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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 37 Recap

Ma Fufang asked Xiufang, why didn’t she go to the old lady, but to find herself to understand the uncle’s preferences? Is it because the old lady knows that she won’t like her uncle? When Xiufang heard that she wanted to leave, Ma Fufang pulled her back. Xiufang said that she had been in the door for such a long time. The uncle had never entered her room.

Ma Fufang said that the uncle’s heart was filled with another woman, and then talked about Cai Wei had an affair with the uncle, and all this was not the uncle’s fault. It was Huang Caiwei seduce him. As long as Caiwei stays in the Bai’s house for a day, it is impossible for the uncle to like others, including her wife. Xiufang asks her sister to help herself, while Ma Fufang says that Plucking is good at it, and now she has the favor of her second master.

The merchant went to the pharmaceutical factory to discuss business, and Qian Feng walked over, but the merchant insisted on discussing business with Er Ye, and was still discussing the uncle selling fake drugs before leaving. Ma Guoan walked over and told Qian Feng that Qian Sheng’s trick was very powerful, so that he would sit as stable as Mount Tai as the head of the house, and if he continued like this, his eldest son and grandson would be too late. The old lady was infected with wind-cold. Ma Fufang said that Xiufang had also been infected with wind-cold disease for a few days.

The old lady decided to find a master to visit her home. Gan Sheng said that the eldest brother’s selling fake medicines must have been tricked by someone behind his back. Caiwei guessed that the person must be Ma Guoan. Jing Lan praised her for being really clever and used her to deal with Plucking Wei. After the master helped the eldest wife to read it, he told the old lady that the horoscope of the fifth concubine was too hard, and there was only one way to resolve it, which was to send her away, as far as possible, and never let her approach the Bai family again.

Mother Cui reported to the old lady that the uncle had never entered the old lady’s room during this period. The old lady guessed that Xiufang was eager to drive Caiwei away. After the analysis, she decided to play the show with Xiufang. Mother Zhou hurriedly reported to Aunt Wu, and Mother Cui came over with a group of people. Cuiping and the others blocked the door of the house with chairs. Mother Cui ordered the door to be smashed. At this time, Degui shouted to open the door. Mother Cui stopped. Gan Sheng walked over and ordered Mama Cui and the others to get out.

Gan Sheng went to her mother for the theory. The old lady accused Cai Wei of making everyone sick. After that, she accused Gan Sheng of being a lover. Gan Sheng knelt down to her mother. The old lady said she must send Cai Wei away today. , If the second master has the ability, he will send someone to take him down. Gan Sheng excitedly said that he took Cai Wei and left the Bai family compound, but the old lady was still reluctant, and Cai Wei fainted.

Caiwei told Gan Sheng that she was pretending to be dizzy just now. Ma Fufang brought Doctor Ma to come, why did Qian Sheng accuse her of peace? Ma Fufang said that even if he didn’t bring the doctor, the old lady would arrange for the doctor to come. Then what should I say? Gan Sheng apologized to Ma Fufang, and Ma Fufang told Erye to find a solution quickly. Jing Lan asked his wife why she wanted to help Pluck Wei? Ma Fufang said that Caiwei would definitely take action against Xiufang, and then caught her on the spot to let the second master see her true face.

The maid said to Xiufang that the medicine the wife had found for her was really good, and she looked like she was seriously ill after taking it. Xiufang said that she could not fool the old lady otherwise. The maid said triumphantly that it won’t be long before the old lady will drive Caiwei out. Gan Feng accused Xiufang of going to the doctor when she was ill, why did so many things happen? Xiufang deliberately pretended to be pitiful in front of him, and Qian Feng asked her to rest before leaving.

Caiwei thinks this matter is a bit suspicious, Meixiang guesses that someone is conspiring with Ma Xiufang, Caiwei thinks that Ma Fufang should have conspired with her, and the old lady is just pushing the boat along the river. Meixiang is worried about this? Because the sister-in-law’s illness has not improved, Gan Sheng is very anxious. She is worried that if this continues, her mother will find a doctor for Caiwei again, worrying that her mother will send her away. Caiwei told him not to worry, and said that there is always a solution.

Mother told Qian Feng that Caiwei is indeed an ominous person, so she must not be allowed to stay at Bai’s this time. Because there was no movement in Plucking Wei, Ma Fufang wondered, and Jing Lan guessed that Bihe was lying? Mei Xiang talked to Caiwei, Ma Fufang was like this, either he didn’t make a move, or they couldn’t stand it up. Mother Cui took the doctor to see Aunt Wu. Cuiping said that Aunt Wu already had a doctor. Mother Cui said that she hadn’t seen Aunt Wu so much better, so the old lady called a doctor to see her.

Caiwei knelt down and begged her for help. The old lady ordered her to be dragged out. Qian Sheng came to stop her. The old lady accused Qian Sheng of having to fight against herself for the sake of Cai Wei. She didn’t even care about filial piety for this woman. Gan Sheng said she just wanted to Recommend someone to your mother. Taoist Qingfeng walked over, and Gan Sheng said that he invited him to see if there was any better way.

Knowing that Caiwei had not been driven out, Ma Xiufang was very surprised. Ma Fufang said that the second master didn’t know where to find the old Taoist priest. He said that it was amazing. The old lady believed this and did not dare to neglect it. Xiufang worried that the Taoist priests would see that they were cheating? Ma Fufang said that there is no such a god, and then he said that the Taoist priest asked Cai Wei to pray for her in front of her ancestors for ten days, and it would be resolved.

Gan Sheng told Caiwei that she had been wronged in the past ten days because she was not sure about the western medicine treatment. Ma Fufang told Xiufang that as long as her illness became more and more serious within these ten days, what reason could he find out at that time? Caiwei knelt in front of the ancestors and the ancestors and prayed sincerely for the eldest wife. Cui’s mother sent someone to guard. Cuiping wanted to send things but couldn’t. She lamented that Wu Yitai was really fate, and Mei Xiang said it was time to do it herself.

Gan Sheng received Gan Feng’s letter and invited him to the temple to discuss matters. Knowing that Xiufang’s illness was still not getting better, the old lady said that Xiufang was really determined this time. Jing Lan reported to his wife that there was no movement in Qiangweiyuan and Hanxiangyuan. Ma Fufang guessed that Plucking Wei is really not what Bi He said. Jing Lan asked his wife, if Bi He was lying, would she let Wu Yiwu go? The wife said no, and would rather kill the wrong one.

Gan Feng went to the temple to see Meixiang. Meixiang asked him if he suspected that Mrs. Da’s illness was a bit strange? Gan Feng said that they had also suspected that Xiufang was pretending to be sick, but… Mei Xiang said that she was really sick or pretending to be sick. Qian Feng made a condition for Qian Sheng: It is not difficult to save Plucking Wei, but he has to let himself go back to the pharmaceutical factory and become the second master again. Qian Sheng said that Big Brother really changed, and Qian Feng said that each other.

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