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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 28 Recap

Caiwei took Gan Sheng’s arm to greet Qian Feng, and then made an excuse to leave. Gan Sheng told the elder brother that they decided to forget the past and start over. Zhuzi complained that the head of the Bai family was clearly the uncle. If the uncle needs to regain this position by himself, he is willing to do anything for her. Gan Feng confessed to the pillar that he would not say such things again. Because Qiulin took some of Bi He’s monthly money, Bi He was very angry. Mother Zhang secretly gave Caiwei the medicine, and she reminded Caiwei that drinking too much of this contraceptive soup is not good for her health, not to mention having children is a blessing. Caiwei said that she really didn’t want to give birth to the second master, because the second master didn’t believe in herself at all.

Gan Sheng hugged Caiwei and said that even if she can’t have children, it doesn’t matter, as long as she is by her side, if she really likes children, they can adopt one from outside. Mother Zhang told Caiwei that Aunt Six was arguing with Third Aunt, and she happened to be bumped into by his wife. Caiwei sighed, it’s really easy for the lady in charge to embarrass someone. Ma Fufang said that Bihe was like a lump of mud in her hand. Jing Lan was worried about the letter in her hand. Ma Fufang said that Bihe cherished her life very much. She would not take that step as a last resort. Explain to Jinglan, find someone to stare at Lichun, see who she contacts, and find the letter.

Ma Fufang couldn’t sleep and asked Jing Lan to stay and chat. Jing Lan said that she didn’t know where she was from. After that, she talked about her life experience over the years. It was Madam Ma who saved herself, redeemed herself, and brought herself back to Ma’s house. Lichun helped Liu Yitai to apply the medicine. She felt that this matter must have been joined by his wife and third aunt. What can be done in the days to come? Bihe said that she was not as good as some people, so she had to fight for what she wanted.

Gan Sheng told Caiwei that he knew that Jiang Qin had a problem, but he still pretended not to know that he was deliberately placed in the transport team in order to paralyze Ma Guoan, so that he could continue to sell opium and give them the opportunity to rope him. To the law. Caiwei said that only by letting him know that Dashan is dead can he save Dashan’s life. It turns out that Cai Wei and Gan Sheng made Da Shan pretend to be dead and escape Ma Guoan’s men in black. Gan Sheng said that Zhao Ming sent someone to pretend to be a buyer to order a large amount of opium. The only condition was that he had to be present in person every time he traded, and then he reported it to the government. Only in this way could he get others dirty. He shook Caiwei’s hand and promised that it would not take long to get justice for his father.

While Ma Guoan was trading opium, Qian Sheng whistled and asked the police to surround them, but Ma Guoan said they were trading Sanqi. Gan Sheng wondered, how could it be Sanqi? Plucking wondered, why Ma Guoan secretly traded 37? Gan Sheng was angry. If no evidence was found, the police would not arrest Ma Guoan. Caiwei guessed that it must have leaked the news. Ma Guoan told Ning Hai that he was prepared to fight, and Gan Sheng wanted to fight himself a little bit more tenderly, because he had not figured out his friendship with the officials, and then he ordered Ning Hai to prepare generous gifts. I am going to meet the deputy director. Gan Sheng guessed that Ma Guoan was in collusion with the officials. Caiwei said that Gan Sheng could not be blamed for this matter. He had done his best. Gan Sheng said that Ma Guoan had taken precautions against him, and it would be even more difficult to catch him next. Caiwei reminded him to be more careful in the future.

Caiwei guessed that there was a gangster among them. At this time, Bihe came. She said that she was now a thorn in his wife. Only Wu Yitai treated her best. Caiwei asked her to inform the kitchen to add some dishes and let Bihe stay. Eat down. When the kitchen learned that Aunt Wu was staying with Aunt Liu for dinner, she couldn’t help saying that she could no longer send leftovers to Biboyuan. Jing Lan heard this report to his wife that she was worried that the sixth consort and the fifth consort would join forces. What if the sixth concubine gave birth to a child and promised to the fifth concubine? After hearing this, my wife thought of a way.

The wife ordered Thrush to administer medicine to Plucking’s meal. When Mama Zhang gave Caiwei a tonic, Thrush walked over, and Mama Zhang talked about the goodness of Tsaiwei to Thrush. The wife told Jinglan of her plan. When Caiwei was about to drink the tonic, Thrush rushed forward, knocked the bowl over and knelt down. Caiwei calmly asked her to say everything. It turned out that Caiwei knew all this. Thrush knelt down to apologize to Wumu too much, and said that he had never thought of hurting her, so he knocked the soup bowl in her hand. Caiwei understood that it turned out that Ms. Zhang’s turning over was deliberately told to Shumei, and Shumei cried and talked about her own difficulties.

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