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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 26 Recap

Mei Xiang blamed herself because she was too careless. She thought that she would bring down Ma Fufang. He didn’t expect this to be a trap, and now she also lost her stewardship. The old lady didn’t trust her, and she was defeated. Bihe told his wife that Caiwei had not found Forsythia yet, and Ma Fufang said that it was a matter of time for her to find Forsythia, and she would have to die by then. Bihe was so frightened, his wife assured her that she was her own. Seeing that his wife gave the bracelet to Bihe, Qiulin was very angry.

Feng’s mother gave Caiwei summer clothes. Cuiping said that these beautiful clothes could only be pressed at the bottom of the box, and Caiwei ordered her to take the clothes. Cuiping said that Feng’s mother was like a pug, Caiwei said that this was originally the rule in the house. Mother Zhang said that the sweet soup from the Department of Understanding was brought in the kitchen, and Cai Wei sighed, it was really different to please the second master. Caiwei dressed up and waited for her second master. Qian Sheng stepped forward to pick her up and unbutton her. When he kissed Caiwei, he suddenly remembered the scene of Caiwei sleeping with Qian Feng. Stopped. Caiwei turned her head, and Gan Sheng pulled her over and continued kissing. At this time Caiwei shed tears.

At night, my mother found that the door of Guixiangyuan was open, and she walked over and found that there was still a light on. When they saw the female ghost, they couldn’t help running away in fright. Jing Lan reported to his wife that the two women reported that they saw Guiqin. Ma Fufang went to Guixiang Garden when he heard this. Jing Lan screamed in fright. Ma Fufang said it was just a wild cat. Ma Fufang and two of them entered the room, and Jing Lan yelled again. It turned out that the words “Mrs. Hurt Me” were written in blood on the wall. Jing Lan said that the fourth wife must have come back to look for them. Ma Fufang slapped her angrily and accused her of not talking nonsense.

Ma Fufang yelled angrily, let her come out if there was a kind, but there was no sign of the ghost. She guessed that someone was behind the scenes, and this person knew the cause of Guiqin’s death, but there was no evidence, and doing so was to make the matter arouse the attention of the second master, so she must suppress the matter and wait for the enemy When you do the next step, come and hold back. Doctor Ma helped the old lady’s pulse, Qiulin talked about the haunting of Guixiangyuan, Bihe also said that she had heard the news, Caiwei said that she had not heard it. Gan Sheng asked everyone to stop talking nonsense.

Gan Sheng asked the mother to say what she has, don’t hold it back in your heart, it will hurt your body. The old lady said that he is now in charge of the house and said nothing. Gan Sheng talked about the kindness of his mother to him, and said that no matter what the mother did with the elder brother, he would never have the slightest resentment, but this time he arranged for the eldest brother to go out from the overall situation. The mother must take medicine when she is sick. How sad would she be if the eldest brother came back and saw her unwell? After listening to Qian Sheng’s words, the old lady drank the medicine.

Caiwei suspects that her miscarriage is related to the fourth wife, so she must find out the matter. Jing Lan reported to his wife that Cuiping went out when he was haunted last night. After analysis, his wife guessed that Cuiping and Bihe were the most suspicious, and Jing Lan said that Wu Yi was the most suspicious. Ma Fufang asked Jinglan, are you ready tonight? Jing Lan reassured his wife and said that tonight would be a good show. Ma Fufang said that tonight would be Zhong Kui catching ghosts. At night, the female ghost appeared again. Jing Lan led people to rush over. He ordered his men to search the house quickly, but when they got inside, they all ran out in fright.

Ma Fufang said how is it possible, Jing Lan said that someone has been guarding the front and back of the yard, and that person seems to have gone in out of thin air and disappeared out of thin air. Is there really a ghost? Ma Fufang said that they must be useless to catch people. The servant informed that the second master invited his wife to Guixiang Garden. Jing Lan was so frightened that nothing happened when his wife asked her to do anything.

The second master asked Ma Fufang, why would he send someone to stay here tonight? Ma Fufang said that someone must be pretending to be a ghost behind his back, and he wanted to catch the haunted person with his own hands. Even if Gui Qin stood in front of him, he was fearless. Gan Sheng said that he hated the person who pretended to be fools the most in his life. If he was asked to find out who he was, he would be punished severely. Ma Fufang asked him whoever it is? Qian Sheng confirmed. At night, Caiwei and Cuiping sneaked into Guixiang Garden from the hole in the wall. Ma Fufang asked how Mei Xiang’s body recovered? After that, she said that the house has been quieter in the past two days, and if she lets herself know who is haunting her, she will be frightened.

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