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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 31 Recap

Qiulin threatened her with something she had done for her before. Ma Fufang slapped her angrily and said that she would make her life worse than death, so before she does stupid things, it’s best to think clearly that Ma’s can’t stand it. revenge. Jing Lan guessed whether this matter was a bitter concubine by Mrs. Six, Ma Fufang said that he must find out the truth. Mei Xiang praised Cai Wei for being more and more unexpected. Cai Wei said that she would not betray Qiulin to the bottom. She would never betray Ma Fufang, so she had no choice but to let her go. It turned out that Cuiping used scissors to cut Qiu Lin’s cheongsam that night, and Cuiping deliberately left the embroidery on the clothes for the tailor to see. Then, Qiulin and Bihe were more suspicious. The Lord saw this, so there was a later ban. Mei Xiang wondered, could this make Qiulin betray Ma Fufang? Cai Wei said this was just the beginning.

Bihe asked Lichun, do you think Qiulin’s affairs are a bit wrong? I always feel a kind of ominous premonition, and everything comes too fast, like being led by the nose. Cuiping praised Wu Yitai for being so powerful, Caiwei said that it was impossible not to doubt their scheming, and that she was already prepared. The wife asked Master Yang, why did she identify Lichun at the beginning and then deny it later? Master Yang said that he didn’t see the person’s appearance clearly, only the embroidery on their clothes. Two maids who were wearing the same embroidered clothes were called over by their wives. The maids said that their clothes were picked up at the gate of Biboyuan.

Cuiping guessed that his wife would doubt Bihe again. Zhang’s mother was worried that Bihe was suspicious, but Caiwei said it was okay, and said that she was the next one she had to deal with. Bi He was very angry and yelled, who is setting him up? Caiwei went to see Qiulin in the dark room. Qiulin said how much she hated her. Caiwei asked her whether she still refused to admit it. At the same time, she made a condition that as long as she explained everything to the second master to pay her innocence, she would intercede for her in front of the second master. Qiu Lin was scared when she thought of her wife, and asked if her innocence was so important?

Gan Sheng told Caiwei that Fufang, Qiu Lin, Mei Xiang, and Gui Qin were not the ones he wanted to marry, but as long as they entered the Bai family, they would be responsible to them for the rest of their lives, so even if Qiu Lin did wrong I couldn’t drive her out of the house, but the endless fighting inside the house really annoyed me. Cai Wei said that men and women have different visions, so they care about different things. Later, she proposed to build a chrysanthemum garden in the house, and Gan Sheng asked her to do whatever she wanted. Then he kissed Cai Wei as the girl of Return.

Caiwei stopped Qian Feng and talked about the misunderstanding between the two brothers. At the same time, she told Qian Sheng to hide the matter from him, and Qian Sheng always regarded him as the most respected eldest brother. Gan Feng asked Caiwei why she was still speaking for Gan Sheng at this time. Didn’t she forget how Gan Sheng treated her back then? Bihe hid there and heard their conversation.

The wife took people to Biboyuan and ordered them to remove those things. Bihe prevented the maid from being caught. Bi He asked his wife, did he do something wrong? The wife said that their Bibo courtyard was too extravagant and wasteful, and then ordered the cost of Bibo courtyard to be halved and the servants also halved. Mother Zhang told Caiwei that the Chrysanthemum Garden had been selected, and the gardener would definitely pass by the Qiulanyuan, and the third wife would definitely see that person. Caiwei sighed, has she changed a lot now? Mama Zhang said that the young lady did not harm innocent people, and she was not wrong.

Bihe told Caiwei that she knew exactly who was setting up her–Mei Xiang. She did the haunted thing last time, but his wife didn’t believe in herself at all. After Caiwei left, Bihe angrily threw those things to the ground. Caiwei reminds Meixiang to be more careful, but Meixiang says she is afraid of her? Mei Xiang gave Caiwei the remedy for giving birth. Although she couldn’t guarantee anything, it was hopeless to say so. After that, she told Caiwei that she had never thought of hurting her.

Degui told Erye that someone had sent the first batch of Sanqi to Xi Laoqi. Jing Lan talked to his wife that the master proposed to the old lady to marry Xiufang to the uncle. Mrs. Ma found Ma Guoan and asked Xiufang what qualifications did Xiufang have to marry the uncle. If she gave birth to the eldest son of the Bai family, what would Fufang do? Ma Guoan said that Fu Fang couldn’t bear the eldest son. At this time Mrs. Ma realized that the last birthday banquet he organized for himself was to let the old lady watch Xiufang plainly. Because Fufang could not give birth to a son, he now supports Qian Feng. Ma Guoan asked his wife to buy a dowry for Xiufang. The wife asked the master not to step on Fufang, but Ma Guoan threatened her not to buy a dowry properly, and kicked her out of Ma’s house by himself.

Gan Feng asked her mother why she wanted to marry Fu Fang’s sister? The old lady stated the conditions for Ma Guoan to help him get back the head of the house. The uncle took an order, but there was no goods in the warehouse for others. The manager said that the customer asked for either delivery or double compensation. Gan Feng questioned his mother, since he knew Ma Guoan’s insidiousness, why did he still agree to him? The old lady said that Ma Guoan had his Zhang Liangji and she had old ideas and would not let his conspiracy succeed. At this time, Qian Feng guessed that Fu Fang’s infertility was related to her mother. The old lady said that after taking advantage of Ma Guoan to regain his position as the head of the house, he would then deal with Ma Guoan. If he did not like Xiufang at that time, he would give up Xiufang in the name of infertility. Qian Feng accused his mother and said that he should not marry Xiufang or be in charge of the family.

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