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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 36 Recap

At night, Caiwei went to the waste garden with a lamp. Ma Fufang and Gan Sheng hid in the dark to check. When Gan Sheng wanted to come forward, Ma Fufang stopped and persuaded him to stay and wait until the truth. Bihe and Lichun were also peeking there. When she saw Gan Feng approaching, she couldn’t help being surprised. Why was it him?

Lichun asked Mrs. Liu, what should they do now? Gan Feng and Caiwei were very surprised when they saw each other, and Gan Sheng rushed over and asked why they were here? Caiwei defended and took out the letter on her body to prove that someone else asked her to come. Qian Feng defended that the letter was not written by himself, but was told by his servant to ask him to come. Gan Sheng asked Ma Fufang what was going on? Is the pretending ghost incident just an excuse, Qian Feng asked her why she did it? Bihe nervously said how could this happen? They must have been caught, so she hurried away with Lichun.

Ma Fufang said he would be so stupid? Would it be so obvious if they wanted to frame them? At the same time, she reminded Er Ye not to be fooled by some people’s faces. Gan Sheng asked to call the pillar to confront him, and Ma Fufang asked to call Bi He outside, because it was Bi He who told him to catch the haunted culprit. Jing Lan told Ma Fufang that the sixth wife was not outside. Ma Fufang guessed that Bihe must be setting up herself. Gan Sheng asked to call Meixiang Bihe over. He must find out about this matter.

Bihe did not admit that he had said anything to his wife. Ma Fufang scolded her for being a sinister villain, and she said Jinglan could testify. Bihe said Jinglan was his wife, so he could not testify. Mei Xiang asked Ma Fufang why he couldn’t let go of plucking? The pillar came over and told everyone that there was no such person. Ma Fufang accused Bihe of designing all this, Meixiang accused his wife of framed Caiwei, and Ma Fufang asked Erye to find evidence, otherwise he would not accept it. Mei Xiang suggested to look for clues in the letter. She and Cai Wei deliberately let everyone discover that the letter paper smelled of French powder. Bihe asked the second master to believe in herself, and at the same time asked Caiwei why she did this? Qian Sheng slapped Bi He angrily, Bi He asked his wife for help, Ma Fufang slapped her angrily, and accused Bi He of making trouble. Qian Sheng ordered Bi He to be banned, and Bi He yelled that he would never finish with Huang Caiwei.

Qian Feng asked Ma Fufang not to hurt Cai Wei again. Although Qian Sheng didn’t say anything, he still knew it in his heart, so she didn’t do anything to do it. Ma Fufang complained that everyone saw the suffering of plucking, but who saw his own suffering? On the way back, Caiwei remembered: Meixiang secretly wiped some of Bihe’s spices on the handkerchief last time, and after that, she and Meixiang designed to let Bihe enter the game. On the surface, they were dealing with Ma Fufang, but the goal was Bihe. .

Mei Xiang asked Caiwei, and now only Ma Fufang was left, wondering if she had thought of a way? Caiwei accused Mei Xiang, and she clearly said that she would only deal with Bihe last night, but she said everything about Ma Fufang. Mei Xiang argued that she just wanted to overthrow Ma Fufang, and they already have red sleeves, it is better to let Hongxiu come forward to testify Ma Fufang . Caiwei was worried that Hongxiu would be hurt. Meixiang accused Caiwei for not putting her hatred in her heart. Caiwei said that Ma Fufang was their common enemy, but Ma Fufang was shrewd and vicious. If she couldn’t take her down at once, it would be troublesome. Mei Xiang told her not to let herself down, or she would not let her go.

Mei Xiang couldn’t understand why Ma Fufang didn’t respond when she saw Caiwei and Gan Feng together last night, but avoided the matter instead? Ma Fufang went to Biboyuan and angrily called her a slut. She asked for it if she could have it today. Bi He asked his wife why he wanted to frame her, is it good for him? Ma Fufang said that because she hated herself, Bihe said that she would never betray her when she was not a last resort, because she was afraid that her wife would tell the bad things she had done and hurt both. Bihe reminded his wife that it’s better to be careful about plucking flowers. Ma Fufang said that no matter what she said, she couldn’t change the current situation. The days to come will still be long, let her take it easy.

Bi He said to himself that his war with Huang Caiwei had just begun. Xiufang gave Gan Feng some snacks, but Gan Feng asked her not to disturb herself, and then left angrily. Xiufang sat there crying sadly, because Qian Feng would not even look at herself. What was it for? The maid suggested that the eldest wife go to Ma Fufang to discuss the matter.

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