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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 27 Recap

Ma Fufang woke up at night, but Jing Lan was nowhere to be seen. Ma Fufang took Jinglan to Guixiangyuan and saw the words on the wall: “My wife hurt me, Huan’er is innocent, so she ordered a search.” Jing Lan found Cuiping’s bracelet on the ground, Ma Fufang ordered someone to inform the second master, Jing Lan said that the second master was in the Qiangweiyuan. Ma Fufang told the second master that he had found someone pretending to be a ghost, Qiulin and the others rushed over.

Ma Fufang said that they would know what happened soon. Gan Sheng asked who was the person who pretended to be a ghost? Ma Fufang accused this person of plucking Wei, and several people from Cai Wei strongly argued. Qian Sheng also believed that Cai Wei would not do this. Ma Fufang took out the bracelet of Cuiping. Cuiping said that the bracelet was lost a few days ago, and Mei Xiang also felt that someone might want to use the bracelet to blame Cuiping. Ma Fufang ordered a search here and reminded Erye not to forget what he had said.

After Jinglan searched and found nothing, Ma Fufang ordered to search other hospitals. The mother-in-law had checked the shoes of each aunt and found nothing. Jing Lan found some evidence from Biboyuan. Bihe didn’t understand what was going on. Ma Fufang mentioned that she ordered Jinglan to sprinkle a thin layer of dye powder in Guiqin’s room, and as long as someone enters the shoes, it will get yellow dye powder. Bi He knelt down and said, this must be someone who framed him, and they are a… The wife ordered her to shut up, and ordered them to put Bi He and his servants in the wood house.

Mei Xiang thought there, Gui Qin’s death, Cai Wei’s small fortune… Then, Gui Qin’s death would not be so simple. Caiwei sat there in a daze, and Gan Sheng came over and asked her why she was in a daze? Caiwei remembered what had happened before: Caiwei entered Guixiang Garden with a lamp and found the yellow dye on the ground. Chunxiao crawled out of the cave, and Caiwei grabbed her in time and said what exactly she did. She knew that Meixiang had instructed her to do all this. If she didn’t know much, she would be killed. Gan Sheng held Caiwei and asked if she had scared her just now. Caiwei said that she was really frightened. Fortunately, his wife found out the truth, and Gan Sheng kissed her and said that she knew it was not her.

Bihe begged his wife for mercy, Ma Fufang stepped forward and slapped her, accusing her of doing so to get rid of herself and Cai Wei in one fell swoop, saying that she was very scheming and vicious. Bihe yelled to see Erye, Ma Fufang slapped her again and said that she would not let her see Erye nonsense.

Mei Xiang expressed her gratitude to Cai Wei. If it was herself who was locked in the wood house yesterday, she asked Cai Wei how did she know that she was behind the ghost strike? Speaking of Caiwei, she and her were the only ones who knew the wall of Guixiangyuan, and Bihe didn’t know it. Caiwei took out the handkerchief of Bihe, and said that this handkerchief alone cannot be used to marry Zhu Bihe. It turned out that Chunxiao was ordered to throw a handkerchief to the scene, but Cai Wei stopped it and replaced it with Cuiping’s bracelet. In this way, his wife would think that Bihe wanted to blame herself. Caiwei asked Mei Xiang, when did she know that Bihe was his wife?

Ma Fufang told Erye that Bihe was innocent, and Erye said that the affairs of Guixiangyuan should be investigated slowly. Mei Xiang proposed to join forces with Cai Wei. Cai Wei understood that she was the one who blamed Qinglian for the snake placement in the dark room. At the same time, she asked Mei Xiang why she hated Ma Fufang so much? Mei Xiang said that Ma Fufang killed her son. Cuiping reported to Aunt Wu, who let Bihe out.

Mei Xiang guessed, wondering what agreement Bihe and his wife reached? It seems that the path of using Bihe to bring down his wife is unworkable, and Caiwei said that if this path is unworkable, he would take another path.

Ma Fufang threw the cup angrily. She remembered Bihe’s threat to herself: It turned out that Bihe said that she wrote a letter and handed it to a reliable person. As long as something happens to her, the letter will be handed over to the second master. , And that letter contains all her evidence of crime.

Qian Feng ran into a young lady on the way home. The young lady wanted to lose her temper, but she was stunned when she saw Qian Feng. Gan Feng returned home and the old lady liked it very much, and took him to dinner, leaving Gan Sheng there. Gan Feng said that his mother shouldn’t treat Gan Sheng like that, and mother said that blood is thicker than water after all, and then instilled in him the idea of ​​being in power.

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