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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 32 Recap

Qiaohong and the two were talking about the gardener Changsheng. Qiulin asked her about Changsheng. After Qiaohong had described it, Qiulin couldn’t help but think of something. Qiulin remembered the scene where she was bullied when she was a child and Chang Sheng helped her out. She asked what she was looking forward to. Chang Sheng was dead and she would never see him again. Ma Fufang didn’t understand, did she have any relationship with Xiufang’s marriage? Suddenly she understood that her father wanted Xiufang to give birth to a child to be the heir of the Bai family. At this time, she couldn’t accept that she couldn’t give birth to a child. Not only did she dislike her in-laws, but also her own father. The mother held Fufang and cried and said that she would definitely help her.

When Ma Fufang was sitting there alone and crying, Qian Feng passed by. Fufang congratulated Gan Feng, saying that Xiufang was young and beautiful, he would be very happy. Qian Feng reassured her, because he would not marry Xiufang, and the wife in charge would always belong to her. Zhu Zi told the uncle that no one had so many stocks. Gan Feng blamed himself, and Zhu Zi pulled him aside and secretly gave him a bag of things. Zhu Zi suggested that these things can be mixed with fish and eyes by a little processing, but dry maple angrily said that it was absolutely impossible. Zhu Zi talked about the gossip in the pharmaceutical factory, even if he didn’t fight for the position of the master, he would never want to be looked down upon, right? What should Gan Feng worry about being discovered? The pillar reassured him, and said that this thing is just not as effective as Panax notoginseng, but it will not hurt people. Gan Feng decided to do as he said.

Lichun told Madam Liu that the mother in the laundry room let them do the laundry by themselves, because this was ordered by the wife. Bihe sighed that even the rough servants in the laundry didn’t put himself in the eyes. He had suffered so much, not for the purpose of living a life that was not as good as a pig and a dog, so he couldn’t go on like this anymore, and then he ordered Lichun does one thing for herself.

Gan Sheng found a lot of candles lit in the water, and he walked along the candlelight to the pavilion, where Bihe was exposed and danced enchantingly. Just as Gan Sheng was about to kiss her, Caiwei stopped. After him, Qian Sheng ran to Caiwei, Bi He chased her, but Qian Sheng told her that she did a lot of tricks, but they were useless. Bihe angrily threw the cup to the ground and shouted that he would not admit defeat. Gan Sheng hugged Caiwei tightly and asked for his forgiveness. Caiwei said there was something wrong with the second master. Bihe was originally his aunt. Gan Sheng explained that she hadn’t been to Biboyuan since she came back from the mine, doesn’t she still understand what she wants? But Nabihe was purely accidental, and there was only one woman she liked—Caiwei.

Bihe told Caiwei that he would never be angry with her. Degui told Erye that he had not found such a large-scale panax notoginseng. The uncle walked over and said that he had found the order. Gan Sheng asked where he found it? Qian Feng retorted him and left. Ma Fufang accused Bihe of doing the shameful things last night, and the old lady stopped him when Bihe was slapped. The old lady reminded Bihe that if she could have a baby with Erye, then she would have the capital to compete with Ma Fufang. Cui’s mother didn’t understand why the old lady helped Bihe out? The old lady said that the more trouble in the backyard, the better for herself. The old lady told Cai Wei that Qian Feng was going to marry Ma Xiufang, and the scheduled date had already been set.

Bihe sneaked into the old lady Wanli to listen to Caiwei’s conversation. The old lady asked Caiwei to persuade Feng to make him agree to the marriage. Caiwei said that she was not good at talking, and the old lady threatened her. If she dared to make herself angry, she wouldn’t know what would happen next. Cai Wei said that if the old lady really considers her uncle, she should give more consideration to her feelings. Bihe went to thank the old lady and said that he had thought of a way for the uncle to agree to the marriage.

Qiulin couldn’t help being shocked when she saw Chang Sheng from the crack of the door. At this time, she remembered the story of the aunt who beat Chang Sheng to death. Caiwei told Gan Sheng that it was not that simple for Ma Guoan to marry Xiufang to the uncle. Gan Sheng talked about Ma Guoan’s conspiracy and said that he didn’t care about the position of the house and could give it to his eldest brother at any time. Jing Lan asked his wife to drink medicine, and Ma Fufang said that it didn’t matter whether she had children or not, because once Xiufang married the uncle and became the wife in charge, she would become Wenshan’s biggest joke, and she was crushed to death by her concubine.

Gan Sheng went to Ma Fufang’s place. Ma Fufang accused him of asking for things to this point, and it was all because of him that he had fallen to this point. Now that Daddy ignores himself, is he satisfied? What does he want next? Do you want Plucking to replace yourself? So what, she is also a chicken that can’t lay eggs. Gan Sheng slapped her angrily. Gan Sheng wanted to tell the old lady that he would give his eldest brother the position of the house, so that the eldest brother’s marriage would not become a deal. At this time, the manager came to report that the merchant who had previously signed for the uncle returned the goods and said that the Bai family sold fake goods.

Boss Jiang made a fuss at the pharmaceutical factory. After seeing the goods, Gan Sheng found that there was indeed a problem with Sanqi. At the same time, he asked Boss Jiang to give himself some time, and he would surely give him a satisfactory answer. Boss Jiang gave him three days, otherwise the Bai family’s reputation would be ruined and the family would be ruined. Gan Sheng asked Big Brother what is going on? Qian Feng admitted to the adulteration and said that others did it. Qian Sheng yelled that no matter what others did, Bai Jia couldn’t do it. Gan Feng said that if something happened, he would bear it alone.

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