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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 30 Recap

Ma Fufang sighed in Feiyuan. She framed Caiwei here at the beginning, but she didn’t expect to quarrel with her second master so quickly, but Caiwei now has a second master, but she has nothing. Gan Feng came over and accused Ma Fufang of being bitter and mean. No wonder Gan Sheng didn’t like her. Ma Fufang started crying. This surprised Gan Feng.

Ma Fufang said that he couldn’t even have tears? Gan Feng stepped forward and handed out the handkerchief, asking if she knew about her father? At the same time, he said that he didn’t feel that Qian Sheng had done anything wrong. Ma Fufang asked him, because his father killed Caiwei’s father? At the same time she said angrily that their Ma family is not easy to mess with. Gan Feng said that she is now the wife of the Bai family, and Gan Sheng just doesn’t like her domineering attitude. Ma Fufang said that she would rather be the daughter of the Ma family. What did the wife of the Bai family bring to herself?

Ma Guoan massages his wife and proposes to make her birthday this year a little more exciting, and invite his wife in-law over to have fun. When Ma Fufang asked the aunts in each room to choose fabrics, Qiulin competed with Bihe, and his wife ordered Bihe to choose other cloths, which made Bihe very unhappy. Caiwei stopped when Qiulin was about to hit Cuiping, and said that she should not bother her to discipline her. Qiulin said she went to find her wife to reason, Caiwei said that she was locked in the wood room that day, and she didn’t see her wife speaking for her, and she said she was a wife. Qiulin told Caiwei that she would never forget the matter of killing her child.

Ma An’s invitation was sent to the old lady, and the old lady said that she wanted to see how the Ma’s mannerisms were? Bihe walked over while Qiu Lin was trying on the cheongsam there, and Qiu Lin deliberately showed herself in front of her.

The old lady and the uncle went to Ma’s birthday banquet, Degui hurriedly told the second master. Chunlan ordered Xiufang to greet Mrs. Bai quickly, and the old lady praised Xiufang for her good looks. Ma Fufang secretly questioned her mother, what did Chunlan mother and daughter do? Mother said that her father asked them to come out to help, so he would not care about her if he was in a good mood today. Ma Guoan talked to Qian Feng about his saving Xiuzhi.

On the way back, Gan Feng told her mother that this meal was very strange inside and out, and he didn’t know what medicine was sold in the gourd of Master Ma. Someone secretly cut Qiu Lin’s cheongsam at night. Who blamed Qiu Lin for being so wicked? Bihe came over and laughed at Qiulin. The old mother recognized that it was the clothes cut by the maid who was wearing that dress. Qiulin was angry and wanted to beat the maid. Second master came to stop him. Bihe and Qiulin quarreled again. He ordered them to kneel in the dark room for one night.

The third concubine and the sixth concubine knelt in the dark room all night and caught the wind chill, and the wife ordered someone to show them. When the old lady received a letter, she ordered Mama Cui to prepare. When Gan Sheng went out, he received a letter asking him to meet him at the trees in the back mountain.

The two old ladies went to the teahouse to meet Ma Guoan, and Gan Sheng went to the woods and was put a gun to his head. Ma Guoan told the old lady that Xiufang would be assigned to Qian Feng, and said that as long as he has the support of Yue Zhan, Qian Feng must be the head of the house. Xi Laoqi hugs Qian Sheng, and Qian Sheng asks him why he wants so many panax notogins. Knowing that Brother Qi is now robbing the rich and helping the poor, Qian Sheng couldn’t help being very surprised, and promised that he would get those Sanqi.

Caiwei was worried that Gan Sheng would give the seventh brother Sanqi privately, which would cause trouble. Gan Sheng said that she would handle the matter privately, including the mother and the eldest brother, who would not tell them. If something happens in the future, she will bear it alone. Bihe’s injury has not improved, Caiwei went to visit her. After Caiwei tasted the medicine, she found that the medicine tasted wrong. Doctor Ma found another medicine in the medicine dregs, which made her sick more and more serious.

Bihe complained that Qiulin retaliated against him, and Qian Sheng guessed that the person who prescribed the medicine still had the medicine, so he ordered Degui to search the houses and hospitals. Degui found the medicine in Qiulan Academy. Qiulin was very surprised and explained to everyone that this was not done by herself. Bihe asked the second master to be fair, Qiulin beat Bihe and said that she must have designed to frame herself. The second master accused Qiulin of killing someone for a piece of clothing, so she ordered her to be restrained.

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