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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 39 Recap

Bihe said to herself that now that she has the second master’s child, her heart will come to her sooner or later, and Huang Caiwei will be old and old for a few years, so she will seduce the second master. Guanshi Lin persuaded the uncle whether to investigate the two pieces of land again, because the second master once confessed that the purchaser must figure out who the other party is.

The uncle praised Guan Shi Lin for his loyalty, but he asked Guan Shi Lin, if the land cannot be sold, can he take the responsibility? After that, he deliberately said that now that he is back in the pharmaceutical factory, who is the real head of the family? Does he understand? Guan Shi said in fear that he would do it now. Gan Feng said to Zhu Zi that he would remember the shame others gave him for the rest of his life.

Xiufang was very angry when she saw Qian Feng talking to Caiwei, because her husband had never looked at herself in that way. Bihe deliberately said in front of Xiufang that when Caiwei was uncomfortable, the uncle must be the first to rush over. He was more careful than the second master, and Xiufang heard this excuse to leave. Chun Xiao dug out the refuge medicine that Zhang’s mother and Cuiping had buried in the back mountain. At this time, Mei Xiang understood that Caiwei had arranged all this by herself. At the same time, she asked Chun Xiao, how was the arrangement of the matter? Chunxiao said that everyone’s eyes were toward the fifth concubine and the sixth concubine, and no one paid attention to them in Hanxiangyuan.

Xiufang begged her sister to help herself again, but Ma Fufang said that she was too courageous and could not do anything, if she was discovered by the second master, she would have her own pain. Xiufang asked her sister that she would not give up halfway. Ma Fufang suggested that if Bihe’s child has a problem at this time, who is most suspected?

Sister-in-law Ma took advantage of the scraps and put a box of things in Zhang’s mother’s cabinet. When Xiufang went to Bihe’s place, Liuer deliberately pretended to fall, saying that when Bihe was not paying attention, she secretly changed the medicine pillow. Xiufang told her sister that she didn’t want to kill the child in Bihe’s belly, while Ma Fufang said that Bihe’s child would be fine. At this time, she thought in her heart, Xiufang, Xiufang was still too naive.

Bihe fell to the ground with a stomachache, shocking Caiwei. Ma Fufang told the second master that Bihe called him away from Caiwei several times, and Caiwei was definitely not happy. At this time, the maid reported to the second master, and the sixth aunt fell to the ground with a stomachache. Cuiping persuaded Caiwei not to go there, so as not to see Bi Helai on her head in the future. Seeing Bi He’s painful look, Caiwei ran over. The doctor said Mrs.

Liu seemed to have touched something that couldn’t be touched. After he checked and found the pillow, he cut it and took out the musk. The second master lost his temper and asked who did this happen? The old lady said that such a filthy thing happened to the Bai family, so you must check everything clearly. Once you find out, you will never be merciless. Gan Sheng felt that the victim must be hiding something, and the old lady ordered a search from house to house.

Degui found musk in Mama Zhang’s room in the Rose Garden, and Ma Fufang asked if Wu Yitai ordered her to buy musk? At this time, Mother Zhang remembered that Po Ma was blaming herself. Ma Fufang said Po Ma left the Bai family a month ago. Bihe accused Caiwei of being so cruel, not even a child. The old lady ordered the plucking stick to be beaten twenty boards and kicked out of the Bai family. Cai Wei defended Qian Sheng, and the servant pulled Qian Sheng away and took Cai Wei away.

Gan Sheng took Cai Wei back to the room. He said that the most important thing now is to find Ma, and before leaving, he ordered Mei Xiang to take care of Cai Wei. The second master ordered the servants to search for Ma with the portrait. Xiufang worried about what the second master would find out. Ma Fufang said that Ma’s wife had been bought by herself, and the old lady wanted to get rid of Plucking. This time she would definitely not be able to run away.

Caiwei told Cui Ping that this time it was his wife who hurt herself intentionally. They could not escape, and she was not her opponent at all. Cuiping said that the reason why Aunt Wu is not her opponent is because she is not vicious. Caiwei asks why Cuiping treats herself so well? Cuiping cried and said that she and her master were the best people in the world to herself. Plucking sighed, is she going to be kicked out with shame so unclearly?

Mei Xiang checked the medicine pillow and said that plucking might be saved. Degui said that the old lady sent someone to chase Wu Yitai, and Gan Sheng went to stop it. Gan Sheng called everyone over because he had proof that Cai Wei was innocent, and then he took out the medicine pillow. Mei Xiang said that the cotton cloth in the pillowcase is only available in Peony Garden, but Bihe guessed that his wife is hurting herself? Ma Fufang defended.

Gan Sheng said that the evidence in the plucking room was more like planting. Ma Fufang refused to admit it. Gan Sheng took out a notebook to prove that only her Peony Garden had that kind of cotton cloth. The old lady accused Ma Fufang that she had not given birth to a boy and a half when she married to the Bai family. Was she afraid that Bihe would affect her status in the Bai family after giving birth to her child? She did everything. Ma Fufang told her not to talk nonsense, and she was not easy to bully.

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