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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 5 Recap

Caiwei knelt in the rain and was about to faint, Gan Sheng insisted on holding Caiwei away despite Niang’s objection. At this time, Ma Fufang was gritted with anger. Qiulin complained there that Cai Wei is really a fox, and she didn’t know what she had done to the second master. Ma Fufang said that the second master was late for the purpose of plucking, which shows the status of Cai Wei in the mind of the second master. Mei Xiang took the bracelet the second master gave to herself and started crying. She said that she was also a woman, and that was not what she wanted.

The old lady told Ms. Cui that Plucking’s mother was just a maid at the time, but the master was very obsessed with her. If she was left behind to give birth to a boy and a girl, what would happen to him? Think about it. There are still lingering fears. Cui’s mother said how could Lian’er compare to her? Before his wife had made a little trick, the master misunderstood Lian’er and said that the machine would marry her to Huang Guanshi. The old lady said what happened when she won. Since then, the master has never entered her room again, and now she looks like Lianer’s plucking, dangling in front of her every day, as if she was reminding herself that she had lost. How miserable.

For the old lady to have her birthday, Ma Fufang ordered Meixiang to buy, Qiulin to arrange the house, Guiqin to arrange the dinner plates, and Caiwei to supervise the kitchen. Everyone would be rewarded for doing well. If anyone affected the old lady’s birthday banquet , Family law disposal. When Caiwei was supervising the kitchen, she found that Bihe was well-behaved and sensible, so she asked her to go to her in the future. The servant told Qiu Lin that evening was the time when the kitchen was the weakest, and Qiu Lin ordered her to follow her plan.

Mei Xiang reminded Plucking that the heart of defense is indispensable, the kitchen things seem to be trivial, but if something goes wrong, it will be big. The maid reported to Ma Fufang that there had been movement from the third wife. Cleverly prepared to put mice in the kitchen secretly, but was caught by the people under the plucking cloth. The maid reported this to his wife, and Ma Fufang said that the praying mantis was catching the cicada, and the oriole was behind. Qian Sheng hid in Cai Wei’s room and was almost beaten by Cai Wei as a thief. Qian Sheng gave Cai Wei a gift. When Cai Wei saw the fireflies, she was very excited and moved. At night, several old mothers who were on duty drank some wine and passed out, and then a maid secretly put mice in the kitchen.

When Caiwei was helping Qiansheng send clothes buttons, Cuiping’s report was not good. Caiwei went to the kitchen and saw a mess in the kitchen. The next person told her that there were still a few mice that had not been caught. Caiwei said that Qiulin must have done this because Qiaoxin had been caught on the spot. Qiaoxin was arrested, and she said that it was nothing to do with the third concubine, but she hated the third concubine’s child who died. Gan Sheng said that the most important thing right now is the birthday banquet of the old lady.

The guests have arrived one after another, but the Sanqi steam pot chicken has been destroyed by rats several times, and now it is too late to prepare, Ma Fufang asks Cai Wei to find a way. Mei Xiang and Gui Qin were both worried about this. Caiwei saw the longevity noodles and couldn’t help saying that she had a way. Gan Sheng gave Niang a car and suggested to take her for a ride. The subordinates prepared spinach juice and carrot juice for Caiwei. She warned everyone that they could not get rid of any problems in the kitchen, so from now on they must obey their orders. The old lady released her life, and Mei Xiang and his aunts hid there to take a peek, because they couldn’t show up on occasions like today.

Caiwei took the main dish and delivered it in person. The old lady was very dissatisfied when she saw it, but the guests praised this ingenious dish. After the birthday banquet, the old lady lost her temper and accused them of playing tricks on her own head. Qiulin pleaded with the old lady, saying that she was wronged by coincidence, and Ma Fufang asked the old lady to hand the matter to her for punishment.

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