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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 33 Recap

Caiwei asked Gan Sheng how to solve this matter? Gan Sheng said that judging from the attitude of boss Jiang, he would not give up, and even if they survived this difficult time, the loss would not be small. Caiwei talked about her research and found that adding cattail and Bletilla striata in Panax notoginseng can achieve the same hemostatic effect, but the ratio has not been mastered, so she asked Gan Sheng to give herself two days.

Because the second master punished the uncle, Zhu Zi accused the second master of not knowing what is good or bad, and reminded the uncle that he was worried that the second master would get worse in the future. Gan Sheng went to find Caiwei, but Caiwei was constantly busy studying hemostatic drugs in the room. Gan Sheng fell asleep leaning on the door, and when he woke up to find that Caiwei was still busy, Degui told Erye that Boss Jiang had brought someone to kill.

Boss Jiang questioned Gan Sheng. The three-day deadline has come. I don’t know how he should explain it. Gan Sheng said that the buddy had installed Sanqi wrong. Boss Jiang lost his temper and said that the government saw that he was willing to compensate Boss Jiang for all his losses. Boss Jiang said that he might not be able to pay for it. Then he took a gun and pointed at him. Sheng. Caiwei came to stop, and suggested that there was a way for him to explain to the troops. In order to prove that the medicine she said had the effect of stopping bleeding, Caiwei was going to scratch herself with scissors again, Qiansheng stopped, and grabbed the scissors to cut her arm. After Caiwei applied the medicine, everyone found that the effect was good.

Gan Feng found Panax notoginseng and hurriedly went to Gan Sheng. Gan Sheng told Boss Jiang that they were willing to compensate for all the losses. Boss Jiang decided to replace the Panax notoginseng he ordered with this cheap medicine. After that, he announced a dinner for everyone. , I wish the cooperation success. Qian Feng sighed. He didn’t expect Caiwei to save the Bai family. Gan Sheng told his eldest brother that he announced that his servant had installed the wrong medicinal materials, and he asked him not to do similar things in the future. Caiwei and Cuiping returned to the house, and Cui’s mother ordered them to be tied up. Mother Cui proudly told the old lady that Caiwei and the two were on their way out of the city. Mother Zhang told Gan Sheng that the old lady sent someone to take Caiwei and Cuiping away, but she didn’t know where they were.

Gan Sheng asked Mother, what did Caiwei do wrong? Mother Cui said that the eight characters of the fifth concubine are against the Bai family, especially the old lady. Only by sending her to the nun’s house can the safety of the Bai family be ensured. Gan Feng asked Gan Sheng to go back first, and said to his mother. The two of Caiwei were stripped of their clothes and locked up in the room. Cuiping didn’t understand why the old lady treated them like this? Cai Wei said that she probably understood the old lady’s intentions. At this time, she remembered the old lady’s threats to her. Caiwei assured Cuiping that they would definitely go back.

Gan Feng asked her mother, why should she be so embarrassed? The old lady accused Cai Wei of seducing the two brothers. If it weren’t for Cai Wei, how could he ran away from home and made him lose his position as a home. Gan Gou said that there was no reason to pluck it, but his own life. The old lady said that if Qian Feng had plucked in his heart, would he not agree to the marriage? So unless he proves it to himself, unless he agrees to the marriage of the Ma family. How could Gan Feng blame her for doing this? Afterwards, she decided to pick up Caiwei, and the mother said that even if she picked up Caiwei, she wouldn’t make him feel better.

The old lady announced to everyone that the marriage of Qian Feng and Xiufang would be on the eighth day of next month. Gan Sheng said that as long as the eldest brother liked it, he would bless him. Gan Sheng questioned his eldest brother, did he promise that the marriage was related to the matter of Plucking Wei? Gan Feng said that he wanted to understand, let the past things go. Gan Sheng decided that it was time to return him the position of the house.

Gan Feng said that even if he married Xiufang, the position of the house would still be his, and the traitor would not be punished. The old lady praised Bi He, Qian Feng’s wedding was so smooth, her contribution was the greatest, but it was a pity that Plucking had to come back. It would be great if she could never enter the Bai’s door.

Bihe found Degui and said that she was uncomfortable today. Degui persuaded her that they got all this without conscience, but don’t be too greedy. Bihe cried and said that his wife often beats himself, that life is worse than death, so he asked him to help him. Degui asked how he could help her? Bihe said that now it seems that only he is pregnant with the second master’s child. At Bihe’s request, Degui decided to help her one last time.

Caiwei was locked in the room to copy the scriptures, and Gan Sheng kicked the old woman down, and got the key to help Caiwei open the door. Caiwei saw him hugging each other. Gan Sheng asked Caiwei to stay here until the eighth day of next month, and he would arrange for people not to embarrass them. Caiwei asked Gan Sheng to agree not to tell anyone about the newly developed prescription. Because Ma Guoan can now force the uncle to marry Xiufang, and in the future he can also force him to fight against Qian Sheng, so Cai Wei feels that if one day comes, that medicine will be the cost of Qian Sheng against them.

Changsheng secretly knocked on Qiulin’s door at night, Qiulin did not agree to open the door and asked him to leave quickly. Bihe got the medicine from Degui, and then kissed him to express his gratitude. The maid reported to Madam Six that she had arranged everything, and Bihe rewarded her with a gold bracelet. The maid questioned Madam Six, are they really going to kill? Bi He said that the first move is strong, and only by killing Huang Caiwei can he regain the trust of the second master.

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