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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 8 Recap

Caiwei talked to Qian Sheng, because Panax notoginseng is too expensive for the people to use, so can you mix Panax notoginseng with other drugs to develop a wound medicine that everyone can use. Gan Sheng said that she had this The idea is very good, so I will definitely support her. The guy said that the old Hayizhai is very repulsive to the Han people, so it is difficult for them to get close. Caiwei and others mixed in dressed up as Miao people.

Gan Sheng found that it was dangerous inside, so he held Caiwei’s hand tightly. The Miao people found out that they were Gan Sheng, and Gan Sheng admitted that they were Han. The Miao people angrily accused them and drove them out. At this time, the old Zhai came to see what was going on. Gan Sheng stepped forward to greet Lao Zhai, who ordered someone to drive them out. At this time, a group of bandits broke in and Lao Zhai mistakenly thought they were in the same group.

Master Ma stood on a high place and watched the fierce battle from a distance. He proudly said that Bai Gansheng would never want to go to the old village’s secret recipe in the future, because the village owner thought he was in the same group as the bandits. Gan Sheng ordered Li Nan to take Caiwei away. After that, he stepped forward to stop the bandit leader, but he was not his opponent. The bandit tied Lao Zhai to a stake. At this time, Gan Sheng pushed the car and knocked the bandit off the horse, and then took a gun at the bandit leader. The bandit in secret was about to shoot at Gan Sheng, Caiwei stunned him with a stick behind him. Gan Sheng shot and wounded the bandits in the leg, and then ordered them to withdraw from the village. Seeing the bandits leave, the Miao people couldn’t help cheering.

At the Miao bonfire party, the village owner Jing Gansheng drank and thanked him for saving his life during the day, and then he announced that from today onwards, Bai Erye is the best friend of the Miao village. Gan Sheng asked the old Zhai, how did they discover their identity during the day? Speaking of the Miao people, the people in the cottage never pat the ashes on the target.

Gan Sheng used a gun to make a deal with the village owner. The village owner said that the secret recipe for preventing pests belongs to his wife, so he must get her approval. The people of the Miao nationality invited Gan Sheng to dance with them. Caiwei learned from the Miao girl that the girl wearing the veil was the granddaughter of the village owner. Because she had acne on her face, she covered her face with a veil.

The wife of the village owner did not agree to hand over the secret recipe. Gan Sheng wanted to go to the old wife of the village. Plucking stopped her and offered to go. Caiwei took Panax notoginseng to Wulin to treat her acne. Wulin told her grandma that if she could cure her acne, she would give her the secret recipe. The Miao people drove Gansheng out, because Wu Lin’s face was worse than before. Wu Lin kept crying for two days, and her mother accidentally found that all the acne on her face had disappeared.

The wife of the village owner went to apologize to Gan Sheng and others, and then invited them to the village as guests. Caiwei is willing to dedicate all the therapeutic and beauty prescriptions, and the wife of the village owner is willing to hand in the secret prescription for pest control. The wife of the village owner taught them how to control pests. Bihe couldn’t help feeling jealous when he saw the affection between Qian Sheng and Caiwei. Because the bandits failed to prevent Gan Sheng from getting the secret recipe, Master Ma was very angry, and his men told Master Ma that there was still a chance for this matter.

The bandits stopped Gan Sheng and their car on the way, and Gan Sheng asked Cai Wei to leave quickly, and then he asked the two men to return to the Bai’s house to rescue the soldiers. Master Ma told his subordinates to let Xi Lao Qi detain Qian Sheng for a month or two. Even if he had a secret recipe, it would be of no avail. The subordinates questioned Master Ma, why didn’t they say that the machine killed the second master? Master Ma said that when Qian Sheng died, all the properties of the Bai family belonged to the Bai family’s clan, so Qian Sheng must not die before the Bai family fell.

Gan Sheng’s buddies sold Gan Sheng, and he shot and killed the buddies who had gone back to move the soldiers. Bi He pretends to have a sprained foot. In order to ward off the bandits, Caiwei and Cuiping are surrounded by bandits. Xi Lao Qiming Caiwei called out Qian Sheng loudly. In order to protect Cai Wei, Qian Sheng had to stand up. Ma Fufang received the letter and learned that the second master was kidnapped. She said that there would be nothing wrong with the second master, but Caiwei couldn’t tell.

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