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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 7 Recap

Mrs. Ma told Fufang that Qing Lian could not be saved. Ma Fufang asked her mother to save Qing Lian’s life because she and herself grew up together. Her mother said that Qing Lian knew too much about her. Can she keep it this time? For yourself, it depends on luck. Cui’s mother reported to the old lady that Mrs. Ma and Qinglian had only spoken a few words, and there was no problem. Speaking of the old lady, the Ma family’s business is now getting bigger and bigger, and Fu Fang is doing whatever he wants in the Bai family. If you can pry Qing Lian’s mouth open, then you can grab some Fu Fang’s handle and suppress the Ma family’s arrogance. . If Gan Sheng joins forces with Ma’s family, it will be difficult for her in the future. Mother Cui said that the old lady thinks too much, and the old lady said it would be great if Qian Feng were there.

Mrs. Ma asked her daughter, is there any movement in her stomach? Fu Fang shook his head, and Mrs. Matthew said they had to think of something else. Guiqin and Meixiang went to visit Caiwei, and accidentally told about the poisoning of the second master and fainted. Caiwei was anxious to see Gan Sheng. Caiwei went to see Erye, and overheard that Erye was destroying Sanqi. Degui refused to let Caiwei go to the drug factory because she was too weak. Caiwei asked Gan Sheng, why did she treat herself so well? In the Bai’s courtyard, Qinglian was dead. Mei Xiang said that after hearing that Qinglian was tortured to death by the old lady, she reminded Caiwei to be more careful in the future.

Ma Fufang asked Mei Xiang, was she there the night Qinglian had an accident? Mei Xiang said that she went to visit Cai Wei, but unfortunately she didn’t see the person who released the snake. Mei Xiang took Dong’er’s clothes and said to herself that she had tried her best and could not avenge him. At this moment Mei Xiang remembered that Ma Fufang had instructed Qinglian to kill Dong’er. She took Dong’er’s belly and said that she had found someone who could deal with Ma Fufang, so she must avenge him. A car rushed across the street. Several people were injured for this. Caiwei took out the panax notoginseng powder to give the patient medicine. The injured said that the panax notoginseng powder was too expensive and she could not afford it. I think it would be great if there were cheap and easy-to-use wound medicines.

The next person reported to Er Ye that there was another pest in Yunnan Medicine Garden. Er Ye told Caiwei that the pest infestation this year was a bit strange, and the people underneath took a lot of orders. If they can’t deliver them in time, the loss will be great. Caiwei suggested to go with Gan Sheng to find the old Miao nationality, trying to buy some medicine for curing insects. The old lady deliberately talked about the second master taking Cai Wei on a business trip in front of Fu Fang, which made Fu Fang even more resentful towards Cai Wei.

Mrs. Ma, about Fufang, came out to tell her that her father deliberately sabotaged Qiansheng to buy the secret recipe. It turned out that Mrs. Ma overheard Mr. Ma’s words and learned that he first ordered people to place a large number of orders for Sanqi, and then ordered people to plant insects in the garden with the purpose of forcing Gan Sheng to cooperate with him. How could Fufang be accused of daddy when he learns this to deal with Erye? Mother reminded her that Gan Sheng took Cai Wei out and she could fish in troubled waters. Caiwei went back to see her father and made him two-color noodles. Her father reminded her to go out with Erye this time, she must not be the master without permission. After listening to Erye’s arrangement, her father gave her a piece of clothing brought back from the provincial city. .

Because Qinglian’s affairs made Er Ye suspicious of Ma Fufang, Ma Fufang knelt down and swore to the sky, Qian Sheng helped her up, and said that he did not want similar things to happen again. Cai Wei said that there were many doubts about this matter, not necessarily his wife’s actions. Gan Sheng questioned Cai Wei, she almost died, and rarely even spoke for the second wife. Cai Wei said that sometimes the truth is the beginning of another storm. So let it stop here.

Gan Sheng and the others went to live in a farmer’s house, but there was only one bed inside. Cai Wei couldn’t help feeling nervous. Seeing Cai Wei’s expression, Gan Sheng put the two benches together to sleep. Cai Wei worried that it would not be uncomfortable for him to sleep like that? He asked him wickedly, would she go to bed with her? Caiwei shyly gave the quilt to Gan Sheng. At night, Gan Sheng fell off the stool, and Cai Wei asked him to sleep with him.

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