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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 9 Recap

Attacking Lao Qi is going to be detrimental to Cai Wei. Qian Sheng angrily rushed forward and pointed the broken wine bottle at his neck. Xi Lao Qi ordered Cai Wei to be killed. Gan Sheng proposed to follow Lao Qi to single out, and his subordinates shouted. Killing him, the two of Qian Sheng fought, but he was not the opponent of attacking Lao Qi at all. He was attacked and fell to the ground several times. When the attacker was proud of Lao Qi, Qian Sheng angrily rushed forward and knocked him to the ground. His subordinates pulled Qian Sheng up and beat him to the ground, and attacked Lao Qi to stop him, saying that Gan Sheng had won and let them go. The tied Caiwei rushed forward and leaned on Gan Sheng’s shoulder and started crying. Gan Sheng woke up, Cai Wei told him that they were still bandits, and Xi Lao Qi saw that he was hurt too badly, so he arranged a room for him.

Caiwei worried about Bihe, and Cuiping guessed that she might have gone back. Gan Sheng went to see Xi Lao Qi on crutches, and gave him the bottle of Sanqi powder. Xi Lao Qi and two people sat there drinking, Gan Sheng apologized for offending him before, and Xi Lao Qi blamed himself and said I am really not a good guy, and his brothers really have no other way to do this. Qiulin ran to question Ma Fufang, why her monthly bill was reduced by half and her small kitchen was withdrawn? Ma Fufang said that she had fallen out of favor, so it meant that everything was gone. Qiulin accused her of talking nonsense and was slapped by Ma Fufang and warned her that this was just the beginning. Qiulin accused her of being proud, because he had never liked her. Ma Fufang said that her status had never changed, and that was enough.

Gan Sheng told Xi Lao Qi that if he wanted to change his career, his horse team would welcome him anytime. Xi Lao Qi said he would definitely let him go, but not now. Gan Sheng wondered if someone asked him to do this? Bihe reports to Ma Fufang that plucking is more fierce than good. Gan Sheng asked Brother Seven, is that person Ma Guoan? Xi Lao Qi said that he really didn’t know who that person was, only that he had a mole on his face. Qian Sheng guessed that the person was Ning Hai. After that, he gave Qi brother double the price and let him let him go, but Xi Old Qi said that he was not a villain, and Gan Sheng asked him, if his motives are harmful to everyone, would Brother Qi persist in the end?

Caiwei asked Gan Sheng, how did Xi Laoqi agree to let them go? Gan Sheng explained the reason and agreed with Xi Lao Qi that he had escaped from the caravan. Gan Sheng and Caiwei watched the waterfall, and then they kissed. When Gan Sheng returned home, everyone was surprised to learn that he was kidnapped by bandits. Qiulin hugged her second master and said that her wife often embarrassed herself, Ma Fufang came over and asked her to speak clearly, and then she showed evidence. Qiulin accused her wife of beating herself, Gan Sheng scolded her, and warned her, let her do what she said in the future. Before leaving, Qian Sheng warned Ma Fufang not to behave like others.

Ning Hai suggested to Ma Guoan that they could use the Bai family to take another path of making money. Ma Fufang meticulously prepared some meals. Gan Sheng said that he had no appetite in the past. Ma Fufang was very angry because Erye was here with him. When did he smile like Caiwei. Gan Sheng went to Caiwei’s place and learned that the second master hadn’t had dinner, so he personally went to cook him a bowl of light noodles. Gan Sheng shook her hand and said that he had liked her since he was seven, but he didn’t expect to be together now. After the meal, Caiwei urged Gan Sheng to go to the relaxing yard, before leaving, Gan Sheng kissed him.

Caiwei told Cui Ping that it was time to put down, put down everything about He Qianfeng, and start He Qian Sheng. Gan Sheng confessed to Huang Guan, no matter what Ma Guoan did in the pharmaceutical factory, he must pay more attention, and he must tell himself anything suspicious. Ma Guoan guessed that Qian Sheng had no doubts about the kidnapping, so he decided to proceed with the next plan. The two maids were there discussing whether Ma Fufang had fallen out of favor, and was just overheard by his wife, so she ordered Jinglan to slap each of them fifty.

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