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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 29 Recap

Cai Wei said that Thrush knew the consequences and chose to save herself. Thrush said that no matter what, he didn’t want to hurt his wife. Mei Xiang asked Caiwei. She was deliberately approaching Bihe, forcing his wife to take action and drawing Thrush to attack. Her move was too dangerous, but Thrush flinched. Caiwei said that she could only take a gamble. Mei Xiang suggested that she forced the thrush to confess Ma Fufang, saying that she was taking a decoction for avoiding children. Caiwei is afraid that her wife will settle accounts with Thrush sooner or later. Mei Xiang asks her if Thrush is so important? Is Thrush comparable to her hatred? And Thrush is the same person as Bihe. Cai Wei said that Thrush is different from Bihe. Mei Xiang yelled that she couldn’t wait, and then she sadly talked about how much Ma Fufang killed her son to her, so she couldn’t lose this opportunity to make Ma Fufang die even worse. Caiwei cried and said that the hatred in her heart was no less than her…

Ma Guoan deliberately talked in front of Qian Feng that he regarded Baijia Pharmaceutical Factory as his own business, but some people did not regard himself as his own. Gan Feng didn’t understand what he was talking about. Ma Guoan talked about his son-in-law stabbing himself in the back. Gan Sheng walked over to tell his eldest brother to leave it alone, and then let Boss Ma go back. Before leaving, Ma Guoan said that he not only didn’t see his father-in-law, but also his big brother. Qian Feng accused Qian Sheng of concealing that matter to himself. Gan Sheng said that the less people knew about that matter, the better, and Qian Feng accused him of not taking himself seriously. Mei Xiang told Cai Wei that no matter what decision she made, she would have no opinion. She made this decision not for Thrush, but for her. Then she asked Cai Wei what way to deal with Ma Fufang? She still won’t let Thrush go. Caiwei said that she would make her wish.

Caiwei insisted on drinking the medicine, just to keep Thrush from suffering. Caiwei has a high fever, and Gan Sheng has been sitting there holding her. Ma Fufang asked Jinglan how is Caiwei’s illness? Jing Lan said that she had been bedridden, and the second master kept guarding. Ma Fufang said that the worse Caiwei became ill, the more he would hate Bihe. Caiwei reported to her wife that she didn’t want to draw her eyebrows, because she was always frivolous in doing things, and she didn’t like it. Ma Fufang asked Thrush, why did Caiwei suddenly drive her away? Thrush knelt down and said Aunt Wu misunderstood herself too much. Caiwei tells both Mother Zhang and Cuiping that if they want their wife to completely let go of the thrush, they need to give their wife a stronger reason. Mother Zhang said that there was Bihe’s example first, and it was not difficult at all to convince his wife that Thrush had the intention to seduce the second master.

Ma Fufang said that Thrush will not stay again and cannot let her become the second Bihe. Jing Lan proposed to marry her to Mother Liu’s stupid son, but Ma Fufang said no, and then ordered Jing Lan to find the family of Thrush, let them take her away, and did not need to pay the ransom money. Thrush knelt down to Aunt Wu and thanked her because he could go home to reunite with his family. Caiwei gave her some dowry money and asked her to take the money to start a small business and live a good life. Doctor Ma told his wife that the fifth wife’s illness was beyond her reach. Qiulin said proudly that God wanted to take this evil star. Bihe said that this must be the trick. His wife ordered Jinglan to search the hospitals. Tell Caiwei, I will give her an explanation today.

Jinglan found Caiwei’s birthday character in Qiulanyuan. Bihe Meixiang and Caiwei both accused Qiulin. Qiulin asked his wife to believe in herself and said that they were on the same boat… Ma Fufang knocked her to the ground. The second master came over, Ma Fufang said that Qiulin used the technique of poison cup, Qian Sheng accused Ma Fufang and then slapped Qiulin. Cuiping complained that Erye only slapped Qiulin. Caiwei said that she had forgotten who he was. Maybe he didn’t love Qiulin, but after all, she still had a responsibility for Qiulin. Ma Fufang wondered, who was doing the trick? Jing Dou wondered if it was Mrs. Liu? Ma Fufang said that instead of eliminating Bihe this time, he lost the chess piece Thrush. Caiwei told Mei Xiang that although there was a gap between his wife and Qiulin this time, it was still far away from Qiulin’s journey to fully join them, and Qiulin was the only breakthrough to bring down his wife.

Ma Guoan did not agree to replace Jiang Qin, the transportation captain. Gan Sheng said that he is the master here. If he is not satisfied, he can consider his previous proposal: he is willing to buy all the shares in his hand. Ma Guoan said that there is none. . Ma Fufang went back to her family’s home to discuss her mother’s birthday, Ma Guoan pushed her away when she came home, and accused her of being in the Bai’s house for five years and had nowhere to go. She would not be like this. She couldn’t even hold her husband’s heart. Tell Ma Fufang that he was almost killed by him. The mother told Ma Fufang that Gan Sheng almost harmed her father because of Plucking’s father.

Ma Fufang drank boring wine there, Gan Sheng stopped in the past, Ma Fufang accused Gan Sheng of doing those things to his father? Gan Sheng said that Ma Guoan was doing something to destroy the Bai family. How many people were dispersing their wives for opium. Ma Guoan not only rejected his proposal, but also killed Huang Guanshi. Ma Fufang scolded Gan Sheng that he was not a person, even if he couldn’t have children, he couldn’t treat himself like this. When did Gan Sheng say that she disliked her for not having children? Ma Fufang accused Huang Guanshi that he was just a subordinate, how could he compare with his dad? Gan Sheng accused her and said that this matter should not involve Cai Wei. Ma Fufang asked her, do you think the Ma family is so easy to deal with?

Chunli let the master Ma Guoan calm down, and Ma Guoan angrily said that Fufang had not given birth to any of the five Bai family. Chunli talked about the encounter between Xiufang and Uncle Bai some time ago, and reminded him that the Bai family is not the second master alone.

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