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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 23 Recap

Liu’s mother abused the lynching of Thrush at the house. Caiwei saw her stepping forward to stop her. Liu’s mother was not convinced. Caiwei asked her to go with her to meet his wife. Liu’s mother left helplessly. Thrush cried and talked about that because she did not agree to marry Mama Liu’s stupid son, she hit herself whenever she had the opportunity, and Cai Wei gave Thrush some panax notoginseng powder. Caiwei asked his wife to leave Mother Zhang in the Rose Garden.

The wife said that she would stay as long as she wanted to stay. The Bai family was not afraid to raise more children. Caiwei deliberately asked about Hongxiu’s whereabouts. Ma Fufang said that Hongxiu might have escaped in fear of crime, and then he talked about making Wu Yitai a pleasing girl. Cai Wei said that she already had a suitable candidate, that is the thrush who did the rough job, and his wife reluctantly agreed.

Yinger knelt down for Wu Yitai, it was not that she would not be able to accomplish her marriage with Xiaolong. Cuiping said she still had a conscience, Cai Wei said that Yinger’s nature was not bad. Caiwei suddenly remembered that there was something weird between his wife and Bi He. Bi He was only a maid. What qualifications did she have to challenge his wife? Mother Zhang suspected that Bi He was the inner ghost arranged by his wife. Mother Zhou ran and said it was not good. The second master ordered the theater group, but he pointed out that Aunt Wu was not allowed to go to the theater. Bihe stopped his wife and said that Huang Caiwei was really unbelievable, so let her not be angry.

Cuiping complained there, and the five aunts had only been out for a few days and would suffer again, and even the mother in charge deliberately ignored her. Caiwei heard their conversation and walked over to tell Cuiping and the two of them, as long as they found out the cause of the death of Dad and Guiqin, she would take them out of this place of right and wrong. At the same time, she asked Cuiping and the two to cooperate with her in a play. .

Mama Zhang didn’t come back for a long time, Caiwei ordered Thrush to go to the concierge, but the concierge refused, and the incident disturbed his wife. Caiwei ran to plead with his wife, but the wife disagreed and insisted on using Zhang’s mother to be tortured. Caiwei and Cuiping knelt down and kowtow to his wife, but it was useless. When Zhang’s mother was beaten, Mei Xiang ran to stop him, and Ma Fufang angrily took the cup He fell to the ground and gave an order. If someone interceded, they would fight together. Caiwei fell on Mama Zhang’s body to be punished for her. Ma Fufang said that Caiwei was worthless if she lost her second master’s favor.

Mother Zhang said that she was knocked out when she was almost at home, and she woke up late. Caiwei said that they were calculated by his wife again. Those robbers were waiting for her. The wife was beating herself, so she could not let them suffer along with her. Gan Sheng ran to question Ma Fufang. Hearing that she played Plucking, Ma Fufang defended her. Gan Sheng warned her, don’t think that you don’t know anything if you hand over the house to her. Forget about this today, but I don’t want something similar. It happened again.

Ma Fufang said to Jinglan that although Erye didn’t have a good face to him, it proved that Erye still had love for plucking. Bihe asked Madam Wu, why did she send Mama Zhang out this time? Caiwei said that the matter was still related to her, and then she said that the last time she was in a coma was caused by drinking that bowl of sweet soup, so as long as she finds Forsythia, the truth can be revealed, and now Forsythia is also a little eye-catching. As soon as Bihe thought of Forsythia, he became restless, and Cuiping had been hiding in the door to observe.

Mother Zhang understands that Miss set up this bureau to test the sixth wife. Bihe hesitated at the door of his wife, she was worried that if she found her so recklessly, she would fall into her hands instead. Mother Zhang guessed that if the lady’s guess was correct, Bihe would definitely act with a guilty conscience. Cuiping hurried back to report that Bihe was indeed an inner ghost. She saw her go to Peony Garden with her own eyes, but she did not go in at the door.

After that, she asked to tell Erye about it, as long as she forced Bihe to say it. If the truth is revealed, the wife’s crime can be cured and her innocence can be restored. Caiwei said that Forsythia could not pose any threat to her. Cuiping asked Madam Wu what to do next? Caiwei said that for those who have hurt them, she must find a way to get them to tell their crimes in person.

The aunt went to the fifth wife, because there was an accident in Dashan, and only she could save Dashan. Caiwei questioned, didn’t she know where Dashan went? Speaking of Dashan before leaving, she told herself not to tell anyone her whereabouts, so she didn’t dare to tell the truth to them. But now the mine where Dashan is located is in a mine disaster, and the mountain is buried underneath. Life or death is unknown, so she knelt down and begged Wu Yitai to save Dashan. Caiwei went to look for Qiansheng, with a cold face on the surface, and behind her back, she arranged her clothes in front of the mirror.

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