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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 4 Recap

Cuiping wanted to tell her mother about the third concubine’s harm to Miss, Caiwei stopped, because she was afraid that her father would be worried about the matter, and the third concubine must have misunderstood herself, so it’s better not to cause trouble. Qiulin cried and told Qian Sheng that Caiwei was a wicked star. She killed her child on the first day. Qian Sheng was angry and wanted to leave. Qiulin stepped forward to hold him and said that the second master was A newcomer forgot the old one. Gan Sheng said that they were all his family members, and then he personally fed Qiu Lin to drink medicine, and warned Qiu Lin that if something similar happened again, she would definitely not forgive her.

Because Guiqin rescued Caiwei from her arm injury, the maid bandaged her. Meixiang and Caiwei came here and Caiwei thanked Guiqin. The second master came, and he advised Guiqin not to be so impulsive next time because they were there. It is equally important in my heart. Dezhong said that the second master had read all the aunts in the house today, and Gan Sheng said that he wanted to let them understand that even if Cai Wei married in, he would care about other people so that the family would be more peaceful. Caiwei offered tea to the old lady and the aunts in each room. The old lady warned her that she must get along with her sisters. If there is too much, she will not be merciless.

Gan Sheng confessed to Degui that he must find out the gangsters, the women who dared to hurt them, and let them know how bad they were. Ma Fufang handed Qiulin to Caiwei and Guiqin for disposal. Not only did Caiwei not pursue the matter, but also asked his wife not to pursue the matter again. Qiulin deliberately looked for faults to fix Guiqin, and Caiwei stepped forward to stop her. The two pulled Qiulin and lay down on the table. Seeing her wife came, Qiulin deliberately acted in front of her, letting her be the master. Ma Fufang poured two bowls of sesame seeds on the ground and asked Guiqin and Caiwei to pick them one by one into the bowl. Mei Xiang went to check on the matter, and when the two of them almost couldn’t hold it, she ordered the maid to go and inform the second master. Gan Sheng hurried home and took away the fainted Cai Wei.

Gan Sheng went to Ma Fufang, and Ma Fufang asked him if he wanted to punish his two sisters today? Gan Sheng said that it was not wrong for her to discipline them as the head wife, but is there any kindness in this? Both Caiwei and Caiwei have injuries, depending on their situation. Today, the punishment for them is a bit heavier. Ma Fufang asked the second master angrily, did they say a lot of bad things about themselves? Gan Sheng said that he didn’t come to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and sincerely wanted to discuss the matter with her. Qiu Lin ran over to ask Er Ye to be the master of herself. Er Ye lost her temper, hoping that she would understand the truth about accepting it when she sees it.

Caiwei wakes up and Gan Sheng wants to wipe her medicine. Cai Wei is very nervous. Gan Sheng smiles and asks her, do you think she wants to take advantage of her? Caiwei agreed to let him wipe the medicine for herself, and Gan Sheng apologized to Caiwei, marrying her and let her suffer such hardship. Cuiping complained that his wife did that deliberately. She asked her to pick up sesame seeds on the ground on a hot day. Caiwei told her not to talk nonsense. She also said that she was not married into the Bai family for happiness, but just to give everyone an explanation. It’s not easy to mess with, just don’t mess with it yourself. Gan Sheng and Mei Xiang ate together to thank her for the timely report today, and then gave her a bracelet.

Madam Ma told Boss Ma that the fourth child was fighting with the sixteenth, and the sixteenth had a miscarriage. Hearing this, Boss Ma grabbed the fourth child by the hair and beat her, and then accused Mrs. Ma that such a vicious woman should have been driven out of the house long ago. After Boss Ma left, Mrs. Ma ordered the fourth child to be driven out. Ma Fufang stood in the dark and watched all this. Her mother told her that she didn’t need to do some things herself. Ma Fufang said that the second master was not as ruthless as her father, and her mother reminded her , The Bai family also has an old lady who hates plucking. The servants caught the two gangsters, and Qian Sheng ordered them to be sent to the police station.

Because Cai Wei was designed by someone else and made a bowl of spicy noodles for the old lady, the old lady lost her temper and ordered Cai Wei to go outside and kneel. It was raining outside, and the old lady asked him to sit there and not move.

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