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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 22 Recap

Ma Fufang found the old lady and proposed to release Plucking Wei and let her participate in Huang Guanshi’s taboo. The old lady agreed to let her be taboo, and after she was jealous, she would be restrained. Ma Fufang threatened the old lady with his uncle’s reputation, and said that as long as the ban on Plucking was lifted, the rumors would be self-defeating, but the old lady could only agree. Cui’s mother asked the old lady, what was the purpose of the lady doing this? The old lady understood that he wanted to use Plucking to deal with Bihe. Mother Cui proudly said that she had made a mistake this time.

Qiulin watched the song, and Bihe humiliated Qiulin, and then went forward to perform a magic trick, deliberately touching Erye on the grounds of finding a bracelet. Ma Fufang noticed that the maid beside Bihe was a little bit uncomfortable. Bi He talked about taking in Lichun, who sold her as a burial mother. Qiulin deliberately laughed at Lichun, saying that Bihe was also a maid, but she is now the sixth wife. So let him study hard.

While the second master was eating with everyone, Caiwei walked over, and Gan Sheng was stunned when she saw her. Ma Fufang ordered Bihe to give way to Caiwei. Gan Sheng asked what’s going on? Ma Fufang mentioned that Plucking would be jealous for Huang Guanshi. Cai Wei stood up and respected Qian Sheng, and Gan Sheng drank the wine in distress. Mei Xiang stepped forward to care about Plucking, Qiulin stepped forward and accused Mei Xiang of being a good person. Did she ever see Plucking when she was restrained? Bi He stepped forward to speak for Mei Xiang, Qiulin turned and left angrily.

Ma Fufang said to Jinglan that Qiulin and Bihe couldn’t compete for favor with Plucking’s face, and it seemed that he had made the right move. Jing Lan suggested to Wu Yiwu that they should beware? Caiwei went to Guiqin’s room and couldn’t help crying when she saw the child’s clothes. When she knelt on the ground and wept bitterly, she accidentally found the pocket watch on the ground. Mother Zhou came to tell Aunt Wu that she had sent many decorations just now, and at the same time, they said that Aunt Wu was a kind-hearted person, and they probably wouldn’t care about them. Caiwei said that she would not say more about the extra words from her wife.

Cuiping complained about how the two mothers and Zhou embarrassed them. Caiwei said that they just came out, there is no need to establish two enemies for themselves, sometimes turning hostility into peace is also a solution. Cuiping questioned her, what about the person who killed the master and the fourth wife? Will she also turn hostility into peace? Caiwei said no, only that person would not let her go.

Ma Fufang told Caiwei that she could be jealous for her father today because of herself. Caiwei said that she would remember her sister’s kindness. Mei Xiang asked the maid, what happened to Ginkgo? Speaking of the maid, Mrs. Liu left everything to Lichun to take care of. Mei Xiang sighed, unexpectedly that Bi He was so careful that even the people sent by the old lady didn’t believe it. Caiwei knelt in front of her father’s tablet, and she was even more sad when she hugged the clothes her father gave her. Zhang’s mother walked over and said that Hongxiu was sent to her hometown in the country. Caiwei asked her to find Hongxiu. She must Find out the cause of death of Dad and Gui Qin.

Caiwei asked Hongxiu, was there anything suspicious about the fourth wife before she died? Hong Xiu said that the fourth concubine was wrong after seeing his wife, and then she fell ill, always preoccupied, and then she talked about Guiqin’s behavior after the fifth concubine gave birth. Cuiping said that he hadn’t seen Brother Dashan for so long, and wondered if he was hiding. Caiwei took Cuiping to inquire about Dashan’s whereabouts. The auntie said that Dashan had been tied up by bandits a few days ago to ask Dashan where he was. She is still lying in bed. Caiwei asked if she knew who did it? The aunt said that the bandits were all masked, and Caiwei put out some money to solve the urgent need for the aunt.

Caiwei decided to investigate the cause of Guiqin’s death. Cuiping said that the second master was also investigating Li Dashan, showing that he still cared about the master and the fifth concubine in his heart, while Caiwei said that his father was loyal during his lifetime, even if he had such intentions. Guanshi Huang was jealous, and Qian Sheng went forward, and after he finished worshipping, he left. Mother Zhang asked Caiwei, why didn’t she go down the steps? Caiwei said that when his life was a matter of life and death, he accepted the maid beside him. He hooked his finger at him, should he pounce happily? I really can’t do it myself.

Seeing that Caiwei’s car was so dilapidated, Gan Sheng couldn’t help but lose his temper. After that, he got into Caiwei’s car and left, leaving his good car to Caiwei. Mother Zhang asked to pluck Wei and bring herself to Bai’s house. Caiwei was worried that taking her to that place of right and wrong would harm her, but Mama Zhang said that instead of worrying about herself outside, it is better to let herself accompany them to face everything. Cuiping asked Wu Yitai to agree, Cai Wei agree.

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