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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 35 Recap

Ma Fufang thought of Qian Feng. She blamed herself and couldn’t think of him. I’m afraid it’s a crime to just think. Gan Feng took off Ma Xiufang’s hijab, but was unhappy. Jing Lan reported to his wife that Aunt Wu was back, and the wife said that regardless of whether she was present or not, Erye’s mind was no longer in Peony Garden. At night, Qian Feng fell asleep alone, leaving the bride Xiufang sitting there embarrassedly. Xiufang stepped forward to untie his clothes, but Qian Feng stopped him and said that it was late and let her rest earlier.

Xiufang offered tea to the old lady. The old lady praised her for how blessed she was. Bihe said that the older lady was so blessed, and the old lady asked her to open branches for the Bai family earlier. Xiufang asked who is Wu Yi Tai Wei? Caiwei stood up, and Ma Fufang told Xiufang not to be unruly. The old lady ordered Ma Fufang to give way to Xiufang, and Xiufang was secretly happy. The old lady asked Xiufang to call Fufang’s name directly. Ma Fufang angrily wanted to leave early. The old lady said that Xiufang would help deal with the family affairs in the future, and Ma Fufang angrily told the old lady that she was still in charge, and that the things at home would still be on her own. Have the final say.

Mei Xiang told Cai Wei that there must be a fierce fight between Ma Fufang and Ma’s sisters, Cai Wei felt that Ma Xiufang would not be too powerful, because as long as the Bai family had a little thought, they would not make herself embarrassed in person, but Mei Xiang felt that Ma’s daughter came from the Ma family. It will not be easy. Bihe deliberately stepped forward to signal Cai Wei. The second master was in her room on the sixth day of last month. Cai Wei remembered that that night was the night when she was assassinated. Mei Xiang grabbed Cai Wei and signaled that she did not sleep well last night to stop her. impulse. After Bihe left, Meixiang told Cai Wei not to worry too much, because it is normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines.

Caiwei didn’t eat or drink. Cuiping made her cry when she felt bitter. Caiwei said that she had already shed too many tears for him. At the same time, she said that when she was almost dead, he was actually with Bi He Huan is good, I really shouldn’t have hope for him. Mei Xiang told the second master, Bihe said something to Caiwei, so he asked him to see Caiwei. Caiwei persuaded herself that she could not give Gan Sheng a fall out before seeking justice with Guiqin and her father, so she suppressed the resentment in her heart and greeted the second master with a smile, and the second master promised her that she would never again When things like Bihe appeared, Cai Wei said that Bihe was his woman, and she promised that she would get along well with her sisters in the future and would not worry him any more. Gan Sheng was very excited about this, and then gave her a box of French fragrance powder, but Caiwei asked him to give the fragrance powder to Bihe.

Degui gave the incense powder to Bihe, and Bihe guessed that Caiwei must have quarreled with Erye, so Erye gave himself the powder. Degui sighed that only the second master would give her such a good thing. Bi He assured him and said that he was the only one in his heart, and then secretly told him that he would be waiting for him in Feiyuan tonight.

The man asked the second master why the worker had to accept the sentence of severed finger for selling fake drugs, and why the uncle had to cover him for selling fake drugs? Gan Sheng said that the investigation of the matter would give them an explanation, and the guys were reluctant and had to ask the second master to give everyone an explanation, and then yelled and severed his fingers. Gan Sheng ordered not only to have Qian Feng’s fingers severed, but also not to interfere with the pharmaceutical factory from today. Qian Feng scolded Qian Sheng and said that if he broke his finger today, they would no longer be brothers. Qian Sheng still ordered the execution. Qian Feng stepped up and cut off his finger personally, and then told Qian Sheng that from now on In the future, they renounced justice.

Ning Hai praised Master Ma for buying the workers to make trouble. Ma Guoan said that what he had to do now was to force Feng to make up his mind. Gan Sheng went to see his eldest brother and was slapped angrily by his mother. The old lady asked him to hurry up and never show up in front of their mother and son. Gan Feng told Gan Sheng to stop pretending. Caiwei told Gan Sheng to stop blaming himself. Gan Sheng guessed that there must be a man behind the scenes, and only Ma Guoan could do this. The old lady accused Ma Guoan of instigating her behind her back, so that her son didn’t have a tail. Ma Guoan said that it was worthwhile to break a tail finger in exchange for the position of the master. What if the old lady is worried that Qian Feng has no second position now? Ma Guoan said that it was easy for Qian Feng to return to the pharmaceutical factory to gain everyone’s trust.

While the aunts were enjoying the chrysanthemum, Meixiang smelled a special smell. Lichun said that it was coming from the sixth aunt. Bihe took out the fragrance powder to everyone, plucking Wei to leave, Meixiang and his wife also followed. go away. Lichun talked to the sixth wife, the second wife and the fifth wife were very strange, and Guigui Chongchong whispered. Mother Zhang told Caiwei that everything in Qiulan Academy was proceeding according to plan, but must this matter be the second wife? Pluck confirms. Ma Fufang unknowingly walked to the waste garden. When she saw Qian Feng there, she was worried about his injury, but she persuaded herself not to get close to him anymore.

Bihe overheard Caiwei’s conversation with Mei Xiang, and learned that they will meet at Hanxiangyuan tomorrow night. The maid reported to Mei Xiang that the lady was missing. Hearing this, Mei Xiang went out to look for Mingyue in a hurry. After seeing Meixiang left, Lichun led the woman away, Bihe sneaked into Hanxiangyuan and hid in the cabinet. Mei Xiang and two of them talked about the last time they recruited ghosts. This time they will use the red sleeves to overthrow Ma Fufang, and the next time it will be Bihe. Bi He pleaded with his wife, and Ma Fufang told her to get out. Bi He said that Caiwei and Mei Xiang were working together against his wife. The last time Qiulin was also the two of them.

At night, Ma Fufang and Jinglan went to the Feiyuan to search and found that there was a Guiqin dress in the cabinet, so they convinced them that Bihe’s words were true.

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