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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 6 Recap

The old lady asked for punishment for Caiwei from this evening. Caiwei knelt in the dark room and shivered with cold. Qian Sheng went to deliver the cloak. The servant stopped him. Qian Sheng berated her and said if the old lady blamed her. , The guilt is borne by oneself. The old lady said to Cui’s mother that she had a good birthday banquet and made Cai Wei out of the limelight. She really made herself angry. At the same time, she ordered that the kitchen should not be allowed to make double-color noodles. Mom Cui couldn’t understand why his wife let Qiulin go? The old lady said, what good would Qiulin do for herself if she fell out of favor? The only good thing is Ma Fufang, why do you want to perfect her?

Ma Fufang rewarded Bihe and said that everyone thought Qiulin did it. Ma Fufang praised Meixiang and Guiqin for doing a good job at the birthday banquet, so they rewarded them for their three months of menstruation, but Qiulin’s merits and demerits were equal. At the same time, she said that she would give her several maids for her to choose. So I won’t bother her. The next person came to report, accidentally infected with the cold and died. Ma Fufang deliberately talked about the second master giving Caiwei a cloak, which made Qiulin even more angry. Qiulin said to herself that it was because Plucking entered the door that her child was gone, so she would not let her go.

Boss Ma went to discuss business with Qian Sheng. Speaking of the most profitable poppies now, only the Bai family is responsible for planting. In terms of profit… Qian Sheng stopped his father-in-law from speaking any more and showed that the Bai family would not plant those harmful things. At the same time, he reminded his father-in-law that the government has intervened, so please be careful in the future. The man went to report to Erye that all the colors of the three or seven in warehouse 3 had changed, and Ma was in a hurry. Degui understood that Erye wanted to use Sanqi to force his wife to let go of plucking, but these Sanqi were worth a lot of silver… Gan Sheng said that even so, he had to do that. Sanqi was just a dead thing.

Gan Sheng ran to tell his mother that there was a problem with the panax notoginseng in the pharmaceutical factory, and Cai Wei had dealt with that kind of problem, so she asked her to let Cai Wei, and the old lady ordered him to go to the dark room to take Cai Wei away. Qiulin was about to go to the dark room to do some tricks. Mei Xiang had been following her secretly behind her. When she saw Qiu Lin put the snake in the dark room, she couldn’t help being shocked. Cai Wei was bitten by the snake and couldn’t help screaming. Qian Sheng rushed to the dark room to help Cai Wei who was fainted by poison take drugs, and then left with her in his arms. Meixiang secretly put the handkerchief on the ground when there was no one.

Doctor Ma helped pick Wei to diagnose and treat. At this time, Qian Sheng also had some symptoms of poisoning. Ma Fufang advised him to go back to rest quickly, but Qian Sheng said that there was more important things to do. Qian Sheng ordered the people to carefully check the inside and outside of the dark room. Qiulin asked the second master if she suspected them? At the same time, he took Erye’s arm to tell him not to listen to other people’s instigation. Erye said that he also hoped that this was just an accident.

The servant found out that Gan Sheng found a snake smell on the window sill, so he concluded that someone had deliberately put the snake into the dark room, and then he found a handkerchief on the ground. The servant said it seemed to belong to Girl Qinglian. Ma Fufang told the second master that Qinglian could not be convicted just because of a handkerchief. Qiulin said that it was not instigated by someone? Ma Fufang accused Qiulin of picking up Qinglian’s handkerchief and blaming her, and then letting the snake go. The two Qiulin quarreled. When Ma Fufang was about to fight Qiulin, Gan Sheng stopped. The old lady walked over and asked Erye to hand Qinglian to herself. She would definitely find out. Ma Fufang said that she was the wife in charge, so she should handle it by herself. The old lady asked her to leave it alone, and then ordered someone to take Qinglian away.

Caiwei was unconscious, Qian Sheng stepped forward to take care of her, and said that even if she would never forget her eldest brother, she would not have a hint of resentment. Gan Sheng hugged Caiwei, and Caiwei woke up and asked if he had been with him? Gan Sheng said that when she was a child, she had always held herself like this when she was sick. Qian Sheng fainted on the ground and Cui Ping stepped forward to check. Qian Sheng asked not to tell Aunt Wu about this. The old lady couldn’t help getting even more angry when she learned that Qian Sheng was taking drugs for Caiwei.

Qing Lian was tortured and she did not confess to her death or death. The old lady said that she would definitely find a way to tell her the truth. At this time, someone came to report and Mrs. Matthew came. Mrs. Ma asked the old lady that she wanted to see Qinglian, but the old lady agreed. Mrs. Matthew threatened Qinglian with Qinglian’s mother.

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