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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 20 Recap

Caiwei told the old lady that she was born to be the second master’s person, and died is the second master’s ghost, so she said nothing would go with the uncle. The old lady persuaded her to follow Qianfeng, Caiwei stepped forward and took scissors to cut her hair to cut her hair for nuns, and said that she would not remarry. The old lady ordered Caiwei to stay in the Rose Garden and never step out of the Rose Garden for life. Hospital step. Qian Feng walked to Caiwei, Caiwei accused him of knowing that others framed him, as long as he tells the truth, Qian Sheng will find out everything, and things will not develop to this point. Gan Feng said that he loved her and could only do that, but Cai Wei said that his love almost killed her. Gan Feng asked her to follow her, but Caiwei let him let go, saying that she never wanted to involve him in the future.

Gan Sheng asked the mother about Plucking’s footsteps, and the old lady asked him, did she think her handling was too light? She also said that the ban on foot is relatively light to her. Jing Lan took someone to serve the fifth concubine. She went back to report to his wife. With those two watching, the fifth concubine absolutely couldn’t use any way to confuse the second master. Ma Fufang said that Cai Wei should never be given another chance to stand up. Caiwei rewarded her servant with two pieces of silver. Mother Zhou and Yinger were very unhappy. Caiwei ordered Cuiping to bury the valuables in the house. At night, Zhou’s mother went to Caiwei’s house to steal something and was found by Caiwei.

Cuiping asked Mother Zhou, why are there vegetarian dishes for several days? Mother Zhou asked Cuiping to take some silver to clean up the kitchen. Caiwei said she wouldn’t bother her mother, and Mother Zhou left angrily. Caiwei persuaded Cuiping to eat, and said that no matter what the road ahead, they must go on, and they must not let those people be satisfied. Qiulin was stung by a hornet, and she ordered Qiaohong to shovel it, but Ma Fufang stopped it and said she would be useful in the future. Ying’er deliberately overturned the hungry vegetables given to Aunt Wu, Caiwei stepped forward and picked up the rice that had fallen on the ground. At the same time, she promised that she would not let Cuiping be wronged for too long.

Mother Zhou went to deliver the meal with a sullen face, and Caiwei gave her a bracelet. Mother Zhou was very proud. Cuiping deliberately told Ying’er that Wu Yitai gave the bracelet to Zhou’s mother, making Ying’er very angry. Mei Xiang invited a photographer, and Ma Fufang praised her for her ability. The old lady asked Ma Fufang to safely hand over the affairs of the house to Mei Xianggan. At this time, someone held a slingshot towards the hornet’s nest. Degui talked about the disappearance of Li Dashan, and Gan Sheng guessed that Guanshi Huang’s death was related to his apprentice Li Dashan. Qian Sheng asked Qian Feng to be in charge of the Hong Kong office. Qian Feng accused Qian Sheng of leaving himself. Qian Sheng told him not to focus on the relationship between his children, and only if he left as soon as possible could the matter be resolved. After listening to Qian Sheng’s words, in order to pluck the weeds, Qian Feng decided to leave.

The man broke the hornet’s nest. When everyone was taking pictures, the hornet flew around. Bihe was stung by the hornet. Qiulin said that the machine had snatched the necklace from his neck. Caiwei and Cuiping deliberately acted in front of Zhou’s mother, saying that they had lost a pair of emerald earrings. After learning that Ying’er had been in the room, Zhou’s mother asked Ying’er to come to the theory. Seeing Zhou’s mother fighting with Ying’er, Caiwei said that they could take the initiative in the future. Ma Fufang accused Mei Xiang of doing things. She arranged the photos. How could there be hornet nests in the garden? So I didn’t dare to hand over important things to her. The servant hurriedly called for the second master and his wife, and the two Qian Sheng asked Doctor Ma about Bi He’s injury. Seeing Bi He’s embarrassment, Qiu Lin couldn’t help laughing.

Mei Xiang said that Ma Fufang is getting better and better, and no one in the entire Bai family can compete with her. What about her own Donger? Qiulin praised her for being really clever. This time the hornet’s nest set up not only hurt Bihe’s face, but also brought Mei Xiang to the army. Caiwei takes money to seduce Zhou’s mother, and Zhou’s mother talks about something new in the house-the disfigurement of Aunt Liu. The servant brought medicine to Liu Yitai, but Liu Yitai secretly poured the medicine into the vase.

Aunt Liu went to see Caiwei in a mask, and when she saw her, she knelt down, and Cuiping accused her of acting to show her. Bihe asked Caiwei to heal her face, Caiwei asked if she was afraid of harming her? Bihe praised the kindness of Caiwei’s heart. Caiwei wrote the prescription for her and gave her some medicine for external use. Bihe asked if his face would be good before the 20th of next month? Cai Wei remembered that it was Er Ye’s birthday, and said that she would put a Kongming lantern for Er Ye every year to pray for blessings. Cuiping didn’t understand why Mrs. Wu wanted to treat her kindly? Cai Wei said that this was helping herself.

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