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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 34 Recap

Bihe didn’t listen to Degui’s advice and poured all the medicine into the flask. Seeing Degui coming with his second master, Bi He hurriedly knelt down to burn paper money for the dead father and mother. Gan Sheng praised her for her filial piety. When he was about to leave, Bi He knelt down and begged him to accompany him. Gan Sheng left her parents with incense, and Bi He offered him a glass of wine. Seeing Erye left, Bi He hurried after him. At this time, Gan Sheng was dizzy and feverish, and he regarded her as a plucking flower. So he hugged her and went back.

The two men in black rushed to Caiwei’s door. Caiwei heard the noise and asked Cuiping to see what was going on. When she went out, she was knocked out by the man in black. She found the man in black when he was about to cut at Cai Wei with a knife. Cai Wei evasively called for help from time to time. The people in the nunnery heard the movement and ran over, and the two men in black quickly left. Gan Sheng woke up and found Bi He hiding beside him. He found the jug when he got up and left. He wondered if there was a problem with the wine yesterday. Bi He stood up and drank a glass of wine on purpose. After the master drank the wine for a while, the maid poured out the wine in the glass.

Gan Feng went to the pharmaceutical factory and heard that the guys were talking about selling counterfeit medicines, so he ran to accuse Qian Sheng angrily. He said that he didn’t tell others about it, but why everyone knows this now thing? On the surface, Gan Sheng wanted to give himself the position of being the head of the house. In fact, he was very afraid of taking his position. As soon as he and Xiufang were about to get married, he started to do it… Gan Sheng explained to his eldest brother, Qian Feng Tell him clearly again that he doesn’t want this position at all, why doesn’t he believe in himself? Brother Gan Shengliu talked about the matter, he felt that there must be a misunderstanding in the matter, and Gan Feng angrily said that he would never believe him again.

Qian Feng told his mother about the pharmaceutical factory, and the old lady blasted the air next to him again, saying that everything was fake, only holding the right in his own hands was true, and if he wanted to regain his position as the master, He and Ma Guoan would help him, and Qian Feng said that he had no choice but to be unrighteous. The old lady said why Gan Feng was so reluctant. Ma Guoan celebrated with the old lady, but the old lady was still unhappy.

The old lady talked about the matter and asked Boss Ma secretly to lead Jiang to order Sanqi from Gan Feng. Ma Guoan said that she did everything for her, because she said that the young master and the young master have a deep relationship. If no one is instigating The relationship between the two brothers, the eldest master will certainly not make up his mind to regain the position of the family.

It turned out that Ma Guoan made some tricks on the warehouse records. When the pharmaceutical factory was so anxious for the panax notoginseng, he sent a pillar to instigate the young master to sell fake medicines, and then he ordered people to spread rumors to let everyone know that it was the young master selling fake drugs. Medicinal. The old lady complained that Qian Feng still hadn’t made up his mind or listened to her own words, but she would definitely force him to take action.

Caiwei guessed that the thieves yesterday were not ordinary thieves. She guessed that someone must have harmed her. At the same time, she told Cuiping not to tell her second master. Changsheng went to look for Qiulin again at night, but Qiulin still refused to open the door because she was married as a woman and was no longer the Qiulin she used to be. When Chang Sheng was about to leave, Qiulin stopped him, then Chang Sheng took her into the house.

Gan Feng apologized to Ma Fufang, because he broke his promise and wanted to take her sister. Ma Fufang almost fell, Qian Feng hugged her, and Ma Fufang left in embarrassment. Qian Sheng asked Big Brother to believe in himself, and he never betrayed him. Qian Feng said that people would change. Qian Sheng suggested that he should go to his mother now, and he would give up his position. Qian Feng accused him of What kind of heart is left by the position of the home.

Aunt Liu lost her temper there, and Lichun stepped forward to stop her. Bihe said that as long as she became pregnant with the child, everyone would think that the child was the second master, so she asked Lichun to help herself. At night, Degui went to see Bihe. Bihe prepared wine and food for him and thanked him for his help. Degui said that if she let herself help her again, he would leave immediately. Bihe kept toasting him for drinking, and then kept teasing him.

Degui got up from the bed and beat himself in the face with blame because she was the second master’s woman. Bi He hugged him and said that he didn’t care about the second master anymore, he was already his person now. Degui said that he could not be sorry for the second master, Bi He hugged him and said that he was no longer the second master’s woman, and was already his wife, so he must not leave himself behind, and then the two entered the land of lingering.

Gan Feng married Ma Xiufang, and Ma Fufang was unhappy. Cui’s mother was ordered to take Caiwei back, and Caiwei asked her, don’t you worry about going back with the old lady now? Cui’s mother said that the eldest wife had a good life, just enough to stop her suffocation.

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