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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 38 Recap

Gan Feng suggested to Xiufang that if she did not get better within ten days, let her stay in her natal house for a period of time, and if such things happen again, let her stay in her natal house for a period of time. Xiufang asked the uncle, but the uncle turned and left, and Qian Feng confessed that the pillar was watching the door and that no one was allowed in or out except the doctor.

Because her sister couldn’t come in to discuss, Xiufang couldn’t even discuss it personally. She hesitated and asked the maid to secretly dump the medicine. Caiwei fainted in the ancestral hall, and Cui’s mother remembered the threat of Gan Sheng, and she hurriedly ordered people to make ginseng soup. Xiufang’s condition recovered, Ma Fufang asked Jinglan what was going on? Jing Lan said it was an uncle.

Qian Sheng held the fainted Caiwei and left. How could Ma Fufang complain about Xiufang at a critical moment? Xiufang cried and said that the uncle was going to send herself back. Doesn’t she know her daddy’s temper? He will definitely beat herself to death. Ma Fufang accused Xiufang that her good plans were ruined by her, and she didn’t even want to win the uncle’s favor. Jing Lan asked his wife what to do now? Ma Fufang decided to go to the Rose Garden to congratulate that Plucking is fine.

Caiwei thanked his wife, and the wife said that as long as she served the second master well, she would give her the best return. The maid reported to the second master that Aunt Liu seemed to be happy. Bihe greeted the old lady, and the old lady asked her to pay attention to her body. Caiwei greeted the old lady, who was very upset.

The old lady was proud, because she was about to hold her grandson in a short time, and under the sign of the old lady, Cui’s mother gave the bracelet to Bihe. The old lady ordered Ma Fufang to take care of Bihe and said that if something happened to Bihe, she was the only one to ask. Then she confessed that Qian Sheng would go to Biboyuan more…Because Qian Sheng had been looking at Caiwei, the old lady accused him of hearing anything. ? At this time Plucking burst into tears.

Gan Sheng announced to everyone that he would restore his second master’s position. The guys mentioned the Bai family’s ancestral training, and Gan Sheng said that the Bai family’s ancestral training was rewarded and punished. This time the eldest brother got a very large order for the pharmaceutical factory. By the end of the year, everyone can get a generous red envelope. Ma Guoan proposed to let the uncle come back, and the uncle all agreed.

Bihe offered tea to his wife and said that if he gave birth to a son, he would hand it over to her to raise him. Ma Fufang said that all these were like her tricks, and Bihe said that he was willing to talk to the second master and that the child was willing to be raised by her. Lichun asked Madam Six, would he really give the child to his wife? Bihe said that he was just making her happy.

Mei Xiang told Caiwei that Bi He went to his wife’s place for an entire hour before coming out. Cai Wei guessed that she must have shown her good to her. Mei Xiang thought of a good idea to bring down both Ma Fufang and Bi He at once. . Caiwei did not agree to kill Bihe’s child. Meixiang said that she was just talking casually. Caiwei asked her not to do anything with the child.

Meixiang promised that she would not do that. Caiwei asked Gan Sheng, did Qian Feng return to the pharmaceutical factory because he saved herself? Gan Sheng said that the family and everything are happy. Even if the elder brother does not ask for it, he will find a reason to take him back to the pharmaceutical factory. I believe that one day the elder brother will understand that he is his own brother. Caiwei congratulated Gan Sheng on becoming a father, Gan Sheng said that he didn’t mean Bi He, and then he held Cai Wei in his heart and thought that what he hoped most was that she would be pregnant with a child.

Degui asked Bi He to get rid of the child because he was already sorry for the second master, but Bi He asked him to buy arsenic and poisoned himself together. Degui wanted to take her away from Bai’s house. Bi He asked him, would they let their mother and child wander with him? And as long as the child is born, he will inherit all the property of the Bai family and be prosperous and wealthy throughout his life. Will he follow him to make the child be present for the rest of his life?

Caiwei went to Feiyuan to see Bihe. She asked why Bihe did this to herself? What is the heart of peace? It was said that his wife disfigured her and healed her face by herself…Bihe was overwhelmed by this sudden situation. On the way back, Caiwei remembered what happened yesterday: It turned out that Caiwei had to see through Bihe and wanted to confront herself, and her wife must be hiding in a corner of the waste garden, so she decided to take care of it, not saying anything Bihe wanted to say. I will only say something I want to tell my wife.

Bihe asked his wife not to believe what Caiwei said, but the wife said that she could not place too much hope on her. Jing Lan asked his wife, should he believe Bihe or Pluck Wei? The wife said that Caiwei could not give birth, and Bihe was pregnant with a child. They might as well sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. The wife closed the door to Bi He, and Bi He said that she had plucked the shade so many times that it was not easy to make her sad. Mother Liu stewed beef soup for Aunt Wu, and Lichun stepped forward to snatch it away when Cuiping was about to take it away. Caiwei waited for her second master to eat, Lichun ran to tell her fifth wife that her second master was eating with her sixth wife, so she told her not to wait any longer.

Bihe told the second master that after the child was born, he would be raised by sister Caiwei, and Qian Sheng was happy when he heard it, and said that he would definitely compensate her. Bi He leaned on Gan Sheng’s shoulder and thought, she must let Cai Wei see her occupying the second master’s heart bit by bit, and she would be very heartbroken. Bi He deliberately pretended to faint, and Qian Sheng stepped forward to hug her, and all the plucking was in his eyes. Gan Sheng went to Caiwei’s room, and Lichun ran to tell the second master that Aunt Six had a terrible stomachache, and Cai Wei, who was untying Qian Sheng’s clothes, stopped and asked him to go and see.

After Doctor Ma helped Bi He diagnosed and treated her, she found that she was not serious, and Bi He asked the second master to stay with him. Bihe deliberately said in front of Caiwei that the second master stayed in his room to rest last night, and told a lot when he left in the morning, and that he always likes to eat sour during this time… See Caiwei speechless, Bihe asked if she didn’t believe it? Caiwei said that if she is really confident, why should others believe it? She just has a guilty conscience because she understands that the second master’s heart is not with her at all.

Cuiping persuaded Mrs. Wu not to drink those medicines anymore, as long as she gave birth to a child… Caiwei told Cuiping not to say such things in the future, and said that she had decided and she must leave when this matter is over. Here. Mei Xiang went to Caiwei and found something strange, so she ordered Chunxiao to keep an eye on the Rose Garden, especially Mother Zhang and Cuiping.

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