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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 3 Recap

The people found Erye Gansheng, who was holding the unconscious Plucking. Knowing that Gan Sheng was back, the old lady was very excited. The aunts came forward to care about the second master, and the old lady ordered her to send the second master to Qingsongyuan to rest. After Gan Sheng left, the old lady ordered Huang Caiwei to be thrown out. The doctor had diagnosed and told the old lady that the second master was fine, and the old lady ordered the housekeeper to double the doctor’s consultation fee. Gan Sheng asked Mother how about Plucking? Cuiping kept crying there, and said that she had let her run yesterday. Caiwei said that she would leave her alone instead? The two of them grew up together, so of course they have to share blessings and share difficulties. Cuiping complained that the old lady was really hateful. Dad came back to check his daughter’s injuries. Caiwei told Dad that she would be obedient and wouldn’t worry him again.

The old lady refused to let Gan Sheng accept Plucking Wei as a concubine. Gan Sheng said that she had broken Plucking’s fame. Does she want to see the reputation of the Bai family damaged? The old lady disagreed life and death. Gan Sheng knelt down to the mother and said that she must come in. If she didn’t agree, she could only kneel down and the old lady left angrily. Cuiping told Caiwei that many people outside were talking about her gossiping with the second master, and even the master had been made irresponsible remarks by outsiders.

Gan Sheng knelt for two days and two nights, Degui brought a bowl of noodles, but Gan Sheng asked him to take it away. Cui’s mother told the old lady that the second master had been kneeling for three days, and he would not be able to stand it any longer. The old lady went to Gan Sheng and agreed to accept him as a concubine. Gan Sheng thanked her mother with excitement and promised that she and Cai Wei would honor her well, and mother told Gan Sheng not to be bad in the future. By myself. Ma Fufang couldn’t help being very angry when she learned that the second master wanted to accept Caiwei as a concubine. Ma Fufang punished Meixiang to make shoes. Meixiang said that she was fortunate to beg the second master not to talk about the matter. She is just a little bitter now, but some people feel bitter.

The old lady warned Huang Guanshi to make Caiwei pay attention to her identity and never make trouble in Bai’s house, otherwise she would never be merciless. Caiwei learned that she wanted to marry Gan Sheng as a concubine, so she hurried to find her father. At this time, Huang Guanjia returned with the concubine paperwork given by the old lady. Cai Wei asked her father that she could not marry Gan Sheng, Huang The housekeeper fainted because of the irritation. Dad asked Cai Wei to agree to marry Gan Sheng, because the Bai family was kind to him, and Cai Wei kept crying at this time.

Caiwei confessed to Mother Zhang that she must take good care of her father after she left. Mother Zhang was very worried for Caiwei because the old lady didn’t like her, and there were so many people pressing her on her head. Caiwei said that she married the Bai family this time as an explanation for everyone. She didn’t fight with them, so she wouldn’t embarrass herself. Mother Zhang told her daughter Cuiping that after going to Bai’s house with Caiwei, she must take good care of her. Cuiping said that even if she fights her life, she will take good care of her. The old lady complained that this Huang Caiwei couldn’t get rid of it no matter what, Cui’s mother asked her to use Caiwei to contain his wife.

On the wedding night, Qian Sheng entered Cai Wei’s room, and Cai Wei stood up abruptly. Qiulin complained there, and there was another one. Ma Fufang was thinking in her heart that she must have underestimated Huang Caiwei, and then she ordered her servants to do something in order to let Huang Caiwei understand that everything was just beginning. Mei Xiang said to herself, I don’t know how many people have no intention of sleeping tonight. Gan Sheng took away the bedding, and Cai Wei asked him why? Gan Sheng said that she only wanted her to be happy, and would not force her to do anything, until she truly accepted herself, and she believed that she would eventually accept herself.

When the night maid was asleep, the “female ghost” entered the third aunt’s room. At this time, the third aunt was so frightened that she squatted on the ground and bumped her stomach, and soon she shed a lot of blood. The second wife went to check and accused Qiao Xin of how they served the third wife? Doctor Ma hurried over to help the third wife. The third aunt woke up and cried cleverly to tell her that the child was gone. Qiulin asked where is the second master? The next person said that the Rose Garden would not be notified, and that today is the happy day of the second master and Caiwei, and they should not be filthy. Qiulin said angrily that it was Huang Cai Weike who had died of her child, so she went crazy to find her to settle the account, and soon fainted on the bed.

Early the next morning, Gan Sheng cut his finger and dripped two drops of blood on the bed. Cai Wei said it was really embarrassing for him. Ma Fufang took his concubine to greet the old lady. The old lady asked Qiulin why she didn’t come. Ma Fufang talked about Qiulin’s miscarriage last night. The old lady was very wondering why this happened? Mei Xiang said that everything was destined, and the old lady guessed that Cai Wei was the nemesis of the Bai family. At this time, Gan Sheng brought Cai Wei to greet her. Qian Sheng was very surprised when he learned that Qiulin had a miscarriage. Ma Fufang talked about the fact that the Rose House prevented the subordinates from notifying her. The old lady became even more angry when she heard that, Mei Xiang stepped forward to speak for Cai Wei, and Gan Sheng stepped forward to take Wei Wei. plead. Qiu Lin came to greet her. She was going to give Cai Wei a big gift. When everyone saw Qiu Lin rushing towards Cai Wei with scissors, she was stunned.

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