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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 21 Recap

The old lady accused Qian Sheng, because he sent Qian Feng out for business, and because Qian Sheng did not agree with the substitution, the old lady slapped him angrily. Caiwei used her marriage as a bait to send Ying’er to the medicine factory, apparently helping her seek marriage, and secretly used Ying’er to get back a lot of panax notoginseng. Cuiping said it was great. With these panax notoginseng she can help Wu Yi Too much tonic. Caiwei said that the day of Gan Sheng’s birthday is not the day when Bihe regains her favor. As long as she regains her favor, it will not be far from the day when they lift the ban. Ma Fufang ordered people to prepare more food and drinks on the night of Erye’s birthday. She guessed that Erye would come to her house at night.

It was very lively outside on Erye’s birthday. Mother Zhou and Yinger locked Caiwei in the house to watch the excitement. Cuiping complained that they were prisoners? Ma Fufang invited Erye to the courtyard for a few drinks. On the way, someone was there. When the Kong Ming lantern was put on, Qian Sheng thought of Plucking, so he looked for the Kong Ming lantern and went away. Gan Sheng thought it was Caiwei who was standing there setting the Kongming lantern, but when she turned around, she found that the person was Bihe. Looking at Bihe, Qian Sheng regarded her as a plucking flower, so he stepped forward and hugged her, then picked her up and left. Ma Fufang stood there watching all this very angry.

The maid reported to Mei Xiang that it was all that Bi He had done. She didn’t expect her to hide her illness so deeply, but Mei Xiang said it was more than that. Gan Sheng hugged Bi He and kissed him. When he found that this person was Bi He, he couldn’t help but stop. Then he lay on the couch to sleep. Bi He stepped forward and asked him why he would sleep on the couch every time he came. Gan Sheng told her not to speak. Ma Fufang lost his temper and asked Jinglan to find out who had cured Bihe’s face?

Gan Sheng asked what Bihe needed? Bihe said that he lost his gold necklace, and Qian Sheng promised to let Jinxing’s boss send some more. The maid congratulated Mrs. Liu, but Bihe said it was just compensation. The old lady asked Bihe to prepare the altar at the Qingming Festival, and Ma Fufang was very angry. Meixiang deliberately looked at Bihe’s bracelet. Bihe said it was given to him by the second master. The old lady ordered Meixiang to catch the thief who stole the Bihe necklace. Ma Fufang said that the maid had picked up a gold necklace a few days ago and would let the maid send it there later.

Zhou’s mother told the fifth concubine about the second master’s love for the sixth concubine, and Cuiping rewarded him with some silver under Caiwei’s gesture. At night, Cai Wei tossed and couldn’t sleep. She said that she must have found out the murderer of Daddy. Cuiping wondered when they would lift the ban? Caiwei said that if there is no accident, they should be free soon. Caiwei fainted due to a stomachache, Zhou’s mother hurried to report to his wife. Ma Fufang talked to her mother, originally thinking that as long as the plucking is removed, no one in the house can balance herself with herself, but she did not expect that now there is Bihe again, and she has a shortcoming in her hand, so she can do everything. No more. Mrs. Ma said that, in the final analysis, it was because she had no children. Ma Fufang sighed. She took a lot of medicine and changed many doctors, but she had no children. Mrs. Ma suddenly thought of an idea.

Doctor Ma talked to Ma Fufang and found that Wu Yi was too difficult to be pregnant again after checking the pulse. Jing Lan talked to Ma Fufang, for the sake of his wife’s status, it was the wife’s idea. Ma Fufang introduced her concubine Ma Jufang to her second master because her mother suggested that Ma Jufang should marry her second master, and then she would adopt him after giving birth to a son. Ma Fufang asked the second master, how is Jufang? Gan Sheng said that he would never accept a concubine anymore, and then went to the relaxing hospital angrily.

In the night when Bihe was preparing to worship his ancestors, he didn’t take Ma Fufang into his eyes at all. Ma Fufang told Jinglan that Bihe was the most favored now, but there was someone who could fight her. While Caiwei was there to copy the scriptures, Ma Fufang walked over. Ma Fufang asked Caiwei, does she still think she is framed her? Cai Wei said that no matter who framed her, it didn’t matter anymore, she only had to live some quiet days, or the old lady’s punishment for her was a kind of fulfillment. Ma Fufang asked her if she really didn’t want to go out? Caiwei said that there is no one she has nostalgia for outside the courtyard, so she couldn’t help but make no difference.

Jing Lan understood that the purpose of his wife’s release of Caiwei was to let her compete with Bihe, and the wife said that the most important thing was that Caiwei could no longer be pregnant. Cuiping understood that the fifth wife deliberately told Bihe’s birthday to let her be spoiled on purpose, which would arouse wife’s anger. Tsai Wei said that Dr. Ma’s news should inspire his wife.

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