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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 40 Recap

Gan Sheng ordered someone to take a pen and paper to divorce Ma Fufang. Jing Lan said that the person who killed the sixth wife was him and had nothing to do with his wife. After that, she hit the wall and died, and Ma Fufang fainted on the ground. When Ma Fufang woke up, Gan Sheng told her that Jinglan was dead and that the child in Bihe’s belly was fine. At the same time, she warned her not to go too far, and the couple didn’t want to do too much. Caiwei asked Mei Xiang, she planned this time, right? Because Jing Lan said that the cotton cloth she made the pillowcase was not Wang Ji cotton.

Meixiang admitted that it was planned by herself. It turned out that Meixiang had been sending people to monitor Peony Garden. After learning that Xiufang had sent someone to change the pillowcase for Bihe, she ordered someone to secretly replace the medicine pillow… Caiwei accused Meixiang, Why didn’t Ma Fufang defend herself when she was setting the blame? Mei Xiang accused Cai Wei of being troublesome. Who told her to save Bihe, so she could only let Ma Fufang frame her to aggravate the matter, but despite this, she still couldn’t let the second master be cruel to her. She destroyed everything.

Caiwei accused Mei Xiang, she watched Ma Fufang harm Bihe, even if she was not the mastermind or an accomplice, how innocent a child is. Mei Xiang asked her how innocent her Donger was? Caiwei said how she didn’t hate Bihe, and sometimes she wished she died right in front of her, but when she saw her face turned pale with pain, she remembered the pain of her miscarriage. After that, Caiwei cried and asked Mei Xiang, would she be happy if she killed her child? Mei Xiang said that at least she was free, but all this was ruined by her, and after all this they would be wary. Caiwei asked her to believe in herself, and Ma Fufang would get the reward she deserved, but she asked not to let their hands be covered with blood. Mei Xiang said that she would never believe her anymore, and they would go their own way in the future, but she asked her not to destroy her own affairs in the future, otherwise they would be enemies.

Caiwei asked Qian Sheng how to deal with Ma Fufang? Gan Sheng said that he also owed Ma Fufang so much. Now that Jinglan was dead, he could no longer pursue it. At the same time, he planned to give her half of the management of the inner house. Caiwei asked why he didn’t give the power to Meixiang? Gan Sheng said that rights would allow her to protect herself. Lichun ran to call Erye, saying that Auntie Liu was feeling sick again, and Gan Sheng scolded Lichun. She went to ask the doctor if she was unwell, and don’t break into other people’s yards like this. Gan Sheng told Cai Wei that because of his connivance to Bi He, she had become more and more excessive, and she had been left out of her during this time.

Caiwei tells Ma Xiufang that she also has a part in the matter this time, and Ma Xiufang accuses Caiwei of seducing her husband, and she is shameless. Caiwei said that she had nothing to do with her uncle. Ma Xiufang said that she would not let her go. Caiwei reminded her that she should think about how to make her uncle like her. Cuiping held up the injustice for Caiwei, because she spoke to Ma Xiufang in such a good manner, Caiwei said that she had too many enemies, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, she would not make enemies with others, and Ma Xiufang was only one of Ma Guoan’s The chess piece is just a poor worm who has not won his husband’s favor, so he will not act on Ma Xiufang as a last resort.

Ma Fufang was very sad about Jinglan’s death. The mother told Fufang that Jinglan’s funeral would be done. Ma Fufang cried and said to her mother, “Second Master, don’t believe in yourself anymore. He has allocated half of the power to Caiwei. It will not be long before he will be replaced. Then she said that the person who killed Jinglan would not believe him. Will make her live better. Mei Xiang ordered Chunxiao to pay close attention to Peony Garden, and he didn’t believe that God would always stand by Ma Fufang. At night, Qinger Guigui went out in Chongchong, Mei Xiang and Chun Xiao secretly followed behind, and found that she had thrown a pillow into the water. When Chunxiao went to get the bamboo pole, he was pushed into the water from behind.

Chunxiao takes care of his second wife who is sick in bed. Ma Fufang goes to visit the patient, and asks her mother-in-law to take Mingyue to take care of her, so that Mei Xiang stays and recuperates. Mei Xiang shouted to return Mingyue to herself. Gan Sheng asked Ma Fufang what he was doing again? Using this method to revenge Mei Xiang. Ma Fufang said that as Mingyue’s aunt, why can’t she take care of her? Qian Sheng criticized Ma Fufang, even if she is the eldest wife, she can’t let others separate mother and daughter. If there is something wrong with Mingyue, she will never forgive her.

Mei Xiang asked the old lady to save her and understand that the old lady said that Fu Fang was the main house and the aunt. She called the child to be justified, and she was just a concubine, and it was normal for the child to be raised or not. Cui’s mother asked the old lady, didn’t she help Meixiang and Bihe suppress her before? But why would she help his wife this time? The old lady said that the more fierce the fighting in the inner house, the more thoughts Qian Sheng spent, so that he would not have the energy to disturb Qian Feng.

Mei Xiang went to beg his wife, and his wife slapped her down, accusing her of killing Jing Lan and saying that she would destroy the person she cares about most. Mei Xiang said that if she dared to hurt Mingyue, the second master would not let her go. . Ma Fufang threatened that if Mingyue accidentally fell into the pond and accidentally broke her leg… She just didn’t take care of her well, would Erye kill herself? Mei Xiang asked his wife to punish herself and never hurt Mingyue. Mei Xiang knelt in front of his wife and gave up. The wife said that as long as she was obedient in the future, Mingyue would be safe, and then let her get out.

Caiwei went to see Meixiang, and Meixiang asked her whether she came to see her joke? Caiwei asked how she thought this way, and why she didn’t understand the pain in her heart. Mei Xiang said that if something happened to Mingyue, she would definitely not live. Caiwei said that she might have a way to get Ma Fufang to return Mingyue to her, but Mingyue would suffer more or less. Mei Xiang expressed gratitude to her excitedly, and said that everything is up to her.

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