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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 25 Recap

Gan Sheng sighed, Huang Guanshi died for the Bai family. Da Shan said that he blamed himself for being too cowardly. He was afraid that his family would be hidden from him, so he let Caiwei beat and scold himself. Caiwei said that even if he beats and scolds himself, Dad will not come back. If he really feels guilty, he must find out the murderer of Dad. Caiwei asked Gan Sheng what to do? Gan Sheng said that if Ma Guoan really did it, he must be brought to justice and he must be brought back to justice for her father. The maid reported to the wife that it was about the batch of chiffon this summer. Mei Xiang guessed that there must be some conspiracy, so she ordered Chunxiao to investigate one thing for herself.

Mei Xiang asked Bihe, how many summer clothes did she make this year? Bihe complained that he only made two. Chunxiao reported something to Meixiang, and Meixiang said excitedly that she must let Ma Fufang plant a big somersault in her hands to avenge Donger. Cuiping takes care of Dashan, but Dashan deliberately pretends to be sick and asks Cuiping to feed him. Da Shan kept staring at Cuiping, praising her for her good looks, and then shook her hand and said that he actually treated her… At this time Da Shan suddenly vomited blood, and Cuiping went outside to call someone in a hurry. The doctor said that he had an internal injury and might not be able to survive today. Caiwei cried and asked the doctor to save him.

Dashan’s body was taken out, and the bandits outside decided to retreat. The old lady was worried. The second master hadn’t come back after going out for so long. What kind of things made him so nervous? Meixiang questioned his wife about summer clothes in front of the old lady, and then took an account of the splendid silk and satin pile, which proved that this year’s chiffon was more than last year, but the aunt made fewer clothes, so she asked the wife, and the rest was thin Where did the silk go? Ma Fufang said angrily that her grand Ma family daughter would care about those things. Mei Xiang kept chattering, and Ma Fufang slapped her angrily. The old lady accused her of having no turn to use the family law here. After that, she asked Ma Fufang to hand over the accounts and make them clear in front of everyone. Mei Xiang asked Ma Fufang, if she was not guilty, why would she be afraid of auditing? At this time the old lady remembered the strategy between herself and Mei Xiang. Ma Fufang ordered Jinglan to call Feng’s mother to confront Mei Xiang.

Feng’s mother proved to the second concubine and third concubine and six concubines each of six summers. Meixiang accused her of opening her eyes and talking nonsense. Qiulin stood up and proved that there were six summers. Meixiang asked Bihe to say, How many clothes did the wife make? The old lady asked Bi He to tell the truth. Bi He said that he could not slander his wife at will, and at the same time proved that his wife did make six clothes for them. Ma Fufang asked the old lady whether she had to check the accounts? The old lady hurriedly wanted to leave, Ma Fufang stopped, and said that Meixiang’s slandering of herself could not be forgotten, so she decided to take back Meixiang’s stewardship and beat her with twenty big shots. Mei Xiang said that his wife is so clever, it’s a good one to invite you to join us.

Bihe was worried that Erye and Caiwei would really find out what happened to Forsythia, while Ma Fufang said that as long as she was loyal, she wouldn’t let her go wrong. The subordinates reported to Ma Guoan that they stabbed Li Dashan that night and saw him buried. Ma Guoan ordered Ning Hai to send them away through the back door. Ning Hai returned to his life. Ma Guoan said that everyone was dead and no one could prove that the transportation of opium was related to him.

Gan Sheng and the others returned to Bai’s house, and Ma Fufang took everyone to greet them. Mother Zhang asked Miss Li Dashan if she found it? Caiwei suspects that there is an inner ghost in the yard. The problem should be Zhou’s mother and Thrush. Zhang’s mother suspects that the inner ghost is Zhou’s mother. Caiwei called Zhou’s mother and asked what happened in the house recently? Mother Zhou talked about the punishment of the second wife. Caiwei met Bihe and Meixiang again. Meixiang reminded her that Bihe is a very cunning person, so don’t believe her. Caiwei asked Meixiang about Guiqin. Meixiang also felt that Guiqin felt weird during that time. At the same time, she asked Caiwei if she was suspicious of something. Cai Wei denied it and said that she just missed her a little.

Qian Sheng accused Ma Fufang of leaving. Gan Sheng told Caiwei that he had sent Zhao Ming to Ma Dashan’s house, and Caiwei said that every next step must be well planned. Cai Wei mentioned the matter of Mei Xiang’s sister. Gan Sheng said that if she rushed to take action now, she would involve the more important people. She favored either side, which was a kind of harm to both parties, and she had talked to Fufang. I believe she will converge during this time.

At the same time, Gan Sheng told Caiwei that Fufang had nothing to do with the pharmaceutical factory, so she must not be involved in her daddy’s fault. Caiwei thought in her heart that Ma Fufang was definitely not an innocent person. Bihe asked Caiwei about Forsythia, Caiwei deliberately said that she just had the same name and surname, and she didn’t know where she went after the ransom.

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