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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 24 Recap

Degui talked to Bi He, the fifth concubine had very important things and told Er Ye, Bi He guessed that it was forsythia? Qian Sheng takes picking Wei to go far, and Qian Sheng finds reasons to prevaricate everyone. Bihe asked Cuiping where his wife Wu was going? Cuiping deliberately said it was related to Forsythia. Cuiping noticed that the car had been cushioned. She told Madam Wu that Erye still cared about her. Cuiping didn’t understand, since Aunt Wu didn’t believe in Thrush, why did she want her to be by her side? Caiwei said that they were two different things. She just wanted to give her a chance, but that didn’t mean she could become her confidant.

Zhao Ming brought the doctor to join Qian Sheng and the others. Qian Sheng assured Cai Wei and said that no one would doubt their whereabouts. Caiwei said that she hoped to find Brother Dashan this time and find out the real cause of her father’s death. Gan Sheng assured her that she would not let her father die unclearly. They went to the mine, distributed food and medicine to the people, and kept asking about Li Dashan’s whereabouts. The maid suggested that Auntie Liu should discuss with his wife, but Bihe stopped and said that she had finally had the situation of confronting him today. At the same time, she said to herself that there will be nothing wrong with Forsythia. , Ma Fufang stood there and heard this.

Gan Sheng kept inquiring about Li Dashan’s whereabouts, but no one knew him. Gan Sheng chatted with the people, it was about to rain outside, and Gan Sheng ordered the people to carry the seriously injured mine friends under the shed. Caiwei talked about the situation in the mountain. A mine owner said that he had been buried underneath for four or five days, and he was probably dead. Caiwei heard that she wanted to go down in the rain to save the mountain, Gan Sheng stopped it, and said that after returning, she would find a way to find out the cause of her father’s death. Caiwei said that she saved her not because of her father’s death, but because it was a human life. Gan Sheng ordered Cuiping to take Caiwei away, and then personally moved away the stones to save the mountain. Everyone rushed forward to save people.

Bihe was called to his wife. Bihe said arrogantly that he was about to leave. Ma Fufang mentioned the name of Forsythia. Bihe was stunned, but she said that his wife would not let Forsythia be found because of that. They were all finished, and his wife said that she was happy to see it, because Forsythia didn’t know that she was her own, so she couldn’t identify herself. Bihe walked in the yard in despair. She used tears to win Lichun’s sympathy and asked her to do things for herself. Gan Sheng rescued the people from the mine, and Da Shan talked about how they have supported it until now.

Caiwei expressed her gratitude to Gan Sheng, and Gan Sheng questioned him, besides thanking each other, is there nothing else they can say? Is she still complaining about herself? Caiwei asked if he could really let go? Gan Sheng left. Caiwei told Cuiping, after all these things, did she still want to reconcile with Qian Sheng? All he wanted was to settle down, he was the one who forced himself to this step.

At night, someone was going to assassinate Li Dashan, Qian Sheng found that he had come forward to rescue him, Caiwei heard the gunfire and rushed over, and threw on Qian Sheng’s body to block a shot for him. The doctor checked that there was nothing wrong with her, except for a skin injury, but her foot was sprained. Gan Sheng ordered Cuiping to take care of Li Dashan, and Cuiping asked the second master to feed the fifth wife. Gan Sheng asked Cai Wei why she was so stupid, if something happened… Cai Wei asked him if he hated herself? Don’t you stop yourself?

Gan Sheng said that he never hated her, but was afraid that she would leave him. Caiwei asked him, is she still unwilling to believe in herself? Gan Sheng held her, they don’t want to investigate the right and wrong of the past, they really don’t want to lose her. Caiwei said in her heart that Gan Sheng would not believe in herself after all.

Caiwei cried and told Cuiping that she was really uncomfortable in her heart. If she could, she really wanted to escape from all this. When Gan Sheng was bandaging the patient, he found that someone was lying in ambush on the mountain, so he ordered Zhao Ming to find a few brothers to surround Li Dashan’s room, and then sent two people to watch at the door.

After several days of recuperation, Da Shan’s body is almost recovered. Gan Sheng asked him if he knew anything about the death of the master? Da Shan said that he really had no face to see Cai Wei, and Cai Wei excitedly questioned him, is he really killed by someone? Dashan admitted and said that the master had been investigating the trafficking of opium, and he had found Uncle Zhong. Uncle Zhong asked the master to meet him in Houshan that day, and he had been secretly following the master. Uncle Zhong persuaded Guanshi Huang to stop investigating opium matters, otherwise he would die.

Guanshi Huang asked him to tell the murderer behind him, and at the same time guessed whether that person was Ma Guoan? The killer rushed out and hacked Huang Guanshi to death. Later, he found the mountain hiding there, so he chased him. Caiwei couldn’t help crying sadly when she heard all this.

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