never leave, and what does he have?

Xiufang collected Zheng Banqiao’s calligraphy and painting, because Caiwei said that the uncle likes to collect calligraphy and painting. Gan Feng learned that Caiwei was helping Xiufang, so he asked Caiwei to go to Waste Garden. He asked Caiwei, do he just hope he likes other women? Cai Wei said that Xiufang is not someone else, but his wife. Gan Feng said that even today, he has not given up on her, but he will not force her, but will wait for her. Caiwei advised him not to look back, because Xiufang was the one who really liked her, and she was his happiness. Qian Feng accused her of having the right to determine her happiness, even if she didn’t like herself, she was not qualified to push herself to other women.

Ma Fufang saw that Qian Feng was drinking, so he followed. Gan Feng fell to the ground, still calling Caiwei’s name. Ma Fufang asked him not to drink anymore. It was useless to make himself like this for a woman. Caiwei had long forgotten it. What’s the use of holding him firmly alone? Gan Feng said that it would be great if things happened that night, even if she was Shentang, but she didn’t give herself a chance. Ma Fufang persuaded him to let go of plucking, and let go of himself. Gan Feng said that the first time he saw her, he knew that Gan Sheng had married a shrewd woman. Ma Fufang said that was not the first time they met.

Mama Cui reported to the old lady that Mama Liu, who was in charge of the kitchen, suddenly fell ill. It was very serious. The point was that she was always the one who prescribed the medicine to the second wife and the elder wife. The old lady asked her to find someone she depended on to put in the kitchen. Ma Fufang talked about how he saved himself back then. For this reason, he has been obsessed with him, but found that there were other women around him. Then he heard the news of his death and later married his younger brother… Feng heard this hugged Ma Fufang and kissed her, then pushed her down on the bed.

The maid reported the whereabouts of the second master to his wife, and the wife said that she would not need it in the future. Bihe talked to Meixiang and Caiwei, but in the end Ma Fufang refused to see them. Couldn’t they be suspicious? So remind the two sisters to be careful. Mei Xiang asked her if she wanted them to protect her? Bihe asked Caiwei to protect her child, and Caiwei let her take care of herself. Mother Zhang told Caiwei that Qiulanyuan had news. Caiwei went to Qiulanyuan, mentioned Chang Sheng, and told the fact that Qiu Lin was pregnant. After learning that all of this was arranged by Cai Wei, Qiu Lin asked why she wanted to harm herself? Caiwei threatened her, what would happen if the old lady knew she was pregnant with someone else’s evil seed? Qiulin knelt down and asked Plucking to let her go.

Ma Fufang vomited, and she ordered Xianglian to invite Doctor Ma to not disturb anyone. Caiwei gave Qiulin two choices: one, she and Chang Sheng’s children were in the pond. Second, return your innocence in front of the second master. When Qiulin was about to take the scissors to commit suicide, Caiwei prevented her from accidentally hurting her hand. Doctor Ma congratulated his wife because she was pregnant. Ma Fufang gave Doctor Ma a gold bracelet to tell him not to say that he was here tonight.

Caiwei talked with Qiulin sincerely, and Caiwei asked her that she had never thought about escaping with Chang Sheng and living with her children? Qiulin said that Ma Fufang’s threat would be detrimental to her family. At this time, Cai Wei learned that Qiu Lin had been subject to Ma Fufang because of her mother. Caiwei said that it was Ma Fufang who changed Qiulin’s shoes that caused her miscarriage. Later, she promised that she would help her escape with Chang Sheng, and then take her mother to live with her.

The mother-in-law gave the medicine to Ma Fufang, and the child would be gone as long as she drank the medicine. Ma Fufang hesitated, she finally had a child, should she give up? But the child is not the second master, and the consequences would be unimaginable if found out. Ma Fufang said unfeeling words to Gan Feng, and she did so to protect their children. Knowing that Qiu Lin was seriously ill and wanted to say something important to the second master, Ma Fufang hurriedly ordered her to find Doctor Ma. It turned out that Caiwei arranged all of this. Caiwei asked Qiulin to pretend to be ill, and then invited the doctor to take care of everything.

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